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October 17, 2016

A Black Person Doesn’t Even Show Up on Billboard’s List of Top Moneymakers Until No. 27……at a Paltry $8.8 Million

A Black Person Doesn’t Even Show Up on Billboard’s List of Top Moneymakers Until No. 27……at a Paltry $8.8 Million

Seeing black celebrity through the lens of Beyonce leads African-Americans to believe that black celebrities have money just like white celebrities. The numbers, however, tell a different story. Beyonce and Yeezy are top earners, for sure, but they are not an accurate representation of black entertainers.

In Billboard’s list of top moneymakers for 2015, Taylor Swift tops the list at $73.5 million, followed by Kenny Chesny at $39.8 million, the Rolling Stones at $39.6 million and Billy Joel at $31.7 million.

Both the Rolling Stones and Bill Joel are older acts who produce infrequent albums, yet they’re still raking in the dough. Meanwhile, J Cole, the hottest act in hip-hop right now, doesn’t appear on the list until number 27 with $8.8 million. Even with crossover appeal, the Weeknd followed J. Cole at $8.6 million in total revenue for 2015.


To put this in context, Britney Spears, a throwback to the 90’s, beat out both J. Cole and The Weeknd with $10.6 million in revenue.  Tweet this!


This is instructive in understanding the limits of black celebrity and the money earned from it. Some people frequently tout the supposed trillion dollars in buying power in the ‘black community’, but if blacks truly had that level of consumption power, black celebrities would be higher earners. Furthermore, the key to the success of any community is not consumption, but production. Tweet this!


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25 thoughts on “A Black Person Doesn’t Even Show Up on Billboard’s List of Top Moneymakers Until No. 27……at a Paltry $8.8 Million

  1. Alicia Maria says:

    There is data that proves African Americans wealth lags behind White and Asian families. Also, the media and some Youtubers on this channel have a fascination of reporting that black wealth only comes from sports and entertainment and don’t report the positive and truth that black people globally have wealth and generational wealth. After watching this video by this Youtuber I took it upon myself to look up Forbes Black Billionaires list for 2016. Here is what I found a list of Black Billionaires in diverse sectors.
    1)Aliko Dangote 14.4B, Sugar,Cement, Flour
    2)Mike Adenuga 9.9B,Oil, Telecommunications
    3)Mohammed Al-Amoudi 8.4B, Oil
    4)Isabel Doss Santos $3.1B, Investments in diverse sectors
    5)Oprah 3.1B, Television
    6)Robert Smith 2.5B, Private Equity
    7)Femi Otedola 1.85B Gas Stations,Utilities
    8)Folorunsho Alakija 1.55B Oil
    9)Patrice Motsepe 1.15B Mining
    10) Michael Jordan 1.14B, Basketball
    11) Abdul Samed 1.1B Cement, Sugar
    12) Mohammed Ibrahim 1.07B Mobile Telecommunications, Investments
    Here is the direct website
    Even though there are 12 people on this list it still shows that black people globally are doing well. It may not be at the same level as whites, but we still doing well. I only published the forbes billionaire list and I bet there are more black millionaires globally that are building wealth in diverse sectors. Please read black Enterprise Magazine, African Business Magazine, African Women Business Magazine, Forbes Africa, Bloomberg Africa magazine to find out more information about blacks building wealth. That is why I am huge supporter of our people being avid readers so you can think critically and be able to understand all point of views. If all we receive is 24-7 media on how poor we are instead of healthy balance showing blacks doing well, then you will believe the negative.

  2. Gregory Cornelius says:

    So we’re good because there are 2 African-American billionaires?

  3. Alicia Maria says:

    That is not the point that I’m making. I don’t know about you, but I am good and continuing to build wealth… What I don’t do is spend my days looking at negative data. I look at this data and then I will study wealth strategies so I can build wealth for myself and family.

  4. Watchful says:

    Who cares where these damn celebrities rank on whitey’s wealthiest list?  C’mon ppl, let’s focus on things that really matter.

  5. Willie Daniels says:

    Well you been saying that we are Broke, poor, living like we are in a third world country, so what did you expect? Plus this is white America, do you think they are going to buy/download, more AA/Black people songs? and seeing that it is white America are they the true numbers? J. Cole made more than that in bootleg sales.

  6. David Walles says:

    Isn’t Beyoncé and Jay z the richest celebrity couple at over 100 million.

  7. Obi Nwachuku says:

    Another fixed story…..sure we believe it….

  8. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  I think the point being made is Blacks as a group don’t have any wealth. And even those who do have more than the rest of Blacks, don’t really have anything themselves when juxtaposed with White’s wealth.
    The last time I reviewed Forbes’ listing of top billionaires, the only person I saw on the list was Oprah, and she was listed at around 603 down on the list, trailing whites who topped the list by hundreds of billions of dollars.

  9. Oscar Gray says:

    Who cares we got black billionaires and trillionaires ,who cares if we are not on the list with them,can not let everyone know business

  10. Watchful says:


    C’mon, John … any blk person with a properly functioning brain should already know this. Like I often say, even the town dunce coulda figured this out without any help.

    I just think way too many of our ppl spend way too much of their time concerning themselves with celebrities when most of THEM couldn’t give give 2 shyts about their ‘fans’. Maybe it’s part of what I like to refer to as the ‘reality TV syndrome’ that it seems so many ppl have allowed themselves to be socially-engineered into consuming themselves with.

    We just need to stop wasting our brain energy on these ppl and start putting it to worthwhile use by trying to figure out how we can help the least of us.

  11. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I agree, of course. But I do think it’s important to have such discussions not for the benefit of the “celebrities” but to keep in focus that wage discrimination follows Blacks wherever they go.
    You know full well that some Blacks believe they can escape racism if they dispossess themselves of traits of Blackness. The point is, they may receive more pay than most Blacks, but they are still not equal to whites in the same occupation or profession.
    It’s important for people to know and understand that.
    Otherwise, I agree with you totally.

  12. Watchful says:


    There’s no excuse for not knowing already knowing this, John.

  13. Gregory Cornelius says:

    “Even though there are 12 people on this list it still shows that black people globally are doing well.” “If all we receive is 24-7 media on how poor we are instead of healthy balance showing blacks doing well, then you will believe the negative.”

  14. Gregory Cornelius says:

    You took a list of billionaires and tried to use it as an indicator of black success. Globally at that. “Oprah, Jordan, and some African dudes rich. SEE! These ppl dont tell you the whole story” i don’t know what point you were TRYING to make, but that was the one you ACTUALLY made. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 a brother can always use a good laugh!

  15. Alicia Maria says:

    I live in wealthiest state California i.e Silicon Valley and wealth flows everyday… Technology companies are being created daily by black women and Black men. Sometimes we need to see examples of our people doing good. Check out the Ted Talk by Chinedu Echeruo Black Tech Entrepreneur that sold his app for 1.1 billion

  16. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Wrong again. Cali is number 9.

  17. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful There may not be an excuse, but there’s a reason. Blacks are being deliberately kept ignorant by a fake Black media controlled by sellouts and fools. Don’t get me wrong, some of them will raise issues of Black wealth loss, or inequitable pay, periodically. And then, just as if they didn’t discuss or acknowledge the problem, they exhort Blacks to vote for those who caused the problem in the first place.
    These same fools complain that Dem. candidates like Clinton don’t spend advertising dollars with them. Why should they when they don’t have to, because they already know that they have the Blacks’ support? But like morons, they complain about “not getting advertisement dollars.” Do you now see my point?
    As far as Black voters are concerned, they have been brainwashed not to expect anything. Like they the media morons, they vote AGAINST personalities, rather than FOR policies.

  18. Watchful says:


    At some point ppl have to assume responsibility for using their own god-given brains and not depend on someone else to do their thinking for them, John. IMO, too many of our ppl r long overdue when it comes to owning up to that responsibility.

  19. Gregory Cornelius says:

    And i could be wrong, but i don’t think you’re building anything. I think you just incorporated a logo. Running a successful business isn’t for ppl who don’t belive in data. I think you’re someone with a picture of Oprah on your vision board who believes in speaking things into existence, daily affirmations, and other such nonsense. But i could be wrong. You might have a well off relative that set you up for success. But i doubt it.

  20. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I agree that people should be responsible to inform themselves. But I also know the role the environment plays in determining people’s priorities.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am disappointed that too many people would rather read, watch, or listen to accounts about some celebrity’s personal affairs, than they are concerned about socio-economic-political matters that determine their own quality of life. But it is the environment that deliberately keeps them ignorant, by training (socializing) them to be unfocused on important matters in order to more easily control them. So, for example, watching “Scandal” or “House Cousin,” or some other nonsense is more important than reading or even watching Youtube about serious matters. And then some of them will be the first ones to have an opinion about serious matters, and will even attempt to argue about it. You see it here all the time. Even when some get involved with serious matters, they don’t have the fundamental frame of mind, or facts, to interpret information beyond a zealous devotion to one personality or another, based on ‘identity’ poilitics and not their own tangible self-interest.
    The media (both Black and white) serve the function of keeping them ignorant about important matters deliberately. Because unless they maintain this state of ignorance among too many Blacks, they would never be able to (as Ronald Martin literally did) buck-dance like “Chicken George” from the original ROOTS movie with a racist white woman Clinton — whose destruction of millions of Black lives is highly documented and known — and not be ashamed to show their faces again. Have you seen the video? Roland is buck-dancing like he has a beehive in his drawers, while grinning and bucking his eyes like Step’n Fetchit. All this with a woman who called his race jungle animals (“Super Predators”). The most vilely racists thing one could possibly say — Blacks are animals, not humans. The very sick lie that was used to justify slavery.
    In fact, none of the games being run consistently on Blacks could otherwise be run, if a critical mass of the Black collective was informed. So that’s why many of the “showcase” Blacks strive in collaboration with racism and neoliberalism to keep the ignorant uninformed — so they can use the uninformed ones for personal gain in their service to racism / white supremacy.
    Those who do seek factual information to inform their decision-making do so against the intent of the grain, and should feel fortunate that they managed to overcome the environmental constraints on knowledge-seeking and critical-thinking themselves. Their role is to teach the teachable, and let go of the unwilling.
    So, yes, I agree that everyone should know. But there are reasons why they don’t know and it’s not their fault more often than it is.
    At the same time that man is born into society — society is born into man.

  21. Watchful says:


    Now, John … u oughta know me well enough by now to know that I don’t waste my time watching programming like Roland Martin’s show. I’m so far beyond that level of discourse at this point, that I almost don’t even realize it exists anymore unless someone happens to mention it to me.

    At any rate, I guess I subscribe more to the philosophy of the great funkateer, George Clinton, who once said:

                                            “Think, it ain’t illegal yet”

  22. Watchful says:


    BTW, John … I completely agree with u on letting go of the unwilling. : )

  23. hgosborne says:

    What wealth that does exist need not be excessively wasted on extra curriculars such as the various forms of entertainment. We, as a community, get more than enough of that between rap, basketball and madea. Can’t say I’ve got many tears reserved over the fact that black millionaires don’t have as deep a trove to extract wealth. Many of them are privy to the lack of resources, hence their continuous striving for a crossover aka white fanbase. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying entertainment sometimes, but I wish we put more thought into the type of acts we support as a community. We elevate a woman whose image is molded in the vein of a white woman and never question the underlying implications of what that means for young women of color who eagerly celebrate that version of beauty as opposed to their own. Even worse we elevate young males who blatantly disrespect black women for the world to see and low and behold their fanbase consists primarily of young black girls. We elevate men that brag about escaping their communities by poisoning their neighbors.I wouldn’t be sad to see less of our dollars go in many celebrities’ pockets given the few we have could be used to build our own infrastructure.

  24. mrchipssAlex says:

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  25. surzekif says:

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