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October 11, 2016

Black Man Kicked Out of Clinton Rally Over Bill Clinton Rape T-Shirt

Black Man Kicked Out of Clinton Rally Over Bill Clinton Rape T-Shirt

As Donald Trump’s campaign continues to implode, a black man was yanked out of a Hillary Clinton rally for wearing a Bill Clinton rape t-shirt.

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8 thoughts on “Black Man Kicked Out of Clinton Rally Over Bill Clinton Rape T-Shirt

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    My Hero!

  2. Johnw11 says:

    The saddest part of this election must be transformed into something good. The sad part is — if we are to believe the corrupted election results — the majority of African Americans voted against their own interests during the 2016 primaries. This they did out of both electoral ignorance and following the misleadership of hustlers who make their living by working for the Dem outfit. These sycophants, their families and friends, will be rewarded by the Dem outfit. But the Black voters will get nothing but more of the same.
    By rejecting Sanders’ candidacy, who’d promised to meet virtually every socioeconomic need Blacks have from joblessness and poverty (not only raising the standard of living for all but ending so-called community violence — which can only be ended by ending poverty,  to education, to prosecuting lynchers, and health care, etc., Blacks have put themselves in a “no-win” situation. Regardless who wins next month, Blacks will lose by default.
    Neither of the two so-called major presidential candidates has put forth in the last two debates a comprehensive plan for meeting Blacks’ — whose communities are in ruin — needs. Trump has alluded to the ruinous  conditions and has spoken of providing “jobs and resources” but his overall economic philosophy which is grounded in tax cuts for the rich with hopes they will ‘invest’ in such communities is incompatible with meeting those promises. The only thing that can save socioeconomic communities is a Keynesian method of massive government spending.
    Clinton has said nothing about the socioeconomic conditions. No surprise there. Given her commitments to Wall-Street, she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to. Instead, she has focused mostly on “slicking” Blacks with talk about “reforming the criminal justice system.” But what Black person in his/her right mind wants her anywhere near the criminal justice system ever again — given the results of her last “reform” of it, which led to the imprisonment of over a million Blacks; destroying thousands of communities and countless millions of Black lives? Fool me once, shame on you: fool me twice, shame on me!
    It is no secret that too many Blacks were misled and taken intellectual advantaged of by an assortment of Black hustlers and narcissists operating for personal gain (including warped psychic rewards) during the primaries. But all that means is that those who know better must begin explaining things and teaching others. If those who know better stop allowing ignorant people to intimidate them and start telling them the truth whether they want to hear it or not some good can come out of it all — a war on political ignorance in Black America. Since most Blacks will do the right thing when the facts are clear, it is not as difficult to take their minds back from the hustlers who promote personality over policy and fear over insight as one might think.

  3. Adam Abramowitz says:

    Clinton Vs. Trump: Do you like your racism blatant or systemic?

  4. Kyle Ofthecoast says:

    I thought only trump did that?

  5. hgosborne says:

    Johnw11 It was painful watching her parade around the “Mothers of the Movement”, considering her role in mass incarceration of black males. I just had to wonder if any of those moms were aware of the connection between the current status of many imprisoned black men and the candidate that simply showed up. I feel like too often we are placated by mere symbolism and acknowledgement in the form of platitudes while other groups rightfully demand-and get- far more. Some will argue that Clinton will get things done and while I agree, I think we should be questioning not only what those things are but for whom she’ll be getting things done. The reluctance and sometimes downright refusal to substantively critique those seeking our political support is literally killing us.

  6. Gusella Mariam says:

    GOOD. They should have kicked him out. Bill Clinton is not running for anything. Only the most misogynist of men would blame a woman for the sins of her husband. It is like blaming Camille Cosby for Bill’s sins.

  7. Gusella Mariam says:

    I bet this same Black man does not have the balls to show up at a Donald Trumps’ rally wearing a Donald Trump Rape T-Shirt.

  8. Johnw11 says:

    hgosborne I couldn’t agree more. Excellent observation.
    While I respect those mothers, I find it insulting for them to allow themselves to be used the way they are for the few dollars Clinton is paying them. First, they are not “Mothers of a Movement” because they did not start a movement on their own volition, nor, to my knowledge, are they part of any movement. It’s all a charade.
    What’s makes them politically qualified to lecture to Blacks on the intricacies of policy, and for whom to vote? Having family members victimized by lynching is a terrible and tragic thing, but it does not make one a political expert.
    The Mothers of African Americans’ Freedom Movements, for example, are Harriet Tubman (who personally organized and led enslaved Blacks out of plantation bondage); Ella Baker (who personally organized and led an anti lynching movement); Fannie Lou Hammer (who personally organized and led a Black political empowerment movement); Rosa Parks (who personally refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Al. transit bus in the 1960s which led to a successful boycott of the bus company by Blacks, and gave momentum to the broader civil rights movement). 
    Using tragedy derived celebrity to confuse Blacks into supporting the very same person whose policies led to the tragedies in the first place is both wrong and disrespectful. 
    Both parties should be called out on it: the mothers for allowing themselves to be taken advantage of for money, and Clinton for taking advantage of them.

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