White Louisiana Residents Outraged at Firing of Police Chief Who Blamed Obama for ‘War’ on Cops

by admin | September 20, 2016 11:27 am

A white Louisiana police chief was fired after blaming President Obama for a supposed war on cops. One would think that would be the end of the controversy, but many white people in the Louisiana community are upset over the chief’s firing.

Chief Skylar Dore was fired over an unprofessional and factually unfounded post that accused President Obama of not doing enough to stop the mostly imagined ‘war on cops’.

As BreakingBrown reported[1] in July, the chief launched into an expletive filled rant against Obama after three Baton Rouge police officers were killed by a black gunman.


White Community Outraged at Firing of Police Chief Who Blamed Obama for ‘War’ on Cops

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“Hey Mr. (expletive) president when are you going to grow a (expletive) pair. And tell it like it is. These are terrorist. That have declared (expletive) war on my brother. (White police officers) enough is enough,” Chief Dore ranted in his adolescent social media tirade.

Actually, there is no war on police, white or otherwise, as violence against police officers is actually decreasing:[2]

The FBI’s preliminary statistics, part of a larger Uniform Crime Reporting release coming in the fall, indicate that 41 police officers were intentionally killed in the U.S. while in the line of duty in 2015. Every officer death is tragic, of course, but this number marks a decrease of nearly 20 percent compared to the 51 law enforcement officers killed in 2014.

But Dore was getting overly emotional, something not foreign to police officers judging from the dashcam footage of shootings and beatings posted on YouTube. What is more worrisome is the response of some white citizens in the Jonesville community to Dore’s remarks.

From NOLA.com:[3]

The post instantly cleaved the community in two. Many black residents, who make up 70 percent of Jonesville, saw it as a racist rant. Some whites defended Dore, saying he had the right to speak his mind. Two days later, the majority-black town council fired the young chief.


Some whites said he was a victim of a witch hunt. According to Stevenson, at least one commenter appeared to threaten violence against blacks….


Tillman Jolly, a white carpenter whose Facebook page includes a photo of a gun atop a Bible, urged people to march to town hall and demand Dore’s reinstatement. Jolly thought Dore’s post had been “tough but fair” and that Jonesville had axed its best police chief over political correctness….

Dore, of course, sees no issue with how he behaved. And why should he? NOLA also reports that he’s gotten numerous job offers since his firing.

“I was upset with the president. Quite frankly, I still am,” Dore said.  “I’m a police officer. I’m a chief. But I’m also an American citizen, and I have just as much rights as any other American citizen.”

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