“Caucasians Only” Clause in Deed Shocks Interracial Couple

by admin | September 12, 2016 2:29 pm

An interracial couple closing on their home found something in the deed they didn’t expect–a ‘whites only’ clause.

The deed specified that no “dwelling” on the quarters could be occupied by anyone who is not Caucasian, except for “domestic servant’s quarters.”

The San Antonio couple was shocked, according to NBC News. 

Along with the title are exceptions to the title, which nullify the invalid portions, such as the race clause.

America’s racist history often surfaces in titles and deeds, as NPR [1]reported in 2010:

The deed on homeowner John Williford’s 75-year-old Myers Park house includes restrictions written by the original developers geared to preserve the parklike feel of the neighborhood. The deeds also include racial restrictions: “This lot shall be owned and occupied by people of the Caucasian race only.”


Williford certainly doesn’t agree with that.


“Caucasians Only” Clause in Deed Shocks Interracial Couple

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“I mean, things were different back in 1935, certainly than they are now,” Williford says.


This kind of language is in deeds across America, not just in the South. Seattle Historian James Gregory and a team of University of Washington students have amassed a database of thousands of deeds with racist wording.

Watch the video report below:

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