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September 14, 2016

Black Chipotle Worker Sues, Claims Latino Workers Got Preferential Treatment

Black Chipotle Worker Sues, Claims Latino Workers Got Preferential Treatment

A black Chipotle worker filed a lawsuit against the food chain claiming Latino co-workers got preferential treatment.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Sheqweshu Clark alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Her problems began after she returned from maternity leave last December, according to her lawsuit.


After a Latina was promoted to the new district manager position, she and two other Latino managers began giving Latino employees more favorable day shifts while assigning night duty to Clark and other black workers, the suit alleged.


When the plaintiff complained to a male Latino manager, he brushed her off and said “black girls always have an attitude,” the suit stated.

Clark said she went over her manager’s head, but the human resources department didn’t see a problem. Clark was later fired without explanation, according to the lawsuit.



Black Chipotle Worker Sues, Claims Latino Workers Get Preferential Treatment


There has long been tension between Latino workers, especially recent immigrants, and African-American workers.

In March of this year Peter Kirsanow, a commissioner on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, told a U.S. Senate panel that unskilled and illegal immigration disproportionately impacts African-Americans.

“Unequivocally, the wages and employment levels of black Americans are disproportionately adversely affect by illegal immigration. Particularly when it pertains to the effect on black males,” Kirsanow testified.



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21 thoughts on “Black Chipotle Worker Sues, Claims Latino Workers Got Preferential Treatment

  1. EdwinBoone says:

    Well, whose communities are they moving into or in close proximity to. Whose resources are they draining, Whose classrooms are over crowded because of illegal immigrants. Whose jobs are they taking, and who are they killing just as soon as they have sufficient numbers to take over an area. Their mere presence is illegal and yet most of them enjoy more legitimacy in this country than the average Black man, and within a generation our children will be working for their children. Some of them will even join the Republican Party, proclaim that there’s no racism, and attest to how good this country is while pointing that there parents came to this country with nothing and gave them an opportunity to prosper.

  2. Cynthia Kyles says:

    That could be true when their prejudice they can be worst if only eyes weren’t blind they don’t want to know the truth. I was treated like that with equal housing Latinos were in charge.U0001f644

  3. Willie Young says:

    Not just Latinos do this WHITE people do this as well

  4. Alise Jay says:

    This happens in many industries

  5. Shirley Trainor says:

    I am not surprised.

  6. Dennis Harriott says:

    Somewhere along the line black people got tricked into believing that other non whites are allies.

  7. Joseph Harris says:

    This is sadly how many demographics work I know full well that if I walk into an establishment that has predominantly one group of people I’m not even trying to apply because that will be the worst experience you will ever have. If the workplace isn’t very diverse that should let you know where you pretty much stand because I’ve worked in similar situations like this where oe demographic got it a bit easier while they were always looking to.see what your black ass was doing….but that was also a pay issue because they knew they could slave out the non English speaking workers with low pay because they knew there was a fair amount who didn’t have proper paperwork….it’s cheaper for big companies to hire them because they can rotate workers faster then underwear

  8. William Ballard says:

    Some of the most racist statements that I have ever seen on Facebook came from Latinos concerning black people

  9. Kyle Mcknight says:

    Im not surprised one bit

  10. Kyle Mcknight says:

    Happened at places i used to work for. Now im becoming more and more self sufficient.

  11. Jason Whitaker says:

    I agree but blacks love sticking up for everyone. Just wait. Soon you will have to speak Spanish to find a job in America. Looks like being a liberal comes with unseen headaches at every turn

  12. William Ballard says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Hispanics in certain counties and cities in California are gentrifying black communities

  13. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Been there. It’s like “in just going to quit before i have to shoot this mf up!”

  14. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Problem with that is most of us don’t have anything to put in the pool. And why would we think we had any money? We are fighting tooth and nail with ppl who swam over here.

  15. Sophia Brown says:

    This is fact this is why black people should not be supporting illegal immigration. Some hispanics are just as racist as whites. This happened at Roscoes chicken and waffles who by the way is black owned he put Latinos in charge a black man who was employed was treated badly by the hispanics and he sued and won. Careful what you support my people. It’s bad here in California blacks are being discriminated against by Latinos with jobs and even in housing.

  16. Sophia Brown says:

    This is what Trump is saying. It’s true immigrants hurt the black community.

  17. Sophia Brown says:

    Yes that is a serious problem in California. They make sure they get everything for their own it’s sickening.

  18. Sophia Brown says:

    That is already happening here in California. It’s bad here really bad but our so called black leaders are pushing and supporting immigration.

  19. I hate to say this but the brothers and sisters in CALI and LA in particular are getting what they deserve and what they have continuously voted for and that is the invasion of their own cities and neighborhoods.

    CHECK out the clip below of BRO TERRY ANDERSON sounding the alarm bell way back in time, but the blacks continued to listen to the black democrats and now they’re minorities in their once black neighborhoods , being disrespected not by whitey but by MEXICANS.

    ITS not to late to fix this we can simply support TRUMP, because HILLARY wants completely open borders and that would mean the death of many more black communities!

  20. ErickTheDean says:

    This is an excellent example, as someone has remarked before, of what happens when a people (as Dr. Carter G. Woodson warned in his 1933 book
    “Mis-education of the Negro”) refuse to develop their own institutions, businesses, train their youth in their own history, develop an enduring narrative
    and work ethic: “a foreign people who know the ways of self-discipline and business will own the stores in YOUR neighborhoods and YOU will work
    for THEM”!  He was no prophet, but he was the second Afro-American to receive a doctorate from Harvard over one hundred years ago and his words
    are proving painfully true all these years later.  How sad!
    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois

  21. TinaSue says:

    ROBERT JORDAN  I keep telling all my Black friends that they should never support this immigration policy.  It hurts us more than anyone else.  Our Teenagers can no longer get a job pumping gas or working at McDonalds. I also tell them they should patronize the few Black stores left in our communities.  I’ve seen Indians (from India) selling us Fried Chicken and Collard Greens (which they don’t know how to cook properly.}  Those Asians with those hair shops is another example.  Then the Middle Easter Muslims and their liquor stores.
    At the University where I worked, I watched as the Hispanics pushed all the Black Janitors (and a few Whites) out of their jobs and replaced them TOTALLY with their own.  There was an Hispanic in Personnel who facilitated this.  As a result, these Hispanics’ children are allowed to attend (for free) this prestigious University.  That’s a loss for us Black people. 
      Those migrant workers are not content to work the FIELDS any more than we were forced to work the fields.  They move into Janitorial, Construction, etc as soon as they can!!  This hurts us!!  The are very racist too.
    Our Black Leadership needs to change, desperately. They are an embarrassment, really. 
      I do notice, however, that Black people are beginning to notice this, and want to do something about it.  All they need is someone to organize and advocate.

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