Total Collapse: 31 of 56 Black Neighborhoods in Wisconsin Are Jails

by admin | August 15, 2016 9:19 am

In trying to understand the riots that erupted in Milwaukee over the weekend, and why “calls for peace” [1]are wrongheaded, we should first understand that Milwaukee’s black neighborhoods are prison neighborhoods.

Middleton High School student Lew Blank revealed to Madison365 [2]that while researching racial disparity in Wisconsin, he’d come across isolated black neighborhoods in the middle of nowhere.

It seemed odd to Blank, and for good reason. He would later learn that the pockets of black population were in fact jails:

Thirty-one of the 56 black neighborhoods in Wisconsin are, in fact, jails,” he says. “And I found out that the places that weren’t jails, weren’t great places to be – homeless shelters, section 8 housing, food deserts, etc.”

Of the black neighborhoods in Wisconsin that aren’t jails, Blank found that 21, or 38 percent, are apartment complexes, Section 8 housing, or both. Two are homeless shelters, and one is a job corps center. The only one left is Milwaukee’s general residential black neighborhood, which overall is doing very poorly.


Total Collapse: 31 of 56 Black Neighborhoods in Wisconsin Are Jails

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Even though Milwaukee is 77 percent white, the jails are filled up almost entirely with blacks, and the disparity persists throughout the state:

 Forty-one percent of inmates in Wisconsin’s jails are black, despite black people making up only 6 percent of Wisconsin’s general population. This is completely disproportional to the crime rate and drug usage rate, which has been statistically proven to be near-equal between blacks and whites.

This means that the black community in Wisconsin isn’t a community at all; it’s in total collapse. If America as a whole was experiencing this level of collapse, there would be riot police on the street in every city, but it goes unnoticed in black communities because black people are considered expendable.




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