August 8, 2016 4:35 pm

Jailers Reportedly Lied Dozens of Times About Checking on Teen Who Died in Juvenile Detention

Court records indicate that two former employees of a Kentucky state juvenile detention center lied over a dozen times about checking on a teen who died at their facility.

Employees initially said they checked on Gynnya McMillen, 16, multiple times, according to WDRB:

Former supervisors Reginald Windham and Victor Holt “knowingly recorded false information” on room observation sheets 15 and 17 times, respectively, on the night of Jan. 10 and the next morning, according to documents filed in their criminal cases on July 28.


Windham and Holt were on different shifts at the Lincoln Village Youth Center, both responsible for checking on Gynnya every 15 minutes during the roughly 24 hours she was in custody.


Both men were fired and charged with official misconduct stemming from what authorities say was their failure to perform regular bed checks and falsifying logs.

Another employee was also fired for falsifying logs.


The Kentucky State Medical Examiner ruled that McMillen died of a genetic disorder that caused an irregular heartbeat, CBS reported in March of this year.

McMillen had been wrestled to the ground using a “aikido restraint” technique. According to the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, the type of “aikido”restraint used on McMillen is banned in public schools:

Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt on Tuesday sent an email advising school districts that Aikido restraints on public school students are in direct violation of regulations.


At issue is the Aikido method’s reliance on “prone or supine restraints.”


“Not only are such physical restraints in direct violation of (the regulations), they place our children in harm’s way,” Pruitt wrote in the email.

Video shows employees entering McMillen’s room on several occasions, but never interacting with the teen, who only moved once on the night she died. McMillen was found dead after a sheriff’s deputy arrived to take her to court. She had been dead approximately three hours.








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