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August 31, 2016

Innocent Black Man Only Awarded $18 After Being Shocked and Punched by Police

Innocent Black Man Only Awarded $18 After Being Shocked and Punched by Police

DeShawn Franklin was asleep when cops stormed into his bedroom and attacked him.

According to family members, officers didn’t have a warrant and didn’t ask permission before barging into the home and shocking, punching, then dragging 18-year-old Franklin out of bed.

Franklin, who was then handcuffed and placed in a police car, told the Washington Post that he was “asleep” and “didn’t even know what was going on.”

According to the Post, officers were looking for Franklin’s older brother:

The incident happened about 2:30 a.m. on July 7, 2012, when Franklin and his parents were sleeping. Officers Eric Mentz, Aaron Knepper and Michael Stuk, of the South Bend Police Department, were looking for Dan Jones, Franklin’s older brother, after receiving a domestic violence call. The officers received information that Jones may have gone to his parents’ house, according to an internal affairs investigation report by the police department.

Officers later apologized and were disciplined with written reprimands.


The 2012 incident led to a lawsuit brought by the Indiana family against police.

The jury agreed that the Franklin home was wrongfully entered without a warrant by three white officers, violating the family’s rights. The jury decided, however, that the family’s rights were basically worthless.

Although the jury sided with the Franklin family, the dollar amount awarded to them was a slap in the face. Each of the defendants in the lawsuit was only ordered to pay $1 each, totaling $18.

Rev. Mario Sims told the Post that this sends a clear signal to black people that their rights are only worth $1.

“Essentially even though the jury found their rights were violated, the jury didn’t value those rights,” said Sims. “They didn’t think this poor black family warranted any type of substantial monetary reward.”

Since there were no “medical bills, lost wages, property damage, post-traumatic stress, psychological treatment”, the jury couldn’t find evidence to warrant the more than $1 million dollars in damages requested by the family, the Post reported.

Now four years later, Franklin, who has no criminal record, lives in fear of police, says the family.


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80 thoughts on “Innocent Black Man Only Awarded $18 After Being Shocked and Punched by Police

  1. Jerri Smith says:

    So you don’t think this family suffered any type of mental anguish from having their home invade illegally, You don’t think this young man is not suffering from PTSD, OK I would like every single juror to experience this same treatment, as well as their youngest child. Then get back to me with the same decision!!!!

  2. Abdul Perez says:

    At Least He Got Paid, I Took A Beating For Free !

  3. Ricky Smith says:

    He fought back saying he didn’t know they were police. When you start off with a lie there is no reason to believe the rest. They should have taken the 17 grand and stop trying to be greedy.

  4. Joe Wade says:

    This is an insult and a total disgrace of the justice system. .

  5. John William Frank says:

    That is what they are currently doing now to offset the heavy duty lawsuits the police seem to attract. It is their way of saving money based on the brutality of the police. This the second such judgement I have seen this week, the other was one dollar.

  6. Edwin Boone says:

    They disqualify Black jurors to indemnify the system.

  7. Chanae Robison says:

    $18 Is free.

  8. Michael Ransome says:

    Thats not surprising

  9. Sandra Hughes says:

    No matter what them devils do, them whites going to stick together, right or wrong

  10. Sheila Miller Wilson says:

    I’d rather not be rewarded with any money at all that $18 just added insult to injury!

  11. William Conner says:

    Not bad for fighting with police.

  12. Mark Green says:

    White judicial system

  13. Abdul Perez says:

    Chanae Robison : I Had To Pay Court Fees Amounting $3000 And Missed 2 Days Of Work Every Month For 5 Years Until I Got A Trial To Find Me Not Guilty , So In The End I Came Out Worse Than Dude Who Got $18

  14. Abdul Perez says:

    Sandra Hughes : You Being Disrepsectful ?

  15. Jules-Andre Marseille says:

    The value of the life of a black man.

  16. Marc Green says:

    They getn thousands in donations for legal fees and retire onnthe change with pension when they kill people. Ijks #exodus#44million moveout

  17. Herb Blunt Jr. says:

    Hope those jurors have a comfortable ride to hell on broken glass.

  18. Rickey Hewitt says:

    Black Lives don’t Matter

  19. Chanae Robison says:

    Abdul Perez that’s sad. Sorry that happened to you.

  20. William Conner says:

    Sandra Hughes is that it? Thats the best you have is juvenile name calling? Now that sounds dumb coming from an adult that probably thinks she’s pretty smart.Thats too bad.

  21. Abdul Perez says:

    Me Robinson – At Least You Undersand !

  22. Abdul Perez says:

    Unlike This Cyber Clown Sandra Hughes Insulting Me Over The Internet Like A Punk

  23. Timmy Adams says:

    This let you know that the value of the black lives and show you that black lives don’t matter to them really the justice system is so badly broken you’re going to have to start all over again

  24. Curtis Thompson says:

    Cookery & Buffoonery

  25. William Conner says:

    Brilliant and very original Curtis Thompson. I’m impressed with your ability to express yourself. Keep it up.

  26. Chanae Robison says:

    Some people can’t have an opinion without being rude.

  27. Zakee Dyches says:

    If the justice system wasn’t made to help African Americans in the first place why is anyone surprised

  28. Abdul Perez says:

    Some Peopke Are Just Plain Rotten And Low Down Snakes

  29. Bob Waldron says:

    18 dollars is crap….they must have done something to piss off the jury.

  30. Dennis Reid says:

    If you think a WHITE jury going to award a Black person their real share of monetary damages…you are still sleeping. They would award a WHITE person monetary of millions for spilling hot coffee on THEMSELVES before awarding you damages done to you. I know I sat on a jury before and the amount they awarded was ridiculous to those white people.

  31. Martin Jongue says:

    What an insult!

  32. Curtis Thompson says:

    William Conner. You’re right.
    Coonery & Buffoonery. Is that better ?

  33. William Conner says:

    Not much, but nice try. I got one question for you wordsmith and FB activist, instead of calling people names and complaining, what do you do in your own community to make things better? Do you get your hands dirty? Or do you just have a dirty mouth? What do you do?

  34. Curtis Thompson says:

    The one thing I don’t do is disrespect my own race in a useless attempt to be White. Feel me ?

  35. William Conner says:

    I asked what are you doing? You’re not qualified to say what I’m doing. You’re still stuck letting Caucasians control your thoughts and actions. Your still stuck believing in mans division by race. Who’s the fool? Anyway, are you gonna tell me what you’re doing to make things better? Or you got nothing? Curtis Thompson.

  36. Curtis Thompson says:

    Click bait, bye my negropean friend.

  37. Jeff Smith says:

    Well, if they got him of the streets of Chicago for a night, they probably saved his life, so look at it that way…

  38. Alan James says:

    Again don’t be surprised what do you expect from some racist ass bitches

  39. Sheree Wheeler says:

    This is nothing new

  40. William Conner says:

    Just what i thought. You stick to name calling and degrading the same people you say you love. So typical, anyone you don’t agree with, you try and discredit. You are the reason we have no unity. You’re the reason no dialogue can take place. But you want unity? I guess as long as its agreeable to you. Take care Curtis Thompson.

  41. Sandra Hughes says:

    We caught behind Enemy Lines

  42. Curtis Thompson says:

    Not bad for fighting with police! The result you wanted was the death of another black child. That’s the paradigm that puts order in your world. Your initial comment was offensive to anyone who’s sensitive about or cares about police abuse. If this is going over your head it’s because your suffering cognitive dissonance.

  43. Monica Appling says:

    How insulting is that?

  44. Chris Beam says:

    Isn’t this from a while ago?

  45. Chris Beam says:

    English, learn it.

  46. Minnie Murry says:

    Send that insulting $18.00 back to whom or what department sent it

  47. Mary Smith says:

    When we finally realize that we R dressed up slave and U really have No rights when it comes 2 white pll, then and only then something will B done

  48. Joe Wade says:

    Really a slap in the face. . And they wonder why some chose to retaliate. .

  49. Ajamu Steve Neter Wynn says:

    Amerikkka the head of the snake of white supremacy !

  50. Puroney Dotson says:

    From the people who are suppose to protect you

  51. Hope Chattman says:

    Was he shockedU0001f626 or socked?

  52. Jeff Smith says:

    It seems as if he pissed off the jury.. My wife was on jury duty for a dog bite case, and they were going to award the guy money, but then he started really “laying it on thick” and played them for fools… so he only got medical expenses. First off 1million for a false arrest? Cmon man, I don’t make that working for 10yrs! It seems as if he could have gotten $18,000 but they got greedy, so the rolled the dice and lost..

  53. Steve Marshall says:

    When I read this I was in TOTAL shock! This is MAJOR BS.

  54. Bob Waldron says:

    Lol this chick….

  55. Bob Waldron says:

    You know the jurors decide the amount that’s awarded right?

  56. Bob Waldron says:

    So all the jurors were white?

  57. William Conner says:

    Thanks Bob Waldren, YOU’RE a good man!

  58. Bob Waldron says:

    Lol he is trying to sound smart but cognitive dissonance is not something you suffer from. You obviously aren’t conflicted in your beliefs.

  59. Mudi Abubakar says:

    …and what race of people constituted members of this jury?

  60. William Conner says:

    Bob Waldron, you caught too? I was going to hit Curtis Thompson up to congratulate him on putting together a coherent and thoughtful read. I would have to tell him he has misdiagnosed me. There is a point to my original statement, and i make if we could have gorten past the venom and name calling. But to your point, i may suffer from a few things, but cognitive dissonance is not one of them. You take care and God bless you.

  61. Timmy Adams says:

    Had to be all white jury because there’s only one that think we don’t get nothing you don’t deserve nothing

  62. Bob Waldron says:

    You too bud

  63. Bob Waldron says:

    5 white one black is what I read

  64. Timmy Adams says:

    Yeah they odds were against him HAVE YOU “(EVER)” seen or heard of a ALL BLACK JURY

  65. Shirley Scott says:

    This maddness is outrageous……am I reading this right…. $18 bucks…..shame shame!!!!!!

  66. Christina Russell says:

    This is some bs!

  67. Curtis Thompson says:

    Sandra Hughes. Don’t waste yourself on this. He had a nice day today. He made a white friend with a automatic weapon.

  68. Sandra Hughes says:

    Right, Curtis Thompson

  69. Bob Waldron says:

    Think it was 5 white and 1 black

  70. Bob Waldron says:

    Sorry no automatic weapons here. Thanks for the stereotyping.

  71. Mudi Abubakar says:

    There is your answer right there.

  72. J Ted Williams says:

    America the beautiful—-we are sliding backwards into apartheid

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