August 8, 2016 5:25 pm

“We Got a Bunch of Hoodlums”: Neighborhood Watchman Arrested After Shooting at “Two Black People”, Killing One, With ‘Warning’ Shot

A North Carolina homeowner warned 911 dispatchers that he was just protecting his family before firing a shot that killed a black man standing in the street.

Chad Cameron Copley, 39, who is white, was charged with murder after fatally shooting 20-year-old Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas shortly after 1AM on Sunday morning. Thomas was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Copley used a shotgun to fire a shot from his garage into the street.


ABC 11 obtained the 911 transcript of Copley speaking to a dispatcher:

Operator: Can you tell me exactly what happened?

Caller: We have a lot of people outside of our house. They were shouting
obscenities. I asked them to please leave the premises. They were showing their firearms. I fired a warning shot. One of them was hit.

Chad Cameron Copley

Chad Cameron Copley


Operator: Someone got shot?


Man: I don’t know if someone was shot but I fired my warning shot and most people left. Two black people. They do have firearms and I was trying to protect me and my family.

According to WNCN, Copley said “hoodlums” were racing outside his home.

We got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing…I am locked and loaded and I am going outside to secure my neighborhood. You need to send PD as quickly as possible. I am going to secure my neighborhood. I am on the neighborhood watch. I am going to have my neighbors with me.”


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  • Sierra ForeverBeautiful Lovelady says:

    Wow. Trigger happy thug

  • Tony Spradley says:

    So bunch guys cussed and pulled their guns out at 1 in the morning on a neighbor and he shot at one before they shot at him?

  • Billy Jarvie says:

    Straight to jail black man going to get 25 to life

  • Jerri Smith says:

    Wow were did you read that at from what I read he murder an unarm man, and he pulled his weapon on a group standing in the street? I was unaware there are streets designed for whites only?

  • Jerri Smith says:

    Murder another unarmed person…..

  • Sean Clark says:

    How do you hit someone with a warning shot? Those are usually fired into the air, NOT AT PEOPLE!!!

  • Tony Spradley says:

    Read again,said asked them to leave from in front his family’s home and they showed their firearms.

  • Timothy Omar says:

    Tony, stop trying to force things into existence. Just stop…

  • Keith Daily says:

    Tony is repeating the lie told by the shooter. I think he’s trying to give it validity. But it’s straight BS!

  • Keith Daily says:

    They are killing us! Their hatred for us has never subsided. The truth is, “It will never cease!”

  • Jasmine Webster says:

    But he was arrested sooo… sounds like something about his story doesn’t jive. His property ends where the street begins. They were not on his property and he had no right to fire a warning shot of any kind. He should have simply called in a noise complaint and let the cops handle it instead of trying to play cops and robbers. Neighborhood watch means WATCH and then call the cops if something is wrong. Guess he’ll learn that the hard way in jail.

  • Rick Manigault says:

    “Neighborhood watch” aka terrorize people by calling police on them. This escalated to murder.

  • Gary Fitzgerald says:

    I’m telling you black people better wake up it’s about to get real ugly ugly

  • Tony Spradley says:

    If you shoot any one for any reason you go to jail,have to bond out,get a lawyer go to court prove your actions.,never just a free pass,police aren’t judges.i hate when anyone gets killed but I have hesitated when hoods outside in front my house acting up 2 in morning,next thing you know they shooting ,bullets cut through house like butter,kids few feet from dieing in their beds,these were white guys,im Cherokee,white., color don’t matter,get the hell away from my home my family and I i will stay away from city has several shootings every night.i have to pay to fix my bullet holes.No one comes patches up houses afterwards.No one was there,who knows what really pushed it to this level.Again,so sorry for the lose of any life,any color any gender.

  • Shareda Bonner says:

    Stfu Tony Spradley…

  • Latamra Bownes says:

    Hopefully the majority knows better and prepared.

  • Tiffany Alexander Mccain says:

    You sir… Are ill advised. First who determines they were “hood” (Whatever that is) or “hoodlums? Second they “could’ve been to loud” or they could’ve been just having fun like YOUNG PEOPLE do!! If they were to loud…Call the police!!! He didn’t have a problem calling minutes before he stepped out his home or into his garage!!! When he decided to shoot a shotgun he could’ve sent a stray bullet in his neighbors house!!! I’m so sick of people labeling black people. I think this man was a Racist moron!!! I think he is Stupid!!! I think he thinks he is George Zimmerman!!! What he needs is the death penalty. What you missed he has NO BOND!!! He could’ve stayed in his house, protected his family and called the police….But naw his dumb@$$ is going to jail… Leaving his family and precious neighbor….Tony Spradley you sir sound ridiculously. Do you think for one moment he thought about the repercussions of his actions… This mom is planning a funeral because a White Man said Black people don’t have the right to be out pass 1o’clock, or on a public street??? Guess what!!!! This is a free country to ALL

  • TinaSue says:

    This looks like another George Zimmerman.  He should have called the Police in the first place, instead of after the fact..

  • TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault  He was murdered anyway.

  • Lexx Massey says:

    The new George Zimmerman

  • James T. Rivers says:

    Despite all that’s happened . We haven’t hit the tipping point , yet.

  • James T. Rivers says:

    Unfortunately , you’re right.

  • Gary Fitzgerald says:

    It needs to hit the fan because it’s becoming to much a a normal for police neighborhood watch so on and so on to murder blacks with no consequences

  • Olvin Ray says:

    People, never argue/debate with someone that spells dying, “dieing”, they clearly have little or no willingness to comprehend anything outside of their own ignorance.

  • Gabriel Yisrael says:

    It has been war on the real children of Israel since 1619 in Babylon.

  • Darryl Davies says:

    “But, but, but…”

  • Maurice Brown says:

    Amen Olvin Ray…..Because reading all the “BS” from Tony Spradley had me DIEING (Dying) with laughter!!! Hahahaha hahahaha

  • Howard Ross says:

    Y’all Black Folks Ain’t About That Life, You Find More Courage When It Comes To Doing Each Other.

  • Tyrone Pearson says:

    Lets see how brave he is in jail when the “hoodlums” in there get loud….white people are very brave when they got guns….throw em in jail with the people they despise and they become bitches

  • Michael Chrisman says:

    Oh, so some blacks kill some whites so I’m going to call it a war in whites. Okay. Game on.

  • Tyrone Pearson says:

    Such shall be the trials of Jacob til the times of the Gentiles be fufilled

  • Michael Chrisman says:

    Not even close. Zimmerman was attacked and it was ruled self defense and he is hispanic. This guy fired blindly and wasn’t being attacked and is white. He makes decent gun owners and decent whites look bad. Give him the max, even when he pleads down to manslaughter

  • Keith Daily says:

    Normally I ignore stupidity but, Micheal Michael Chrisman you are ridiculous. The scale and centuries long assault by Europeans on Afrikans is unprecedented. No where in history have Afrikans met Europeans with equal violence. My ancestors helped your ancestors to their detriment. Now you crazed killers want to pretend that we’re the same?

  • Juanito Genevesee says:


  • Danny Gobert says:

    White people are about to face the most horrific consequences ever in the history of this country trust and believe that

  • Maurice Brown says:

    So true Tyrone Pearson and let me add to that….They become bitches also when you step to them when neither of you have guns!!! Hahahaha hahahaha

  • Ally Patrice Archer says:

    Zimmerman wasnt attacked you goof…
    You guys just believe anything

  • Dex Kato says:

    I heard that the young Mans parents have already forgiven their sons murderer George Zimmerman is probably laughing his ass off about this incident.

  • Kevin Brooks says:

    Lol…he’s not serious is he!!!

  • Jackal151 says:

    This is another example of why we as black men shouldnt be just hanging out in the streets. If have to be, then have a purpose. See the movie slavery by another name then you will realize nothing changed. So you have to.

  • Mush77 says:

    What do you define as “hanging”? Black men who sit on their own porches have been stopped, for just that. Is change so important as to give up your freedom?

  • E Kirk Jones says:

    This happened Sunday morning….I watch 2 hours of News everyday….I saw it broadcasted only once, that being yesterday, for an approx 15-20 second report of this incident….If I would have blinked, I would have missed that report……I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday who never even heard of this incident…..I wonder why there is such limited coverage?

  • Tammy Tellitlikeitis Wrazz-Edwards says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Tammy Tellitlikeitis Wrazz-Edwards says:

    Ally Patrice Archer yeah right. A grown ass man was attacked by a 14 year old? Wow! A bunch of racist cowards!

  • Arc Angelety says:

    Believing that bs is a huge part of the problem. Why would the white man spend all this time carefully crafting a system to oppress us only to force a book upon us that holds the key to our salvation? They wouldn’t.

  • Tyrone Pearson says:

    that Book as you call it came thru our ancestors…the whiteman stole it and whitewashed its Prophets, deceiving the unlearned which caused the chosen of Yah to turn away from him and his word cause of imagery……the real question is “why would the white man write a book who’s characters are people of color and then tell of the demise of himself?

  • Alan James says:

    The real children of Israel.

  • Jackal151 says:

    First of all, if you’d either watched the doc or read the book you would’ve known qhat the term meant. But instead you chose the usual route which is predictably typical. 2nd. If you are on your own porch and someone approach you rather it’s a cop or whoever you better deal with him like a man should deal with any threat of disrespect period and if you don’t understand that then oh well.

  • Naasir Raqib says:

    Lls, hell, why not kill blacks. We ain’t gonna do jack but march and cry on fb. Then worry about our next terror leader we try to vite in

  • J Ted Williams says:

    Hell is going to be full of these folks–maybe they can take their neighborhood with them

  • Ken Richardson says:

    Hoeass bitchass white boy…

  • K Wayne Ellison says:

    They’re terrified of us!!!!!

  • Maurice McCall says:

    Why does everyone think negative were not thinking big enough when you do nothing to oppose your oppressor your are still mentally slaved in some way. Just imagine if every brown person in the world was fighting for the same thing thinking the same great things about one another and all moving the same one huge nation of people on the same page fighting the same cause bob Marley natural mistic

  • Danny Gobert says:

    I like your comment of unity it’s the racist ones who are stuck in another era long ago and trying to execute racist ideas

  • Danny Gobert says:

    I’M just a soldier with substance I’ll give my life for the survival of black people

  • Daron Martin says:

    Black people is immune to the Zika virus.

  • Curtis Thompson says:

    Deja vu all over again.
    Zimmerman 2.0
    Here comes mark O’Mara to make things right.

  • Tyrone Taylor says:


  • Deborah Mckelvey Wiggins says:

    Can’t walk the street without getting kill, let’s see if he is going to get of, sick and tired of the same old mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melvin Gosa says:

    His ass was charged with ” Murder One ” and the boys on ” Lock down ” got a ” Fresh Fish On The Line ” !

  • Bobby Gatewood says:

    These white ppl have lost there minds

  • Adam Abramowitz says:

    Maurice Mcall The Obamas and Sharptons of the world play a big part as to why it won’t happen…

  • Herb Blunt Jr. says:

    Hopefully we can meet his new roommate in prison he has the same attitude. Right dylan roof!

  • Johnny Mac says:

    The savage scum should be burned alive!

  • Jewel DeVaughn says:

    So another f*cking zimmerman!!!! Smfh

  • Vereen Hall says:

    Is there any wonder why they are called white devils

  • Brent Green says:

    Tony Spradley so admit no one was there but you just gave a narrative in your initial post as to what happened. Come on man. Wrong is wrong. It’s ok to not defend unwarranted killings. Don’t stoop lower than worm sperm brother.

  • Jamika Fry says:

    I wonder what will it take for us as a collective to wake up! This is crazy with no end result. It’s like trying to fit a triangle in a square…depressing..sigh

  • Harvey Frederick says:

    Shoot back you going to die anyway what you got to lose

  • Kahlil Dopeboi says:

    And George Zimmerman been trouble every since , whites are the ones who raised money for him, that should tell you a lot about whites!

  • Shakema Daise says:

    Why did yall even respond to this wet dog? He’s white, that all that need to be said SMH we give these clowns attention

  • Shaqualah LovinMe says:

    Hell does not exist well unless you’re talking about life

  • Antawan James says:

    It’s been ugly white amerikkka supports this and so do self hating negropeans.

  • Dinetra Williams says:

    Either the guys father or father in law works at one of the local news outlets.

  • E Kirk Jones says:

    Or Cousin, or high school friends, or his best friend, or friends of his best friend, or his 2nd cousin, or friends who know him & his 2nd cousin, or his Mother in-laws relatives, or friends of his Mother in-law who knows him, or its just the local Media that has a warped agenda & only wants to paint the face of crime a certain complexion…..

  • Robin Ford says:

    A rhetorical question, right?

  • E Kirk Jones says:

    Right…We all know the answer…..

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Right ? A warning shot my ass! How about somebody send him or a member of his family a warning shot ? These people have to understand it’s 2016! NOT 1960! I could understand if these people were threatening his neighborhood? Opening up a drug shop? Etc….To just play jury and executioner? We don’t allow criminal activities or drug dealing in my neighborhood.We handle it in a different way.

  • Stanley Burgin Dunham says:

    I to, didn’t hear of this in a News report. Obviously, ommited for the same old biased reporting.

  • Adam Abramowitz says:

    Never forgive, never forget. That’s what religion does to you…

  • Adam Abramowitz says:

    If you’re a black christian, you have a REALLY shitty memory…

  • Milton Rose says:

    I’m securing my neighborhood ! Now your secured in jail and you will be convicted, say by by to your family…

  • Kodak Kennedy says:

    Why you so ignorant?

  • Marc Lewis says:

    Here we go with that bs BYBULL again. That book is nothing but fairytales that has been used to keep us mentally dead.

  • Marc Lewis says:

    Only a devil would say that ignorant bs

  • Marc Lewis says:

    Let’s talk about white on white crime

  • Eric Randall says:

    If they keep murking unarmed brothas,..
    unless yall still waitin on the clouds to open up and save you.

  • Marc Lewis says:

    White people controls the media therefore you don’t hear about white on white crime. Everytime that we build our own communities your people find a way to destroy them ie Black WallStreet, Rosewood, Central Park, etc

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    That’s why y’all where you at you in denial

  • Chris DuBois says:

    Look at the statistics white on white crime is higher but u only hear about black on black crime and white people killed more police officers than any race in the last five years also whites receive the most government assistance

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    Do you see us on tv burning our neighborhoods down acting like a Damn fool no so end of story.

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    So the man just shot him for driving down the road minding his business. I don’t think so

  • Ava Jackson-davis says:

    better get lock and loaded……America trying to pick!

  • Juan Castro says:

    Lee Jay Wortham the savage shot the unarmed man from inside his house. There was nobody trying to break inside his home.

  • mrchipssAlex says:

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