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August 22, 2016

Donald Trump is Right. Black People Are Poor.

Donald Trump is Right. Black People Are Poor.

Donald Trump got into a lot of trouble for his comments about black people on Friday:

“Look at how much African American communities are suffering from Democratic control. To those I say the following: What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump? What do you have to lose?” he asked. “You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

The problem is…he’s right.

Listen to founder Yvette Carnell explain:



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96 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Right. Black People Are Poor.

  1. Ann Peterson says:

    We don’t need Donald Trump to tell us what we are aware of. Just like a fat person doesn’t want a person telling them they are fat. It is an insult even if it is the truth. Most people know he could care less about how poor Black are. They are not falling for Trumps latest con to get our vote.

  2. Angela Powell says:

    True, but he is not the answer……………………………………….

  3. Vel Thescholar says:

    Go look at the data, stop with the denial, go look at the damn data like she said!

  4. Sandy Troubledontlast Wst says:

    Trump should never be considered as the one who can solve the problems that plague our communities, this nation, or the world. Be careful what you ask for.

  5. Amani Upendo says:

    Who is Yvette Carnell?

  6. Derrick Wallace says:

    Hahaha. I knew this was coming. Yvette Carnell U0001f605 we are poor.

  7. Dee Becks says:

    She’s the person in the video.

  8. Michael Hall says:

    It is obvious Yvette has not done her homework. Blacks have 1.1 trillion buying power. That is not poor. However we could use a lesson in corralling that wealth. You will not find Trump or any mainstream characters or media leading or reporting the real statistics. Keeping heads in sand is what Trump and the rest of mainstream are guilty of.

  9. MrsBowdeen Mostenvyed Williams says:

    Yes we might be poor, but he certainly has no policy to enrich my life, he’s a BILLIONAIRE with no programming to emprove our lives, he want even mention Black Lives Matter.

  10. Amani Upendo says:

    Dee Becks Thank you for that informative info… hehe

  11. Ann Peterson says:

    I don’t think anyone is questioning the data. It’s the manner in which it was presented. Donald Trump do not care about Black peoples struggles. He didn’t care about our struggles during the Primary and now that he has bveen convinced that he needs our vote he has develope this great concern. Donald Trump is a racist and a bigot and only cares about Donald Trump and I can give you some data on that.

  12. Ann Peterson says:

    Black lives do not matter to Donald Trump. The only differance between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Democrats put forth an effort and failed whereas the Republicans didn’t even bother. If you think the Republicans can change something just look at those life long Republican hillbillies who are still poor broke and ignorant and still voting Republican what has changed in their lives.

  13. Ronald Towns says:

    all black people are not poor and their are some broke ass white people so quit being stupid and think and get a brain

  14. Donald R Brown says:

    Look like he’s getting another one.

  15. Ann Peterson says:

    Angela Powell you are so correct with all the issues we have. He is not the one to fix it. You have to at least be able to relate to a problem in order to fix it. Donald Trump will tell us whatever he thinks we want to hear in order to get our vote. It’s just another con from Don.

  16. Rick Manigault says:

    I love the founder!

    Joy Ann Reid is a black person the way Obama is. No soul or any opinion, just elitism based on hatred of anything that might not fit squarely into dnc approved thought.  She despises a country her family immigrated to, while giving a pass to any, and all crimes committed under her precious Neoliberal regimes.  

    Trump is dead right on this issue. Just look at Baltimore, black democrats have failed miserably and the community is not holding them accountable. Failed policies that enrich the wealthy are what 90% of us support it so don’t be surprised when we get it. 

    I remember talking about free college and Bernies other plans to actually fight poverty. All I heard was how “he was racist”, “black people didn’t go to his rally’s” and my favorite which this article alludes to “economics isn’t addressing race issues”

  17. Willie Daniels says:

    I heard Trump say that AA/Black people want jobs months ago, so more likely that’s what he going to offer for the AA/Black people’s vote. Now for you African Americans who ancestor was/were emancipated and became citizens in 1870 Naturalization Act, everybody that look like you don’t have your back ground, Just like you are call an African American, the president call’s himself a Kenyan American and Ms. Joy Reid is an Nigerian American, when people say thing like that they are separating their selves from the emancipated Africans Americans, so they may not have your best interest in the mind….

  18. Watchful says:

    Of course, Mr.Trump aka Drumpf, is right. We r poor as hell!!! Now I no longer vote, but if I still did, I certainly wouldn’t be voting for either of the 2 major party candidates. I mean it’s not like there r no alternatives.

    BTW, despite me never having seen Joy Reid, since I NEVER watch MSNBC … I, nevertheless, thoroughly enjoyed ur rant, Ms.Carnell. 🙂

  19. Ephrem Johnson says:

    Some people are just too ignorant to be put in front of a camera.

  20. Joe Speaks says:

    It is obvious that you are arrogant in your ignorant miseducation. SPENDING 1.1 TRILLION does NOT amount to POWER. So, you need to do the knowledge – at its most basic level; and don’t try to rationalize, or justify it. You accused the woman of not doing her homework. Then, you regurgitated a talking point that you picked up from the blogosphere. Excessive consumption doesn’t amount to POWER for Black people, but rather power for those Arabs, Jewish people, Koreans, and the bunch who reap the economical benefits of Blacks being a consumer group and producers of nothing that we consume. You could use a lesson in elementary logic.

  21. Sophia Brown says:

    Trump makes two good points yes the Democrats take the black vote for granted and yes illegal immigration is hurting our community. However he is not the one to solve these problems for us but neither is Hillary. Not all black people are poor and what Trump said was insulting.

  22. Karen Veney says:

    I’m not going to read this because the headline is enough. She always backtracks. To say all when she herself is profiting is contradictory. And most of all insulting. Many Many wealthy Black people and many many above poverty. Obviously she doesn’t know numbers but based on statistical numbers that only target certain areas and not the majority. Disappointing and Unfortunate.

  23. Michael Hall says:

    Joe Speaks In your opinion. And arrogance is reflected in your mirror. Don’t you dare try preaching to me. You simply do not qualify. Now move along. No fertile ground here. How dare you.

  24. Courtland Jones says:

    I listened to trump speak! I’m sorry to hear the information from him. He is 1 million % right ! Correct! about how we have been used with a 58 % unemployment rate of our people. Poor is not the correct word. We are 1 mouse in a herd of 10,000 Elephants. If we feel belittled take your car and drive to any major city and Examine the third world level of depravity and see who those people look like. I think his points about illegal immigrants is falling on deaf ears in the black community also, But our community is being decimated by groups Getting services, scholarships and business opportunities that were Set asides for African Americans. Trumps Daddy built projects and low income hi rises! I’m sad to say! I’ve never heard a candidate state our Truth! And he is 100% accurate. I’m no trump supporter and I’m ripped to shreds on the democratic side also. This election for me lets me know! We have no political home here!

  25. Courtland Jones says:

    Theese wealthy blacks! Where are they and what sector of the U.S economy do they control. Are you aware that the average black household would take 228 years to equal the average wealth of the average white household.

  26. Karen Veney says:

    Many wealthy Black people. No specific area but everywhere. Give credit where credit is due. Look it up!!! Trump is a LOSER! Yvette is no different profiting off of everyone like the rest. So your point? We agree to disagree and that’s ok….

  27. Harold Jones says:

    She has to be Mentally challenged or seriously stupid.
    Common sense should at some point,Tekk stupid people… There’s financial stable Black American Citizens.
    There’s also very rich Black American Citizens.
    The reality of the issue is,there are Black American Citizens that are Billionaires… So for any person with an IQ above that of a Drunk Elephant on steroids…Outta know never generalize; That is, not use we ,as an unagreed volunteer spokesperson.

  28. Lindell Ray says:

    Trump’s racial entertainment that masquerades as political speak had some truth regarding the low wealth status of Black voters but I think his purpose was to reinforce to his white supporters a perception of A/A as pathological & his paternal interest in rescuing us. As far as trends toward downward mobility, that has been going on for decades. & A few major economic events have hurt the A/A ‘s worse than others. 1) housing bubble that crashed around 2007. Black homeowners were targeted by ruthless mortgage brokers & banks. Obama bailed them out & left homeowners with little help. As a result Black homeowners were said to have lost 1/2 of their wealth. 2) The global recession hit around the same time, job losses in the government were massive. A/A more likely govt employees due to more discrimination in private sector. More wealth loss. 3) even prior to recession trade policies kept shipping higher wage jobs overseas and our economy kept moving from industrial to service economy. Leaving lower paying jobs here, & no retraining of workers for new future economy. More A/A now in service jobs thus Increasing number of working poor. 4) Our wages have also not kept up with inflation so some of our parents working in the 50’s,& 60’s in an industrial economy made more in real wages than current workers do now with more education. This reality is not bcuz A/A are naive. These r macro trends out of our control. We Can be less of a fan club for politicians & hold them to supporting policies that protect workers, do less frivolous spending & save more $, let go of party politics & vote for progressive candidates at state & local level where our daily lives r most affected & see entertainers for what they r, A Distraction from important matters.

  29. Charm Kman says:

    So are Trumps white followers and some Hispanics, some Asians and some of every culture and race of people! I guess the any people Trump sees as “poor” are black folks!!

  30. Johnw11 says:

    The more these hustlers talk about how well-off Blacks as a group are, the more they manifest their own illegitimacy. These hustlers, feeding at the Dem outfit’s trough, will shamelessly push any narrative to keep their own rewards coming.
    Most Blacks, at least those not in ‘denial,’ know that people like Charles Blow, Joy Ann Reed, et al. making such foolish claims about how rich Blacks are: are either insane,  extremely out of touch, or profoundly incompetent.
    The data (the facts) are everywhere. Just recently, even a white high school student discovered that 31 out of 56 Black neighborhoods in Milwaukee are prisons and the rest are impoverished. These findings are representative of all but a handful of African Americans. And it’s getting worse by the hour. If a high school student is competent enough to make such a finding, then that raises serous questions about the competency of so-called professional journalists. What he did was map-trace pointers where Blacks live. This is easy to do, since everywhere Blacks are located in the country is known and tagged.
    What the Black collective must come to accept, as hard as it may be to do so, is the fact that there is a cadre of Black parasites who make their living, lying, manipulating, and whatever else, by misleading Blacks and keeping them on the Dem outfit’s plantation; where no Black has benefitted for the last 50 years except the parasites. They care nothing about Black people, or they wouldn’t mislead them for personal rewards.
    The boogieman told the truth. But I don’t trust him to do anything about Black poverty. He’s just seeking votes. But he told the truth. No matter how long, loud, and pathetically those whose job it is to keep the Black collective ignorant and throwing away their votes try to counteract the truth.
    In fact, it was their lying and taking advantage of the political credulity of too many Black voters in the recent primaries that led to the current situation that Blacks find themselves in; GROWN folks scared of the “boogieman.” But when I was a child, grown ups had more than one monster they used to frighten or entertain us children. In addition to the “boogieman,” there was also the “wicked witch.”  Unlike the boogieman, limited in his movements; the wicked witch could use her broom to fly everywhere, doing bad things.

  31. Conrad Phillips says:

    in the post, she said don’t take my words… Research. Look up the numbers… People are absolutely deluded.

  32. Conrad Phillips says:

    Extremely thorough. So you’d agreed with Yvette then?

  33. Conrad Phillips says:

    Yvette never said that she’s anyone’s spoke person nor did she say there aren’t pockets, small swaths, of black rich people. She said from an aggregate stand point, as a community, we are downtrodden and bereft of resources. Some of you get swindled by seeing entertainers with shiny objects. Again, in the aggregate, we do not have wealth. We own precious little land. Our unemployment figures are staggering. Our schools are failing. Our neighborhoods are under resourced and over-policed… There are tons more Milwakue, Newarks, Baltimores and Ferguson’s than there are of whatever small rich black communities we may know of. This is simple.

  34. Vick McLean says:

    Karen bye girl you just said you wont even read. That shows me your just plain stupid. At least yvette cares enough to read. You are stereo typical emotional driven unintelligent negro. She says so many things that are true and shed light on many important discussions. Typical negro dont like to read smh….

  35. Vick McLean says:

    Yveete your on point sista…love your insight!!!!

  36. Courtland Jones says:

    I understand what you are saying Karen Veney! I’m no Trump supporter and The article is ” just an article” but please! Consider for the least of theese! Of our people in every major city ” Trump is absolutely Correct! The 20% of AA that live middle class live and the black rich and wealthy are not the majority of us. The large part of Our communities are living much like they do in third world nations and we live in America. I didn’t accept Anything Trump said during this whole process until he ” stated this Jaw breaking truth that We know as a people ” The guy is right! Not saying I’m gonna vote for him, but can u find anyone else ever in history running for the presidency to tell African Americans a truth.

  37. Karen Veney says:

    I read plenty. I don’t have to like what she says. And typical Negro you are to not aporeciate a difference in opinions Vick McLean.

  38. rod k says:

    Good analogy john. What I find funny about data during the Obama years is pretty much of all data is questionable. From the unemployment figures to the number of jobs created. Numbers you don’t hear about is how many homeless people there are nationally, you don’t have an actual count of police shootings because law enforcement agencies aren’t required to report to the feds that data. There was a report here in California that 42 infants was reported to have been in gangs, and 22 were on the active list. The question is how did infants get on the list and why wasn’t their fact checking to ensure the data was correct. My theory is that the police departments have a deal with the Fed’s to get federal money and military equipment if they show that the bad black gangs have taken over the city.

  39. Karen Veney says:

    I understand totally Courtland Jones. It’s been said for years and we have risen. There has always been certain areas poverty is a problem. So what’s the solution? I’m not agreeing with anything he says or give credit.

  40. Lindell Ray says:

    I agree with her that it will benefit A/A to think more critically about politics and our circumstances. I just believe to help ppl move toward that it helps to explain the history behind these grim statistics and to clarify what we as ppl can personally control and what we have to hold others we elect responsible to control. A/A ‘s voted mostly Republican until the late 50’s. Large shift to Democrats came after Republicans ran after southern racist vote. We have been more logical than many poor White voters. I agree we have to now be less partisan and more focused on policies that protect our vote, & our social, economic and cultural needs. That’s why I support principles not people. People are by nature fallible and can change. Your principles are constant and may lead you to different people when necessary.

  41. Johnw11 says:

    rod k  Thanks, Rod. You’re right on point. So the “super predators” (jungle animals) are getting younger in California, I see (LOL).
    You are right that one should always be careful about statistical claims. However, the disproportionality of Black economic suffering has been validated by many dozens of credible sources using rigorous methodologies. There are, and will always be, two kinds of data: one set for fools, and one set for thinking people. And when people make public claims that are inconsistent with the actual ‘state of the world,’ they’re appealing to fools. They know that most people won’t take time to fact-check things, to do so, they might miss an episode of “Housewives,” “House Husbands,”  or “House Kids.” I can see the banner now, “Coming this fall — Gang Babies of California.”
    For example, there are several ways unemployment is measured: U3, U6, and workforce participation rates (WPR). Of the above listed three, the least reliable, most manipulated one is U3; the monthly media reported rates. The most reliable, although itself not without methodological flaws, is WPR. Yet the only way to get WPR data is go to the primary source(read). So, despite the fact that WPR is going down (fewer people are actually working) the monthly spin is unemployment is going down; an impossibility given the downward trend of WPR data. In fact, the African American WPR is lowest ever. That means that fewer Blacks (especially men) have jobs in 2016 than at any time in American history. And the majority of those working have low-wage jobs.
    Despite this reality, Black media trolls, hired to mislead Blacks to their doom, are pushing false narratives that the Black economic condition is not bad after all. The irony is, the trolls make these claims whenever a presidential candidate brings focus to this too long ignored reality of Black America: poverty, which is the root cause of all the problems of violence, family dislocation, etc., that they love to highlight about Blacks. (Remember, they did the same thing to Sanders.) Since these problems are rooted in PUBLIC POLICY, what better forum to discuss them than presidential politics?
    My question is: where are the civil rights leaders (the Annual Urban League Report defenders) to counter these trolls? As far as I know, they are silent. Yes, silent, because they are lapping from the same gravy train as these trolls.
    BTW: who did you fear most as a child, “Boogieman” or “Wicked Witch”? For me, it was the Witched Witch, because she could straddle that broom and fly. Indeed, she might be in Haiti one minute stealing earthquake relief funds, and in California jailing ‘super predator babies’ the next.  Pus, the Boogieman didn’t bother one as long as one was good. But the Wicked Witch would get you whether you were good or bad.
    If you didn’t watch it live, or haven’t seen it yet: checkout the CNN Town Hall with the Green Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates. It was Great!

  42. Lexx BrklynBound says:

    sorry but the 58% narrative includes people in high school, senior citizens and those incarcerated.. please don’t fall for the oke doke!!!

  43. rod k says:

    I have friends who have been greens since the 80s, and their platform has always been about equality and investment into low income areas of America. The problem is we have limousine activist, who aren’t really interested in doing anything other than running interference for the Democratic party and not get to the nuts and bolts of black suffering. This Is Not A New Phenomenon It’s Just More IN Your Face And Has Become Mainstream. It illustrates activism in a capitalistic society like America make strange bedfellows. At this point, in my opinion all black people should turn off the television and get their information from other sources. When bill clinton passed the FCC bill that pretty much deregulated the industry and allowed monopolies like clear channel and others to dominate the airwaves with conservative rhetoric, ala rush Limbaugh and others. Black decent was muffled because a lot of black radio stations closed down or were bought up by white investors. With that medium no longer profitable or accessible, the only recourse for some was to go into television to get your message out. When MSNBC cancelled the Donahue show because of his stance against the gulf war, l knew any kind of decent on any subject was going to be vetted and watered down. I don’t waste my time watching something that I know is staged before hand. You know something john. I learned more about news and insight on social issues from the comment section on blogs, than I would ever get from mainstream media. That is why we all have to keep the Internet free from government interference.

  44. Courtland Jones says:

    If your 18 shouldn’t you have graduated high school,
    Have u checked the incarceration rate of us.
    Senior citizens! Of which a huge amount are impoverished when talking about people of color.
    I think the Oke Doke has already been played! The problem is: We don’t know who has truly been Oke Doked! Definetely not Trump or Clinton!

  45. Gusella Mariam says:

    There are more poor White people in America than their are poor Black people. Trump has never done a damn thing for all these poor White people; so what in the hell make you think he is going to do anything for poor black people?

  46. Gusella Mariam says:

    Instead of Trump asking Black what have they got to lose by voting for him; he ought to be telling Blacks what they have to gain by voting for him which is absolutely NOTHING TO GAIN, because if there was something to gain by voting for Trump he would have told Black folk in that same message.

  47. Gusella Mariam says:

    So Trump told poor black people that they are poor. Don’t you think poor black people knew that already. Poor people have always been the first to know that they are poor. They don’t need Trump telling them that they are poor. They need Trump to tell them precisely what he is going to do for them WAITING WAITING WAITING.

  48. RodneyMossSr says:

    The correct statement is…look how far we have come despite
    the obstacles placed in front of us…..What have the Democratic Party done for us?They have NOT created obstacles to slow our
    progression…what do we have to lose with Trump…More obstacles placed in front
    of us…..We will lose the pace at which we are overcoming and improving.
    We as a People are doing much better than we were in 1996…People
    in 1996 were doing better than black folk in 1976…black people in 1976 were better off than black folk of 1956are were better off..every 20 years you can see
    the improvement……We still have a long way to go…..
    So to answer the question– what have the Democratic Party has
    done for us….NOT ACTIVELY AND PURPOSELY put obstacles in our way……
    A crime bill is passed people like Trump are sitting as our local judges and they exploit system to fill quotas for jails while letting white kids off on the same charges…these are the type of Obstacles that people in the GOP and like Trump exploit….that is what we have to lose….we will lose the removal of obstacles  that are preventing many people from improving their Lott in life….
    A police officer pulls up on a car and because he is fearful of black people he kills the man and goes home without standing Trail….the GOP supports that….that is an Obstacle
    Making harder to vote…which stops the black community from removing Trump like judges….Obstacle
    some how the city of Milwaukee that is 44% White and 40% Black but some how all the tax money is moved out into the gerrymandered with areas of the city…….Obstacle…..

  49. RodneyMossSr says:

    rod k also keep in mind the GOP pushed the laws that don’t force law enforcement to keep data on their wrong doings…..
    Most cities government districts are gerrymandered and it is weird how all the republican districts of a city are well off but the black districts no money……that the GOP all day…
    The issue again isn’t what have they done for you….the question is what Obstacles they didn’t put in front of you…..we have issues but we are doing better…allot better….
    That what the GOP is afraid of… that they have to compete on a fair playing ground with people of color they are losing….and they are scared… they look at us and say what do we have to lose……
    We have to lose progression…..we will get more obstacles placed in front of us….right now if a child half puts his mind to it…just make sure they graduate with a 2.8 they have a shot in life….they have a shot at a college….won’t be a great college, but they have a shot….
    Trump wins and those chances will be reduced…Obstacle after Obstacle

  50. RodneyMossSr says:

    Johnw11 rod k there is a simple test…..If you are a parent…look at your children and ask yourself do they have more opportunity than you did….we all know they may not act on it or they my waste it….but if the question is yes then there is no need for statics….

    The GOP is upset because they can see us coming… matter what obstacle they put in our way each generation is getting stronger and stronger……

    If you are not a parent…ask your parents…did you have more opportunities than they did…..if they say yes then we are improving as a race…….

    There are issues….but the obstacles are slowly being removed…..the GOP is doing everything in their power to keep those obstacles in place

  51. rod k says:

    Dude you have Democratic cities like San Francisco that police shoot black people, new York is a Democratic city, Oakland is a Democratic city, Chicago , Detroit all have Democratic mayors they all have Democratic majorities in government. You sound like a Democrat party apologist. It’s 2016 and America is the only major power in the world that has only two political parties to make decisions concerning it’s electorate. If you can’t see the manipulation of the political system, then you are contributing to the chaos of the body politic. We utilize a 18th century voting process in a 21st century world. We need to allow more voices in our political process. What would be the harm if you had a green party participate in the presidential debates. I mean if Ross perot could be in the debates as a independent when bill clinton was running for president, then why can’t Jill Stein.

  52. rod k says:

    If you haven’t figured out that American politics is nothing more than the game of good cop bad cop than there is nothing we can talk about. As for the opportunity question, hel l no they don’t have better opportunities then me considering that service sector jobs are the only ones that hiring in droves. Black people have been excluded from jobs in the Silicon very, almost all tech jobs go to white males , Asian workers and Indians here on work visas. I don’t know what prism you are looking at the world through, but it is not giving you a view of the real world. In 30 years half of all jobs on the planet will be done by Artificial intelligence or robots that is a fact, you can look it up for yourself. The white house put out a report 4 months ago that a person who makes 24,000 or less has a 87% chance of losing their jobs to technology, look that up for yourself also, just Google it. So these numbers mean that if half the jobs are to be affected by technology, then that means that black people will have 80% unemployment. My question is with all the data that says this is a reality, why neither party in this election cycle is talking about this.

  53. docbhub says:

    rod k I totally agree and have been saying all along that the demographic changes of our country necessitates the building of new coalitions than the ones that formed the bases of the democratic and republican parties during the latter part of the 20th century.  Third parties such as the Greens and Libertarians should not only be welcome at the debates, but should consider joining forces in the future to challenge the Democratic and Republican duopoly in the future.

  54. Johnw11 says:

    RodneyMossSr Black children today have LESS opportunity than Blacks did in the 1970s. The 1970s decade saw Blacks make the greatest socioeconomic gains since Reconstruction. After that, things began going down hill for the masses of Blacks, although a small sliver of Blacks did prosper thereafter: perhaps you are one of them.
    During the 1980s, Reagan’s policies caused a further decline in Blacks socioeconomic well-being, as more cuts were enacted to programs that many Blacks used to climb from poverty, or, at least not be drowned by it. Reagan made these cuts under the ruse that government was “too big,” although he expanded government to historic levels in order to transfer wealth to the rich with his “trickle down” economic theory, which David Stockman — often credited with its authorship — said was intended to be a “joke.” Reagan’s expansion of Nixon’s Drug wars targeting Blacks for imprisonment also caused greater dislocation of the Black patriarchy family system.
    Now to answer your question about what obstacles have Dems put before Blacks — I’m glad you asked.
    In the 1990s, the Bill and Hillary Clinton administration expanded on Reagan’s policies and locked up more Blacks than at any time in history. Hundreds of thousands of Blacks were locked up on petty charges, resulting in the destruction of over a million Black families. Laws — written by Joe Biden — were enacted to prevent these Blacks from ever being productive members of their communities,  they were banned for life from ever working, receiving public assistance, going to school, living in public housing, voting, etc. These policies have resulted in African Americans being the largest incarcerated group in the world, 1 out of every 8 prisoners in the world is an African American. Consequently, nearly 2 million Black men are “Missing” from society due to imprisonment or early graves. Unlike in the pre-1970s, Black women today, more often than not, cannot find suitable mates to form families ( a clear violation of human rights laws and a clear act of genocide. During the 1990s, poor Blacks were discharged from so-called “welfare,” causing untold suffering on the poor; jobs were offshored through NAFA further destabilizing the Black family and community, on, on, and on.  And, also, during the 1990s,  for the first time in modern history, language coming the White House, the first lady, and high cabinet level officials openly deemed Blacks as Jungle Animals (“super predators”) and “feral,” meaning a domestic animal that has returned to its wild ways.
    Today, Black children have the highest poverty rate since the 1950s, some say since chattel slavery. Their schools are underfunded and they are arrested for the slightest infraction, some say at a ratio of more than 10 to 1 in relation to whites. Those who complete school have more than 3 x less the chance of finding jobs than white dropouts. Their public schools are being privatized to enrich hedge funders and other wealthy investors hustling funds that are supposed to go towards their education. If the trend continues, in less than a decade, poor children, unable to afford tuition, will be denied even an elementary school education: just as many are being denied college due to its unaffordability.
    Since 2009, Blacks have lost over 55% of their wealth and still counting. Blacks are last in every meaningful socio-economic indicator of well-being. Right now.
    The future for Black children, except for a small elite, is not bright at all. And much less promising than it was 50 years ago.
    Yes, I have children. That’s why I have sense enough to think.
    Have you an additional inquiry?

  55. Johnw11 says:

    rod k  The prism he’s looking through is called zealotry/fanaticism.  He’s ‘transferred’ his zealotry from President Obama to Clinton because she claims to adore the president. He is the precise target she’s aiming for when she panders the president’s name — the credulous and the uninformed.  He doesn’t know the least bit of what he’s talking about, and, as far as I can tell, he’s not trying to find out. Or, maybe he’s afraid of the Boogieman.
    He thinks he’s supporting his children by supporting people who have no choice but to lock up his children just like last time in order to repay campaign contributors. He thinks he’s supporting his children’s future by supporting someone who is, according to experts, highly likely to provoke a nuclear war.
    While I do not support Trump, Rodney has no idea why the GOP establishment opposes Trump, and why the most vile of them have switched to Clinton. Poor fellow has no idea that his is now in coalition with the Koch brothers and ALEC.
    While it is sad, it is what it is.

  56. Dawn Lunkins says:

    I won’t say every word she spoke was true…….yet it was enough truth to make me cry………..She went so deep that if you didn’t feel yourself somewhere in there you are dreaming and when you finally wake up you surely shall understand, that the nightmare is real. Just a few questions……….Is your home paid off? Is your car paid off? Do you have at least 50 thousand saved up? If you lost your job today how long would it take to get another paying the same or more? And try to deny that we have been here in America for ever and every race of people who have come here after us is doing better on a whole…….What is your net worth?

  57. RodneyMossSr says:

    Johnw11 rod k  It called the facts….44% to 55% poverty in the African American communities between 1959 to 1964 we are at 25% now….Washington post or Polifact can verify those FACTS….

    I don’t support Trump because I don’t support the GOP…..I know for a fact — any GOP gets into any office will put policies and Laws in place that amount to more obstacles.

    your boy Rob K talks about the Crime Bill….a bill pushed though by the GOP and signed by a Dem

    A Crime Bill that was abused by Local Sheriffs, Police Departments, Prosecutors, and Judges…..People that would let a white kid or adult go or refuse to bring charges while burning a black kid or adult for the exact same charge or act…..abuse of the Bill came from the GOP….

    The did a report on median incomes in the black community within that report is shows the biggest growth happened in the 90s….

    I believe it….My growth, my friends, and associates happened in the 90s.  That was our biggest growth……if I am not mistaken those were the Bill Clinton years….the median income across the nation when up….that is a FACT…..

    Are there neighbors that did not get growth…YES….are there millions of Black Folk that benefited…OH HECK YA…

    My point is very very simple……The GOP places obstacles to hinder other races especially black Americans….that is something the democrats do not actively do….

    What I love about google, bing, yahoo etc you can research without leaving your home….FACTS are FACTS…who cares how you feel…your feelings don’t matter the facts are the facts…the lady ranting is factless…..I bet all her friends are doing ok….I bet none of them are poor…she is yelling at people she has never met or even know……

    The issue is you and your boy Rob K don’t see the issue….the point isn’t what someone or somebody does for you… about what someone or somebody doesn’t do to you….

    Black America can make it on its on….we have proved it over and over again…..Just remove the obstacles and we will soar…well we are soaring with the obstacles……

    If you vote GOP you are voting for someone to put an obstacle in your way of advance…..that is the bottom-line….

    Until the republican party denounce the confederate flag and obstacles that that flag represents a vote for Trump and anyone in the GOP is a vote to place more obstacles in your and your children’s ability to progress

    I am a heavy conservative I used to be part of the GOP party….voted for the 1st Bush like a dummy….but when Clinton came into office….I started looking around…I started seeing obstacles being removed and I regretted not voting for him (I voted Perot).  then Bush 2 came into office and the obstacles started coming back…..and finally I got it…I understood… matter how much I agree with the budget principles of the GOP and the pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

    But they kept cutting the bootstaps….being ex military I started to see confederates as traitors and my views changed even more……Obstacle after Obstacle…..they budget and the people is just a side show….it all about making one race feel better by demeaning another……while reducing the chances of that race that is on top…..Obstacle after Obstacle….

    No way can I vote to place an obstacle in front of me…

    No way in heck can anyone realistically and factually believe kids today don’t have better opportunities than prior African Americas.

  58. Johnw11 says:

    RodneyMossSr  Dude, I don’t mean to be unkind or abrasive in any way — but you do not know the first of what you are talking about.
    First, there has been NO improvement in Black poverty rates over the past 50 + years. In order to understand this, you should have paid attention in your sociology classes if you ever took any. Poverty is cyclical for a large segment of the population, and constant for others. I tried to explain this above when I talked about Reagan’s neoliberal policies and all. But you didn’t get it, because you are not trying to.
    In 1967, according to census data, the poverty rate for all African Americans was 33.9% (34%). In 2010, the poverty rate for all African Americans was 39%; an increase of 5 percentage points from 1967. Therefore, Black poverty rates have gotten WORSE, not better. Within the time horizon (1960 to 1980) poverty rates temporarily fell and rose. For example, for everyone, poverty rates fell  from 22% in 1960 to 12% in 1980. After that, rates began rising again resultant of Reagan’s neoliberal economic policies. Those policies are RIGHT NOW on steroids. 
    Also, keep in mind that even census data often undercount poverty by as much as 30%. Which means what is listed as 39%, for example, could be as high as 69%, or so. Moreover, keep in mind that people who are $1 over the poverty line are not counted in the official data as impoverished even though they obviously are.
    To your second point, about Trump. I’m not asking you to support Trump. I don’t support Trump either, I support the Green Party. Why? Because I  know that there is no different between Dems and GOP when it comes to serving the needs of people. They both serve the rich.  They have different rhetoric, but the same games. The sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be. In fact, there is no more Dem Party in the first place, since the 1980s, the Dem and GOP have merged. The Clintons lead the merger under the banner of “New Dems,” or “Third Way Dems.” An operation co-funded by the Koch Brothers. (You claim you use the Internet to look up things — look that up!)
    As it relates to the Clintons’ wily nilly locking up Blacks, destroying thousands of communities and millions of Black lives, you “rationalize” your support for them by claiming it was the locals that did it. The same lie he told when confronted by Blacks in Philly a few months ago. But he spent over $32 billion (diverting half of it from public education) to build prisons and gave $billions to the “locals” to do what they did, and are still doing.  He also expanded the federal prison system to a previously unimaginable magnitude. He also claimed in his Philly rant, taking intellectual advantage of people like you, that the GOP made him do it. But the bill was written by a Dem who is RIGHT NOW the vice president — Joe Biden.
    Those actions are responsible for the socio-economic crisis now plaguing much of Black America: violence and crime as men “banned” for life from working, going to school, etc., are relegated to be continuous prison fodder. Young people, unable to form and support families are experiencing depression and other untold stressors,  suffering, and hopelessness. Young Black  ladies, as sweet and pretty as they can be, unable to find suitable mates because the men are being destroyed, on and on. It’s time for people like you to WAKE UP!.
    As it relates to the future of Black children, you might want to read, for starters, a brief report by the Economic Policy Institute: “A Bleak Future for Black Children.” There is much, much, more to the story than that, but that should get you started.
    You say you were once a GOPer, well, I can’t help you with that. That’s on you. But a point of advice, if you are no longer GOP, then stop going to GOP sources like the WP to find data about poverty or anything else. There are two sets of data; propaganda for fools, and rigorous data for thinking people.
    Sorry, but I have no further time for you on this topic. Best wishes to you.

  59. BreakingBrown says:

    Define “many, many black people”. Quantify that for me. –yc

  60. BreakingBrown says:

    Your issue isn’t with me, Karen, it’s with the data. You’re fighting data. It’s unhealthy. -yc

  61. BreakingBrown says:

    “The sad truth is that added together all black households are worth a mere $1.4 trillion of the $80 trillion of total U.S. household net worth. A group that is 13 percent of the U.S. population and built one of the the wealthiest countries the world has known as slave labor controls less than 1.75 percent of that country’s household wealth. With a massive amount of the small slither in the hands of a small black elite. According to the Pew Research Study, 35 percent of Black households have Negative or No Net Worth. Another 15 percent have less than $6,000 in total household worth, that’s nearly 7 million of the total 14 million black households that have little or no security.”

  62. Courtland Jones says:

    Karen Veney
    I don’t have all the solutions. There will be a generation of blacks at some point that choose to segregate themselves by choice and need. Based on that model every need of the community will create by default Entrapreneurs at an unprecedented rate. Which will then form the basis of a true economic block. There was a reason that the old black community was called a community. It is because they Produced!

  63. Vick McLean says:

    Karen you lost me when you said you wont read I welcome your short sighted opinion though!!!

  64. Conrad Phillips says:

    This notion of the glory days of yore( segregationist blk America) is a fiction. There are countless studies which indicate high rates of violence and all the other pathologies in black communities… Once desegregation ensued, globalization, urban renewal, persistent red lining, mass imprisonment and crack followed and those phenomena are what largely heightened what see today but none of it is new. There were no real glory days in the 20th century.

  65. Courtland Jones says:

    Karen Veney
    Yes! Like all 50 states.

  66. Courtland Jones says:

    Conrad Phillips
    There were no glory days. But if we believe that we can intergrate at a population rate around 13% in America. Controlling absolutely NO Industry or Infrastructure in America. Producing absolutely nothing nothing in the most Capitalistic society known to mankind. Who are we intending to fool. We have to be taught that when we wake up! We are instantly in the market of America either SUPPLYING or DEMANDING! No option. The only place I could venture that to happen is COLOSSAL MASSIVE REEDUCATION. DONE By COLOSSAL SEGREGATION BY CHOICE based upon need. AT some point Blacks must understand by in large there income and so called wealth is outweighed by COLOSSAL DEBT Structures that are there making a HUGE majority of African Americans even middle class ones in poverty. Point: Most so called middle class blacks cannot pay off there total debt today and have a profit.

  67. donjulio1942 says:

    Memo to Donald Trump…

    U LIE !!!

    Black Folks buying power is expected to reach $1.2 trillion this year, and $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth. 

    In addition, Blacks are making gains in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers, helping to fuel income gains.

     Further, there has been substantial education growth among Blacks Folks with high school graduation rates exceeding 70 percent, outpacing the growth for all students nationwide.

    And yet, Black folks don’t have jobs because they are creating so many jobs for other communities.

    For all of this wealth, we don’t feel wealthy because we are sending all of our money outside the Black community.

  68. Watchful says:


    According to Dr.Claud Anderson, there’s no such thing as ‘buying power’ … it’s the seller that has the power. The ‘wealth’ u say we possess is imaginary … bcuz, as u correctly stated in the last line of ur post, we fail to practice ‘group economics’.

  69. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful donjulio1942  What I find amazing is how trolls, despite having been proven wrong over, and again, continue to push fairy tales about how well-off Blacks are. I sometimes think that maybe I’m being too unkind, but then I remember that this is serious business and these people cannot possibly be that ignorant, so their intent must be malicious — then I feed less need to be gracious.
    The obviously false narrative that the Dem hacks are pushing (including media, elected trolls, hired false narrative spouting internet trolls, Negro and white) in order to dismiss Trumps’ outreach to Blacks is “Trump was wrong about Blacks’ economic situation — because Blacks are well-off.” As if the vast majority of African Americans are too dumb to understand their own life situations. To me, that’s the biggest insult of all.
    For example, an NBC News online article — “Trump’s history Undermines his Outreach to Black Voters,” 8/23/16 — blatantly lies on BLS data claiming it lists Blacks’ labor force participation rate at 92%. BLS data say no such thing. According to BLS data, both descriptive and projected, Black labor force participation rates (the percentage of the population of working age who are working) were 63.4% in 1994; 63.8% in 2004; 61.2% in 2014, and is expected to decline steadily to 59.7% in 2024. And, as you know, these calculations don’t even include the hundreds of thousands of Blacks locked up, in school, or “missing” from society. Therefore, any accurate assessment of the Black unemployment rate would put it at over 50%.
    As far as Blacks being wealth-less  goes, that’s been discussed enough that even a rat should have gotten it by now, and it just doesn’t seem reasonable to have to tell people over and again the same things.

  70. rod k says:

    John All YOU Got To Do Is Look At How Many BLACK IN Any Given City ARE homless. The face of homeless people is black with sprinkles of Latino and other minorities. Go to a food bank whenever they are open and see the majority of black and brown faces in line. Go to a welfare office majority of blacks sitting in the waiting room, go to a employment office see how many blacks are either applying for unemployment insurance or has run out of benefits and are in training programs. These people with their 1.5 trillion number seems like they are pulling numbers out of their asses. If you deducted the money blacks get from government programs and just went by money generated in the private sector that alleged number goes down to an alarming rate. We have to stop fooling ourselves and making up ridiculous figures to massage our egos

  71. Watchful says:


    Not sure if they’re trolls or just plain clueless, John. Some of our ppl have bought into alotta false narratives concerning our ppl hook, line, and sinker and that may be even more true during this particular election cycle. 

    Also, I stopped believing years ago, almost all ‘official’ statistics that the government releases. They’re usually flawed, inaccurate, or just outright lies that no one with a fully functioning brain would trust.

    I mean, u don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that, we as a group, r at the bottom of almost every economic category that matters and r steadily losing ground, even with a blk POTUS in place for the past 8 years. Some folks seem to have chosen to remain in a delusional state when it comes to the true condition of our ppl. If that’s where they’re more comfortable being, then I say, let ’em stay there, cuz reality will surely slap ’em upside the head and/or kick ’em in the butt soon enough.

  72. Watchful says:


    BTW, John … u already know that I no longer vote and that even if I did I wouldn’t cast a ballot for EITHER of the 2 major party candidates. But as u correctly pointed out in ur post, it should be obvious to anyone paying attention that the mainstream (or lamestream) media has a clear bias against Trump and have launched an all-out attack on him, while at the same time, barely mentioning or examining in any real depth, all the lies told and laws broken by Killary.

    Of course, the demoncrats and their media cohorts/hounds will make every attempt to deflect attention from any negative issues involving her by accusing that it’s all just some ‘conspiracy’ by Trump and/or the Russians and sadly, some dumb-downed nitwits will buy right into that dishonest narrative. Unfortunately, this is where we’ve come to in terms of political awareness and astuteness at this point in time. SMH

  73. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful @rodk
    We can disagree, but I think they’re hired trolls. A fool wouldn’t just out of the blue lie about things like Black students making progress in STEM fields, when the exact opposite is true. According to experts, like those at The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (11/11/15), Black students are LOSING ground in the STEM fields, and have been doing so “for the past decade.”
    But even if  they were making progress, as I wish they were, what does a handful of Black success stories have to do with the suffering of the masses?  So even if that were true, which it is not, how does that make the fact that most Black students attend schools that have been called by experts to be “pipelines to prison” any less real?
    By focusing on the success of a handful –even making up stuff to support a false narrative of Black progress and well-being, and then assigning that supposed success as representative of the whole group — the Black elites and elite aspirants are making clear their priorities. They don’t care about the Black collective.
    As I’ve said repeatedly, their objective is to take advantage of ignorance by out-right lying, thinking people will never fact check their lies. But people who keep up with such matters, know immediately when these people are lying. Personally, I know what fools lie about, and it’s not the same things that trolls lie about. Fools think they’re right when they lie, trolls lie for rewards.
    Actually, data sources are not the problem, especially when they follow rules and state the limitations of their findings, as any data source I use must do. The problem is when those not competent to interpret data use numbers without understanding the process from which the numbers were derived (like the MSNBC fakes), they mislead people.
    Rodk is obviously correct: all one has to do is look around and see the poverty and suffering of too many African Americans.  But the objective of the trolls is to convinced Blacks to deny their own reality and to believe in the Boogieman and not make demands.

  74. Watchful says:


    U’re probably right, John … I’m just not sure which is worse, the trolls or the fools. Maybe they’re equally pathetic.

  75. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Yeah, I know you don’t vote, and I also know you’re proud of it. But you still have knowledge that people can use.  And if you’d keep your pride of not voting to yourself, so more people will listen to you, you could help wake up a lot of people.
    But you’re still my brother, no matter what.
    Informed people know why the status quo has turned on Trump. They don’t like his plans to change the way things are being done. He opposes trade deals and endless wars.
    The ultimate contradiction is how the trolls, many of them for years telling us about how bad the Koch Brothers and Alec are, say nothing of the fact that the Koch Brothers have endorsed Clinton over their own GOP nominee Trump. That should tell a thinking person all they need to know about the hypocritical trolls, Clinton, and Trump.

  76. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful They are equally pathetic, but equally culpable. The role of the troll is to keep the uninformed from becoming informed. So the troll’s bosses can keep playing them for votes and giving nothing in return.

  77. rod k says:

    What cracks me up is the 1.5 trillion dollars number. It takes 1000 billion to make a trillion, in this case it takes 1500 billion to make 1.5 trillion. Let’s see how many black billionaires there are. You could probably count the number of black billionaires on one hand and you can’t look at sports figures and entertainers as reliable millionaires because a majority lose their money after retirement, or their agents make investment s outside of the black community. So can we lay that fantasy to rest. There was a time pre desegregation when we had real black entrepreneurs who gave us our own sports teams our own movies our own clubs and grocery stores. Our on dentist and doctors. I’m 63 and I didn’t see a while doctor or dentist until I joined the Marines at 20 years old. People forget how much we relied on ourselves. Both my parents bought new cars every three years which was serviced by black mechanics at the gas station in our neighborhood. The for mentioned people became extinct after desegregation and never came back.

  78. Watchful says:


    Not really ‘proud’ of it, John … just like reiterate that despite me discussing political topics in these forums, I’m no longer willing to endorse or participate in what I feel is a totally corrupt political system. I actually hope that I might ‘wake’ more ppl up to consider not voting, or at the very least, not continue to accept the same old 2 party political paradigm that has obviously failed them for decades now when they have alternatives available to them, even if they may not be viable ones.

    Hell, I don’t tell ppl not to vote, but I do encourage them to at least think long and hard b4 they do and to not place so much emphasis on presidential races over local races which probably have much more of a direct impact on their everyday lives. And most importantly, not to believe that merely casting a vote really matters without knowing with any real certainty whether or not the vote they cast has even actually been counted.

    Anyhoo, I’d like to think we can always remain bruthas despite any different thoughts and opinions we may have from time to time. While we may not always agree on what approach should be taken, I do believe we both ultimately seek the same goal for our ppl, which is truth and justice.

  79. Watchful says:



  80. rod k says:

    Obama has veto power why didn’t he veto the law you claim the GOP passed on not collecting data from the police departments.

  81. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Not to get off topic, but I do not vote wily nilly. I only vote for people whose records I’ve checked and who’ve specifically promised to help African Americans. I’m not interested in a small semi-elite slice of Blacks, but ALL Blacks; especially the poor and downtrodden.
    Therefore, if Sanders hadn’t run in the Dem primary, I would NOT have voted.
    If there was no alternative in this general election — The Green Party —- I wouldn’t be voting in November.
    In order to escape the two-party (Dem / GOP) paradigmatic shell-game, people must vote for someone else.
    That’s the weakness of the “don’t vote” hypothesis. It prevents people from understanding that “not voting” changes nothing while ignoring the need for alternative parties. For example, if only 10 people vote this fall out of the millions eligible, the candidate getting the majority of those ten votes wins, and set policies controlling the lives of the millions who didn’t vote.
    The problem is not in voting, the problem is rooted in people voting foolishly: the overall limitations of voting not withstanding.

  82. donjulio1942 says:

    Watchful thank u for ur courteous reply …

    Memo to Knucklehead, Dimwitted John 

    30.2 % of Black Folks have income more than $500, 000 Dollars per year …

    The U.S. poverty line is one that live in a household of 4 earning $20,000 Annually…

    cc: Selig Center for Economic Growth

    Within Black folks 25% of Household have 90% of the Wealth this is the great divide in the community …

    Where Black median net worth is a pathetic $5,988 Dollars …

    Every $1 Dollar we spend less than 5 cents is recycled back into the community ..

    The damage and pain suffer  by Black Folk from the housing crisis, predatory lending, sub prime mortgage scandal ????

    Rape 200 Billion Dollars of Wealth from Black Folks pocketbooks …


  83. Watchful says:


    LOL, I know u see ‘not voting’ as being ‘weak’, John. I just see it as an exercise in futility bcuz the process is so damn rigged that I can’t at all trust it. Those of u who still have faith in the system should by all means continue to participate in it … but I, in good conscience, cannot. Sorry if that bothers u … but, so be it.

    When I advocate that those who choose to vote, at least consider voting for a candidate other than the 2 major party candidates, it’s not bcuz I’m under any illusion that any 3rd party candidate can actually win  a major election, but rather, I see it as a way to send a message to TPTB that they r no longer willing to go along with the program, for whatever that’s worth. 

    Where u and I differ is that u seem to believe that the voters determine who is placed in office, whereas, I believe that most of those ‘elected’ to office r actually ‘selected’ by TPTB behind closed doors long b4 the elections ever take place. The campaigns r nuthin’ more than political theater to me, designed to entertain and distract the electorate and to keep them believing that they actually determine who holds office when nothing could be further from the truth in my mind.

    BTW, I would hope by now, that anyone who chooses to vote would know better than to believe ANY ‘promises’ made by ANY candidate during an election campaign. If one is gonna participate in the electoral process there’s no sense in being politically naïve. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  84. Watchful says:


    I think the bottom line is that Mr.Trump’s assertion was accurate, blk ppl r POOR AS HELL compared to every other ethnic group. Ain’t no gettin’ around that fact.

  85. Johnw11 says:

    donjulio1942  Yes, you “dropped the mic” alright, on your own foot, I hate to say it, but you dropped it right on top of your own brain. You are untrained and do not know the least of what you are talking about. Typical of zealotry, you scurried around to find something to “confirm your bias,” your cluelessness. And being clueless about the subject, you presented numbers that invalidated your own talking points.
    For example, 30.2% of Blacks have incomes $50,000, so on and so forth.
    But what you don’t understand is, 30.2% of what?  As of July 2016, according to U.S. Department of Labor data, only 63.3% of Blacks were even in the labor force, that’s called “employment-population ratio.”  And that data do not include those institutionalized; imprisoned or pushed out of society in other ways.  If those were included, less than 50% of Blacks would be officially working. In fact, racism (institutionalized white supremacy) in the labor market accounts for 20% of the Black – white wealth gap. That’s “progress, and doing well” to you?
    You then write about what the U.S “poverty line” is inaccurately, without given any explanation of how it relates to your point. Maybe you think that your saying that 30.2% of Blacks reportedly earning  over $50,000 annually = Blacks are not impoverished. If that was your point, in light of the explanation I’ve given above, it proves your point is foggy and disconnected from the true state of the world.  It’s delusional. Actually, the official poverty line as of 2010, for example, is $22,314 annual household income. That line is called a “threshold,” meaning anyone earning $1 above it is not counted as being impoverished. But if a person gets a $1 raise, or finds a dollar on the street, does that it make them any less poor? Do now see how complex the subject is? And that you can’t run somewhere and start throwing out numbers without having knowledge about their true meaning and limitations?
    You say that median Black household wealth is at $5,988, and to you, that is Black “progress” and means Blacks are “doing well” and “Trump lied.” Do you know, that in comparison,  the median white household wealth is $111,146. And that’s proof that Trump lied to you?
    All the other stuff you said invalidates, rather than make your point.
    This will be my last response to you, because you are too far behind.
    You say you “dropped a mic.” Indeed, you did, but not the way you narcissistically think. Frankly, a part of me feel sorry for you.

  86. Johnw11 says:

    Edit correction:  the poverty “threshold” data I presented above is for a household of 4.

  87. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful The problem is this guy is in “denial” and keep  “rationalizing” by presenting numbers that are either outright lies, or he doesn’t have the skills to comprehensively interpret.
    What I find disturbing is he’s not trying to improve himself. For example, he lied yesterday, while trying to prove that “Trump U lie” by claiming Black students are making progress in the STEM fields. I presented a reference to experts directly involved in the matter such as ‘The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education’ to prove he was lying.  You think he followed up, and after learning the truth, accepted it, and therefore began re-examining his false belief that “Trump lied.”
    No. He instead went looking for something to reinforce his uninformed state of being. That’s the power these media trolls have on uninformed people like him. Their minds are totally controlled. And they’ll fight the facts to remain that way.

  88. Watchful says:


    Like I said b4, John … if they’re more comfortable living in denial, then I say, let ’em.

  89. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I never said or thought you were “weak.”  I have said repeatedly that you are intelligent. Everyone reading your posts know you are well informed. We’ve discussed this matter before over time and have laid out our positions, which in the final analysis are not significantly different in many respects. We’re not going to get any where discussing them again. The only thing that will achieve is deviation from the topic at hand.
    LOL, that Clinton troll seems to like you with his childish divide and conquer move. So, I’m asking you to deal with him as you already have.
    I’m busy and don’t have the time. It’s not going to do any good anyway. While multi-tasking and trying to respond to that troll above, I made all kinds of grammatical errors.
    I’ve given up on him. So, as far as I’m concerned, he can keep getting information from Joy Reed and Sharpton, et al. who are more clueless than he is when it comes to data aggregation and analysis, if it’s possible to be more clueless than him.
    It’s sad.

  90. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I agree, but it is not in my nature to overlook ignorance and not try to help. I don’t have a lot of time for it right now though. In replying to that troll below while multi-tasking, I made all kinds of grammatical errors.

  91. Watchful says:


    Fortunately, John … there don’t seem to be many, if any, ‘grammar police’ monitoring this site. If there were, I’d have been charged with major violations long ago, my friend. : )

  92. Phillip J. Woods says:

    This is like when a friend cracks a few jokes about your brother/sister bc they heard you do it, and we feel they crossed the line – we’ve heard black “leaders” speak on our poverty, incarceration rates, and poor schools for decades, I’ve never heard anybody black tell Jesse to stop calling us poor. Trump just isn’t allowed to talk about it, just come out and say that because these responses are crazy

  93. RebeccaC says:

    I’ve seen Yvette’s video on Trump online.

    Then the harder question is why haven’t the Democrats done anything about it. 

    Here’s an article in the Atlantic

    “”More recently, as more groups—evangelicals, gays and lesbians, and gun owners, among them—lobby for specific policies, black voters have seen their interests deemed too “special” for consideration by a democratic administration. President Obama has felt the pressure to connect with black voters while distancing himself from black interests. Although his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, will surely benefit black Americans, he has been reluctant to endorse policies that cannot be pitched as universal. In a 2012 interview with Black Enterprise Magazine, “I want all Americans to have opportunity. I’m not the president of black America. I’m the president of the United States of America.”””

    I think one of the issues with Black voters in the US is that they think what’s happening to their community is an accident.

    To outsiders it looks like, straight up, the Democrats haven’t did anything for the Black community – but after being shortchanged even by Obama – how does Hillary keep their support. Call the other guy a racist. With the KKK adverts she now has most Blacks hiding behind her skirt.

    But even as they continue to do nothing for the Black community – 

    Here’s Bill Clinton saying we are going to bring in Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.

    [There’s also a longer version : Clinton foundation]

    Matching Hillary’s proposal to bring in 3/4 million Syrian / Middle East refugees. To which they would put significantly more investment into this new community than they ever would into the Black community in Detroit – and they will call it a success. They intend to replace the people. 

    Both Trump and Ben Carson have responded to Clinton’s remarks, saying that the people of these communities should come first.  

    It’s a global game of mass immigration and open border – what’s happening in the US is happening in Europe. [In the EU anyone who questions mass migration has been called a racist – even the British PM David Cameron – it’s the same game. The multinationals want cheap labor. [See Soros doc. leaks] ]

    By simply playing the racism card – the Dems can literally control the Black vote – and then do ‘whatever’ they want. 


    Trump’s offered school choice. Where the money goes with the kid. Where the money could be used for charter schools or private schools. In the NYT, one Black lady who heard Trump’s education speech said, he just thinks he can come around here, and make one speech, he’s been ‘racist’. While at the same time the Clinton camp – because of the strength of the unions – offers no such school choice.

    When you ask for little – you get little.


    P Diddy is right – the Black community needs to make them work for their vote. But what he’s saying – hope over experience – is that Blacks should make the Democrats work for their vote. Like the wife saying, she’s got to make the husband work for it. When what she really needs is a divorce. Or a separation – give that ungrateful sucker a chances to think about it. After that it would be working for it. 

    Look at what the Clintons did in Haiti – you don’t realise how expert these people are – and how they use talk of good causes to their own ends. Hillary Clinton’s brother now partly controls that country’s gold mine!!

  94. Watchful says:


    Great post, Rebecca.

  95. 44blue says:

    Ms. Yvette Carnell, you are the most eloquent, touching thinker. You are deeply moving. Nobody says what you’re saying…these hard, heartbreaking truths. Al Sharpton is so base and you are gold!

    I’m sick of the BS about Trump being racist. When he opened his country club in Palm Beach, memberships were open to blacks and to Jews, and the white people were p*ssed! But Hillary just calls him “racist” and the Dems march off to vote for her. No thought to the hardship and oppression caused by the Dems, particularly the Clintons! The black community acts like robots (except obviously many are waking up.)
    Same with the old “I’m not voting GOP!” kneejerk. The GOP hate Trump and are fighting him with all they’ve got. As for the Dems, check out this Project Veritas project; this video just came out. The Dems are hiring people to cause violence at Trump events.

    One thing that makes me furious is Bill Clinton’s proposal to have Syrians rebuild Detroit. Trump wants to give black people jobs rebuilding the inner cities, BECAUSE THOSE ARE THEIR COMMUNITIES! What is the deal with spending all this money on refugees? The Middle East countries -Qatar (gave the Clinton Foundation a $1,000,000 check for Bill’s birthday), Saudi Arabia (has air conditioned tents with facilities, for a million haj pilgrims), the UAE- the MidEast countries haven’t taken in a single refugee!  When Europe asked Saudi Arabia for financial help, Saudi Arabia said they woukd build mosques in Europe. Considering that Waahabism and ISIS are indentical, and most 911 terrorists were Saudi, we’d be fools to bring these people in! Thanks, but I’ve gone through losing a relative to what Obama called “workplace violence” perpetrated by a Muslim yelling Allah Akbar. F**k you, Obama!
    Thanks for pointing out that Trump acknowledges that Black Americans are poor. 
    “What the h*ll do you have to lose?”  Nothing. It’s terrible what you’ve revealed in your video, that black peope are too poor to shop. America for Americans for America – all of us. Trump has put forth concrete proposals,like rebuilding the Dem-rotted cities.  What has Hillary offered the black communities?
    I hate to keep coming back to Tamir Rice, but suppose he’d had a daddy to tell him to stop the fooling with the altered toy gun? Black familes are destroyed! It’s wrong. It’s a nightmare.

    Thank you for knocking the fake bling idols off their pedastals, too. There’s got to be more for kids that looking at rappers, ho stars, and sports figures. Jayz wearing his “Former Drug Dealer” hat makes me want to puke. We need good schools and good jobs. Freud said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. Do NOT let them fool this country again.

    Profoundly grateful to have found your site. All respect!

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