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August 16, 2016

Chicago Cop Who Shot Paul O’Neal in Back While Running Says He Was Reaching for Waistband

Chicago Cop Who Shot Paul O’Neal in Back While Running Says He Was Reaching for Waistband

The cop who fatally shot Paul O’Neal, 18, in the back says the teen was reaching for his waistband when shot.

O’Neal led police on a chase in a stolen Jaguar after they tried to pull him over.

“During the pursuit offender failed to comply with verbal commands while reaching into his waistband,” the report states, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Bodycam video from officers showed a confused scene following the chase.

The officer who fired the fatal shots “perceived shots to be coming from Of (offender).”

Officers involved in the pursuit violated policy as well, the Tribune confirms:

The videos show the chaos that ensued after O’Neal, driving a car reportedly stolen from Bolingbrook, clipped a police SUV and parked car in the South Shore neighborhood. Officers fired several shots at the fleeing sports car before it barreled into a police SUV down the block, the videos show. Other officers appeared to be directly in the line of fire when police shot at the fleeing vehicle.


Departmental policy specifically bans shooting at a car when it is the lone threat to an officer or others.


After O’Neal ran from the Jaguar, police chased him into a backyard, firing about five more shots, the video clips show. O’Neal died of a gunshot wound to the back, authorities said.


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40 thoughts on “Chicago Cop Who Shot Paul O’Neal in Back While Running Says He Was Reaching for Waistband

  1. Mal'ahkiyah Ysrayl says:

    They use the weakest excuses

  2. Dennis Harriott says:

    This is a case where two birds have been killed with one stone. The low IQ miscreant and the trigger happy cop

  3. Davian Rivera says:

    Or pulling up his pants..

  4. Ukhti Nzima says:

    Wow…Their excuses is accepted no matter what they say…umm well the sun was shinning in my eyes and I couldn’t see and a bug bit,me and I thought I was shot so I did what I had to do.

  5. Norm Batchelor says:

    And they could tell that from being behind him? To bad they turned off their body cam.

  6. Craig Reese Palmer says:

    Same old narrative!!!!!!!

  7. Eddie Bigman says:

    Bullshyt, you a killer. That punk cop needs to be held accountable.

  8. Eddie Bigman says:

    Bullshyt, you a killer. That punk cop needs to be held accountable.

  9. Mildred Samuels says:

    Most of theses police officer are new on the force and get over excited

  10. Robert Coe Sr. says:


  11. Herb Blunt Jr. says:

    Can’t use that excuse on this one.

  12. Lester Jordan says:

    Stop putting. Yourselves in a bad SITUATION. STOP STEALING

  13. Gerald Drake says:

    No indictment expected

  14. Michael Turnage says:

    Are you saying he deserved to be killed?

  15. Carnell Berry says:

    no that’s not what I read and that’s not what he’s saying he’s saying that men’s reason for his own demise is because of him choosing to steal cars

  16. Frederick Russell says:

    He is running away,with his back towards you.if he was going to pull cz you had plenty of time,AND distance,to make sure that was the case.

  17. Fidel Cooper says:

    Where are the racist trolls that are always defending the kkk cops?

  18. Fidel Cooper says:

    I would love to hear y’all escuses on this one.

  19. Alfonso Solis says:

    Not defending as every case is different…… Some cops deserve to be in jail. And some folks out themselves in situations that got themselves shot 🙁

  20. Kevin Garrett says:

    I dont side with criminal behavior, but we have a justice system designed to properly punish criminals. And the process is not the death sentence on location of the crime. Sorry I dont agree. There’s no excuse to kill someone because they put themselves in a certain position.

  21. Earl Williams Jr. says:

    This is what Cops use to get away with MURDER. This is really getting old.

  22. Eric Hampton says:


  23. Tremone Thomas says:

    Cowards with guns.

  24. Michael X Matthews says:

    They always go for the waistband as the body cam goes off. Convenient and typical.

  25. Dubose Trawick says:

    Typical white racist cop excuse. .

  26. Edward Young says:

    Is that the best he could come up with

  27. Larry Hale says:

    I guess this is a good reason to tighten up ya belt huh

  28. Lynwood Walker says:

    Also your waist is about where your hands mostly reside

  29. Robert Thomas says:

    he shouldn’t be breathing…

  30. Rickie Wilson says:

    Naturally. That seems to be the catchall they all seem to use.

  31. Neicy Johnson says:

    God see’s everything.

  32. Russell Sprinkle says:

    Nice lawyer suggestions I guess! If he is a believer, GOD will put him on trial on earth and in heaven!

  33. Mona Morrow says:

    Any reason or excuse will do!!U0001f620U0001f61e

  34. AnthonyAllen says:

    Same damn lies everytime

  35. Shawn Franklin says:

    That has never stopped them before. 🙁

  36. TinaSue says:

    It is my understanding that seven police have been fired by the Black Chief of Police?

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  38. zain09 says:

    its so dangers……

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