“And They Wonder Why They Are Profiled”: Arkansas Official Suspended Over Racial Tweet

by admin | July 14, 2016 1:55 pm

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An official in Jonesboro, Arkansas has been suspended after a racial tweet.

According to ArkansasMatters[1], Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Director Wixson Huffstetler has been suspended without pay for a racially demeaning tweet.

“We have reviewed, and are continuing to review, this situation,” said Mayor Perrin. “As I said yesterday, it contradicts what we stand for, which is a Jonesboro that serves all citizens equally.”

Officially Huffstetler was suspended for violating the city’s personal conduct policy.

Huffstetler apologized after he realized his job was in jeopardy.


“And They Wonder Why They Are Profiled”: Arkansas Official Suspended Over Racial Tweet

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“I love my job serving all youth in Jonesboro’s parks and rec department,” Huffstetler said. “And I hope to rebuild any lost confidence in me.”

It is curious, however, that some white people like Huffstetler believe African-Americans should be profiled for how they dress, but don’t believe whites should be profiled based upon how they behave.

No country has inflicted more violence upon the world than the U.S. Even locally, how would white sports fans react if they were met with riot police after championship games? This sort of racial profiling would seem perfectly understandable considering the inclination of young white sports fans to destroy city property simply because their team lost.

In 2014 AlterNet published 11 Moronic Reasons White People Have Rioted [2] and many, if not most, of the riots were linked to sports wins or losses. So which is more important? Black male dress (and protests) or white male violence?

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