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July 12, 2016

MLK Jr.’s Former Friend Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters “Unlovable Brats”

MLK Jr.’s Former Friend Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters “Unlovable Brats”

As Atlanta officials wait for protests over police brutality to end, Martin Luther King Jr.’s former friend blasted protesters.

Protesters have been out in the streets for days, which isn’t sitting well with Andrew Young. Young,  one of Dr. King’s best friends, should understand the power of protest, but now he’s on the side of police.

“Those are some unlovable little brats out there some times,” Andrew Young told Atlanta police officers during a “pep talk”, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “Don’t let anybody get you upset.”

Young went on to tell the cops that he’s fed up with the protesters.


“These kids are able to show off with no consequences. I just hope they get tired of it,” Young adding that the protests could “mess up the climate we have taken 50 years to build.”

The Georgia NAACP took issue with Young’s derisive comments in a statement.

“While not discounting Andrew Young’s historical contributions to this nation’s progress, Mr. Young cannot cloak himself with the memory of Dr. (Martin Luther) King and expect that serious students of the civil rights movement will not call foul on his statements denigrating legitimate protest only to appease his establishment and corporate friends,” said Francys Johnson, president of the Georgia NAACP.

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29 thoughts on “MLK Jr.’s Former Friend Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters “Unlovable Brats”

  1. kenemac1542 says:

    Thats so unfortunate, like Yvette said, these are the the voices that can stay silent.. They have sold our Balck nation out a long long time ago… He is no more than White Supremacies Koon..

  2. NichelleBrown1 says:

    Better that he say nothing than undermine and endanger this generation’s warriors.  Disgusting display of his bloated ego and self importance. Where has he been the last 20-30 years as all these laws supporting us have been walked back?!

  3. Watchful says:

    BLM is a George Soros production. If I were living in Cleveland I’d put out a BOLO alert for next week.

  4. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful Lol.  My kids are ready to start protesting.  Their experience with the police is at the point where the killing of the Dallas police had them laughing.  My daughter said several months ago, people are sick of this abuse, sooner or later the police will end up in a ambush.

  5. Vanester52 says:

    Mine’s have already been a protesting..Mr Young been bought and sold..he was never a friend to Dr King..Andrew Young only marched with Dr King..and when Young became mayor he still didn’t make a different…smdh

  6. Watchful says:


    Greetings, queen … good to hear from u again. Hope u and the fam r doin’ well. I definitely support the spirit of the protests, but I don’t at all trust the leadership of the so-called BLM ‘movement’. I believe they’re being paid to lead these protest marches and rallies in order to stir up a direct violent confrontation with the police which I believe would play right into the plans of the gov’t to use such a confrontation as a pretext to declare martial law in this country. I believe their true objective is to push their agenda to take complete control of the population and place us under a full-fledged police state. George Soros has been financing these protest marches for several years now thru his Open Society Institute and its affiliated offshoot foundations. One of the BLM leaders, DeRay McKesson, even lives in a home in Baltimore owned by one of the OSI’s biggest donors, James Wood. The BLM is not what it seems, they r nuthin’ more than a controlled-opposition group IMO and I would also advise ppl to do more research into the history of the group, as well as the background of its leaders. I would advise anyone I know and care about to steer clear of Cleveland next week, as I strongly believe somethin’ is quite likely to pop off there. Hope I’m wrong tho. 

    Anyway, u and the fam take care, my good sistah.

  7. Watchful says:

    Just finished reading this article a few minutes ago by one of my favorite alternative news journalists and it’s right on point as far as I’m concerned. I hope there r many others out there who can see thru the great big charade that’s being played out right in front of our eyes right now. Don’t be fooled by it y’all, these ‘protests’ r staged and orchestrated.

  8. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful queenofmeanest 
    I agree up to a point.  This country has been in martial law since the civil war (civil?) and it was never lifted. Look at the gold/yellow fringe on the flags.

    Cleveland?  You cannot get me to fly over Cleveland?  I have relatives that live there.  The only time I want to see anything close to Cleveland is WKRP in Cincinnati.

  9. queenofmeanest says:

    My children love Jon Rappoport.  Big fans.


    Andrew youngs intergrate is in his pockets.walking with the King does not mean he was with him spiritual . I bet this evil guy can’t wait for another shooting for a black kids so he can get paid to break our peoples spirit. To all who are campaigning I say God is with you your secrifise will not be in vein . Forget those who sell out as they will be judged . BLACK LIVES MATTER.

  11. Johnw11 says:

    Andy Young has sold out so long ago that he is totally out-of-touch with the very thing that facilitated his elitist career — protest.  If he’d been keeping up, he’d know that the present day protests that are being assigned by the media to Black Lives Matter have nothing to do with the handful of corporatists Blacks with a hashtag #BLM. The protesters are regular Blacks and organizational Blacks with no ties to BLM. The people claiming leadership in BLM are representatives of school privatization scams, etc. They are not movement or protest organizers or leaders. They are photo opportunists.
    The media keep the charade going about these people (BLM) being organizers and leaders of protests. The reason for this is because the media know who BLM is working for, and the objective is to control the movement by appointing its leadership. Andy Young ought to know a lot about that.

  12. Watchful says:


    Yeah, queen … Jon’s been one of the few journalists that still has some integrity and will speak the truth. I’ve followed him for at least the past 10 years or more. Ur children seem to be on a really a high level of consciousness, but I wouldn’t expect anything less based on who raised them.

  13. Watchful says:


    Sorry, John … gotta disagree with u on this one, my good friend. The so-called Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ is not what it appears to be nor r those who started it. U can check it out for urself at the link below. Good to see u posting again, as always.

  14. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Thank you, it’s good to hear from you as well.
    I don’t know what you’re disagreeing about, other than previous conversations we’ve had (but won’t have again) wherein you believe, following the racist leadership of Alex Jones, that BLM is a “false flag” by Blacks to start what he calls a “race war.” And that none of the incidents that spur protests are “real,” but made up in order to start a race war, etc. Like BLM itself, such arguments are distractions and diversions, with no foundation in reality.
    These sick, victim blaming racist views, in various forms– one form expressed by Young above — put the  onus on protesters that they mistakenly believe are BLM, due to media manipulation and erroneous association of all protests (even election outcomes) as products of BLM. 
    My main point, however, my ‘premise,’ if you will, is that BLM is not a leading force in protests. Protests are growing out of the experience of general people; these people are not affiliated with BLM. However, since the protests have been “associated” (using the “Classical Conditioning” –Pavlovian– method) by the media with BLM, those who oppose justice for Blacks are chagrinned at BLM: since BLM is supposedly the sole movement representative of Blacks’ quest for justice.  Obviously, Andy Young has become one of them.
    Meanwhile, the hashtag # BLM leadership people are stooges of corporate America, which is why the media promote the hashtaggers# in the first place. See various reports at BAR by Dixon and Ford. Dixon, whose commitment to Black interests  I trust far more than Young or Alex Jones, has an excellent piece recently on the charade of BLM leadership, especially Deray McKesson, (see: “Made Man in a Blue Vest: DeRay McKesson is Debutante at Aspen One-Percenters Coming out Party.”)
    That’s what I’m talking about.
    Several months ago, when a white supremacist group was trying to dupe the protestors in Ferguson, I posted about “entryism,”  the process of infiltrating movements in order to turn them into instruments of the infiltrators’ agenda. When one looks at the agenda of leadership in BLM, in addition to individualistic corporatist opportunism, it is what they themselves call “Queer.”  That is a different agenda altogether than what people are protesting about.
    What better way to expand one’s agenda than to join it with a populist movement. And, at the same time, push neo-liberal ideations and scams on Blacks for personal gain, such as hedge funded “charter” schools, and other neoliberal scams. While Young is criticizing BLM, he should be proud of the page they’re taking from his own play book in terms of protest (whenever they are actually involved in protest) and neoliberal selling out.
    That’s all I’m trying to say.

  15. Watchful says:


    LOL, John … there u go tryna associate me with Mr.Jones again. U’re the only one mentioning him here from what I can see. At any rate, I never have and never will claim or assert that ” none of the incidents that spur protests are “real,”. I challenge u to go back and show me where I EVER said something like THAT. And as I stated in one of my earlier posts to this thread, I totally support the spirit of the protests against police murders and brutality against our ppl. But what I don’t support is the leadership of the so-called BLM ‘movement’ which, as I stated, is really nuthin’ more than a controlled-opposition group being led by the Obama administration and funded by George Soros. I’m not the only one whose sayin’ this and there’s tons of info out there that confirms it if one is willing to research it. Unfortunately, alot of our ppl tend to react off of pure emotion and fail to do their due diligence in vetting the leaders of these groups b4 blindly latching onto these ‘movements’ bcuz they come up with clever slogans and catchy ‘hashtags’. Trust me, I’ve already read the articles on BAR, been following Glen Ford since the 70s.

    As to that agenda u spoke of, my point is that tho many, if not most, of the protesters r well-intended, they’re being unwittingly misled and misguided by the leadership of the BLM ‘movement’ and r needlessly placing themselves in harms way. What I’m sayin’ is, we gotta be smarter than that.

    As for Mr.Young, I’m at a loss as to y anyone would find him or anything he has to say as still being relevant. 

    At any rate, we’re probably more in agreement than not on this topic, with the exception of ur seeming obsession with Mr. Jones. : )

  16. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful So you’re saying that you never posted on this site videos of the racist Alex Jones to substantiate your assertion that Black protests against modern-day lynching are contrived to start a “race war,” to use Jones’ terminology? Are you also saying that you didn’t post comments on this site that Walter Scott’s lynching never occurred, that, according to you, following the leadership of Jones, no blood could be seen on his body and his mom didn’t appear to be sincerely grieving?
    Please don’t say you didn’t do it because there is most likely a record of it in your profile. Also, I’m sure many others recall your saying it. I recall it clearly, because you and I went back and forth about it. I said I could see blood on his back, and stated that you can’t always measure a person’s internal emotions like grief by looking at them, because people grieve differently and therefore signs of grief vary accordingly.
    Don’t deny what you’ve said, because it then becomes a matter of credibility. And, as far as I’m concerned, you’re too good a brother to wear such a jacket.
    As far as BLM goes, I’ve said all I need to say about that, and, really do not disagree with you there. The only problem is you keep insisting that BLM are organizing and leading protests, and I keep insisting that based on my own social science observations that they are not. Instead, their hashtag# slogan is assigned by the media to protests that have nothing to do them. I have no doubt that the reason for such misrepresentation is rooted in the very relationships you cited. 
    Lastly, I’m a bit confused about your lamenting protesters being put in “harm’s way” by BLM, when I’ve just told you that BLM is organizing few, if any protests. Moreover, how else is there going to be a protest? You can’t have a protest without protesters being put in harm’s way. Even sell-outs like Lewis and Young would tell you that.

  17. Rick Manigault says:

    Watchful Soros minions are on the march! They even have poster white boy Shaun King calling for a coup If Bam doesn’t get a third term. No way  BLM or any black person shot these cops.

  18. Rick Manigault says:

    Watchful Alex Jones is Trash, but he never said Walter Scott was a hoax. Jones is a hoax denier. The charade of Michael Slager and Dylan Roof being charged Federaly is almost an admission.

  19. Watchful says:

    Rick Manigault 

    U know, Rick … I don’t expect very many, if any, ppl here to see what’s happening the same as I do. But what I do hope, is that they at least consider the ‘possibility’ that all the recent ‘events’ simply don’t add up and that’s there’s alot more to these alleged ‘ mass shootings’ than meets the eye and that may require much closer examination of the so-called ‘facts’ being presented to us.

    I mean, y r all these shootings suddenly taking place NOW during this so-called ‘SUMMER OF CHAOS’?  I mean, y not a year ago? Or 2 years ago? Weren’t cops allegedly gunnin’ down bruthas AND sistahs then, too? What is it abt THIS summer that’s somehow almost ‘magically’ set off some bruthas to get up enough nerve to go out and gun down ‘multiple’ cops within days of each other. Wouldn’t surprise me if we start to get ‘BREAKING NEWS’ reports of mass shootings of cops at various locations ‘simultaneously’ within the same hour. IDK, maybe I’m the crazy one for believing these ‘shootings’ r nuthin’ more than staged, false flag psy ops hoaxes designed to further inflame already extremely high racial tensions in the hopes of setting off some sorta race war/civil war so that the gov’t will have the pretext they seek to declare and implement martial law in this country.

     Damn, I guess I sound like some kinda ‘conspiracy nut’, right? I mean, our gov’t couldn’t possibly try to dupe us like that, would they? I mean,’ fake shootings’ where we never actually see the shooter up close with all the cameras in the vicinity of the alleged shootings??? Where we hear initial reports of ‘multiple shooters’, some reported to have been ‘white’?  Where we never get to hear the alleged shooter’s side of the story bcuz he ALWAYS ends up being killed by the cops, EVEN WITH ROBOTIC BOMBS no less? Where the alleged shooter almost always has some sorta ‘manifesto’ that ‘conveniently’ turns up upon a ‘search’ of his home, usually WITH THE MEDIA RIGHT THERE TO RECORD IT ALL? Or where the alleged shooter had made some sorta recent post on social media making veiled or outright threats against the cops in retaliation for alleged murders of both legally-armed or unarmed blk victims by white cops, sometimes on a FB page that was only recently created with no longstanding activity which then ends up being mysteriously taken down almost immediately following the ‘shootings’? And in recent developments, these blk ‘cop shooters’ r former U.S. military vets … hmmm. It’s almost as if these alleged shooters r all following the same exact script … u know … like from a great big ‘HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION’ utilizing ‘FX GREEN SCREEN’ and ‘CRISIS ACTORS’? 

    I suppose I should just believe it’s all real like almost everybody else seems to … but IDK … something deep down inside of me keeps shoutin’ …’BULLSHYT’ !!!!  This shyt ain’t real and u know it, no matter how much they play it up and spin it on mainstream media. Oh well, guess I just can’t quite bring myself to ignore that lil voice in my head that’s served me so well for all these years.

  20. CynthiaFeaster says:

    I used to respect you Mr Andrew Young. I even have your book, An Easy Burden, about your work in the Civil Rights Struggle alongside Dr King and many other warriors. But you need to be quiet now. I hope the current Mayor does NOT listen to you. You are an old dog with NO new tricks or insight into the struggles that our youth are dealing with in 2016. To be honest Mr Young you are out of touch with their reality of being very unfairly profiled by the police not just in Atlanta but all over this country. I realize that Atlanta is the Blac Mecca and that is due to your Civil Rights work along with Ki g and others but you must realize that if our men cannot walk in tbe street, drive a car, follow laws without being murdered, then the struggle is NOT OVER. As the mother of a young African-American man, I think you have some nerve calling BLM Activists, Unlovable Brats. Whose chi.Deen are you referring to, your own? Those Brothers and Sister Activists are LOVABLE, COURAGEOUS, FORTHRIGHT, UNSELFISH, CARING and INTELLIGENT. They want Atlanta and by extension America to be a safe place for ALL people not just for white people. You of all peop.e should be givi g them poi terms and guidance in terms of how to agitate and organize for their protests so that they have maximum and lasting impact. Instead you engage in name calling and bougeoise kiss a_s p.o..Utica to please white 21st century enslavers of our youth. Sit down and BE QUIET.

  21. Rick Manigault says:


    If we believe any of this absolute garbage we are good as dead. How do you have conversations with people living in a fake world with made up reality. Some have started to awaken, but its probably too late.

  22. Watchful says:

    I agree, Rick … but I think we have to at least attempt to help as many of our sistahs and bruthas to see thru the illusions and magik tricks that TPTB r tryna pull off on us on an almost daily basis it seems nowadays. We just need to be extremely suspicious of any ‘mass shooting’ and/or ‘terrorist’ attacks being reported, particularly by mainstream media outlets using ‘crisis actors’, along with their so-called ‘expert analysts’ aka ‘spin doctors’ whose job it is to push the ‘official narrative’ aka ‘government propaganda’. I believe the biggest threat to TPTB is an awakened populous that refuses to accept the nonsense they’re being fed and r willing to stand up in unity to demand truth and justice. That’s what I believe we must all try to do, expose the lies and speak truth to power as often as we can. U stay strong and continue to awaken as many sistahs and bruthas
    as u can, my brutha, as will I.

  23. Rick Manigault says:


    That article on Micah X from a square outlet gives me a lot of hope. One question will lead to others. The lack of debate about the two “suspects” is odd considering the “outrage”.

    Cops killed in ambushes, live streaming Facebook deaths, Black Sheriffs raging about cop haters, mix that with Black on black crime gas-lighting, and the country could react the way they want it to. People are so eager to jump into racial conflicts they only need one grand event.

    Stay away from DHS drills this summer.

  24. AMAC7210 says:

    Good comments Watchful I totally agree that BLM is nothing but a sham similar to the NAACP and Urban League founded and funded by the Zionists who appoint some of our people to be a mouthpiece while behind the scene they’re pushing on agenda..

  25. queenofmeanest says:

    I agree with someone on this site and it is now a pending matter? Hmmmmmm

  26. Watchful says:


    Thx, AMAC … what’s really sad to me is, despite all the revelations that have been presented to them concerning who is really backing and funding the so-called BLM ‘movement’ i.e.)(Zionist, George Soros), it seems the majority of our ppl still refuse to see thru the sham. SMH

  27. Watchful says:


    Yeah, queen … I’ve had a coupla my comments to this thread receive that ‘pending’ tag, too, and they’ve held that designation for some time now. It does leave me a bit curious as to y that is.(shrugging shoulders)

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