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July 20, 2016

Louisiana Police Chief Fired After Ripping Obama for War on White Cops

Louisiana Police Chief Fired After Ripping Obama for War on White Cops

A Louisiana police officer is out of a job after blaming President Obama for not doing enough to end violence against white police officers.

The Jonesville Town Council asked Tuesday for Police Chief Skylar Dore’s resignation over racially inflammatory comments he made on Facebook, The Natchez Democrat reported.

“Hey Mr. (expletive) president when are you going to grow a (expletive) pair. And tell it like it is. These are terrorist. That have declared (expletive) war on my brother. (White police officers) enough is enough,” Chief Dore ranted.

“How many police officers have to die trying to protect the citizens of this country. Any other president would have declared full on war on this group. Since when in our (expletive) history do we stand idle to the ambush murders of law enforcement. It has to STOP NOW!!!!!”


Dore, who is white, apologized for the comments, saying he was emotional and frustrated after the Baton Rouge shootings.

The apology didn’t hold much sway as Dore was still asked to resign.

“I think at this time Chief Dore, we will now ask you for you resign from your duties. That’s what I’m recommending to the board,” said Hiram Evans, Mayor of Jonesville, according to KNOE.

Watch the news story below:

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42 thoughts on “Louisiana Police Chief Fired After Ripping Obama for War on White Cops

  1. Goliano says:

    It’s all good when your “brothers” are murdering unarmed Black civilians, huh? But when one of yours suffers the same fate you suddenly show some emotions. GTFOH!

  2. EadyTriceMorgan says:

    Sipping my tea and giggling

  3. zenmother22 says:


  4. turkey1 says:

    What would you have the President do, when two unbalance veterans of war go ballistic. This problem should have been fixed two years ago, why did it take two years are more to address these issues. America pays more attention to foreign affairs then the problems of killing at home. How many black Americans are police have sat across the table from each other brainstorming  ideals on how to solve the problems at hand. Are do we wait for other massacres to happen, there have been peace talks from the beginning of time and in a civilized world divisions of people cannot get along.

  5. JerryButler says:

    I know this president or no one else is perfect but this guy has been blamed for everything that’s gone wrong in this country since he’s been president. Things won’t get better until all the hate stops.

  6. garryb10 says:

    Did he forget that there was a Black police officer killed in Baton Rouge?

  7. Johnw11 says:

    garryb10  No, he didn’t forget. And that’s not what this is about in his mind. The guy was simply attempting to run a sick angle. He was talking to those who think like him.
    Judging from the comments, too many people are missing the point. For me, from a social science perspective, the primary point is this guy is unfit to supervise others: given his own obvious disconnect with reality, reinforced by racism, which itself is reinforced by the culture in which he lives and was bred. He doesn’t seem to respect the rules when it comes to Blacks, therefore, it’s no wonder those he supervises also don’t respect the rules when it comes to Blacks. 
    Perhaps he, and others of his ilk, would be more service-compatible working only with those whose cultural values of racial hatred are congruent with their own.
    His unsubstantiated rant also reveals a wide divide between the views of Blacks and whites. A divide unavoidable given the two groups’ vastly different experiences.  Since experience is informed by values, and since his primary value is hatred for President Obama and Blacks generally, he is totally blinded to the huge support President Obama has given his cause.
    On the other hand, many Blacks are saying, “I told you so, I knew these lynching incidents would increase beginning with Zimmerman’s not being punished after having violated THREE federal Laws in his murder of Trayvon Martin,” et al.

  8. JamThor says:

    70% of white cops are racist bigots, my opinion.. How can you police a neighborhood fairly? When you hate the ppl living there..

  9. faithw0614 says:

    JerryButler get real. the african did not one damn thing for black Hispanics or natives since he step foot to stench up the office with the smell of the bush. please. you mean to tell me he can’t write an executive order to stop executing minorities in public and before any judicial services are even applied to the right of the intended???

  10. flasheg says:

    faithw0614 JerryButler Since you Faith don’t seem to understand much or respect much, you need to step back and open your eyes!!!First, the powers that be in the senate and the house have put many executive orders to a grinding halt by adding pieces of legislation that serves no purpose to help ALL AMERICANS!!!Secondly, your local policies are set by your local governments and helped by your state governments. The only way our PRESIDENT gets involved is when federal civil rights are violated which goes back to your local governments which don’t take the needed time to deal with these problems, so THEY ALLOW the police to do their job.Police take an oath to protect and serve, not judge and execute to which some do….there are some police who believe in that oath, in fact not some but many…but those who cross the line lay their accountablity on their brethern because they can’t live up to the oath, and local governments would rather settle a lawsuit than do the right thing. Stop blaming the PRESIDENT in Washington for your the way local governments handle their business when the PRESIDENT allots money for cameras and better equipment in an E/O but your senator and congressmen cut funding to planned parenthood and add a fracking….THATS FRACKING BILL and they know he won’t approve it but blame him for not recognizing law enforcement. They have an agenda, just like you because your best solution to all that they can’t control, is to BASH HIM!!!! It may end with him, but it starts in your community!!!

  11. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    turkey1 They didn’t go “ballistic” both Black men were  Fed up with police killing Black men and getting away with it, so they did something about it.  This is what America caused the police have been murdering Black folks and getting away with it since Slave Patrols. When will it be enough?

  12. mrthebe says:

    Hate from who Jerry?Can you be specific here and desist from the vagueness!Who is it that initiates these Satanic murders against blacks all the time?

  13. brotharoyce says:

    Yes..there should be a WAR on racist white pigs……simple…….

  14. ShareeBell says:

    Goliano that’s been planned out too. This no accident , Black on Black crime. And you are right we appear hopeless in fighting crime in our street. Systematic racism is a b…h and funds to fight rich racist is harder ,especially rich developers who want neighborhood lands will stop at nothing to get it.That said, check the true methods of racism and follow the trail of$$$$ and murders.

  15. CynthiaFeaster says:

    Thank you Mr Mayor of Jonesville, LA for protecting, serving and defending the citizens of your town, especially the African American citizens from this racist bro-nazi ignorant FORMER cop. He has most likely brutalized a large number of your African American constituents during his tenure as an officer and allowed brutality and abuse as police chief. Your town is better off without this racist creep. Thanks Sir.

  16. HaroldlClayton says:

    I didn’t go to Law School but I got a fairly decent public education in Upstate New York .Here’s the deal : the police came about from the ‘abuse’ of the 2nd Amendment provision for good ole’ white folks to ‘bear arms’ against kidnapped/enslaved/dehumanized/ and quite often murdered Afrikan peoples in case they rose up against good ole’ white folks  !!!!!  This inaugurated the slave patrols/modern day ‘race soldier’ mentality [ by the way many a Eastern Indigenous Peoples aided and abetted white ‘Father’ in the killing and capture of runaway/rebellious  ‘Bantu KneeGrows’ stolen from Afrika and afterwards their ‘red’ asses were rounded up put in chains and sent as slaves to the Caribbean thereby ethnically cleansing most of the East coast of indigenous peoples and that’s real freaking talk !!!!!  ] But the main point here is the police unions are ‘chartered’ by the states legislature and they are ‘almost’ guaranteed immunity from public accountability/scrutiny  especially from we the ‘Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpean’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Johnw11 says:

    flasheg faithw0614 JerryButler  After I focused a bit on faithw0614’s statement about “African” and “bush,” etc., I came to understand that she most likely means to convey that President Obama has done nothing for Blacks, and has kept Bush’s policies intact.  If my interpretation is correct, I agree with her.
    Now that President Obama’s term is nearly over, it’s time for Blacks to wake up. To continue “rationalizing” about “congress” stopping him from helping Blacks is to engage in a falsity that is simply not healthy for African Americans who must survive in this world after he leaves office. And that should be the focus. I have long stopped speaking about President Obama’s failure of African Americans.
    Months ago, I, and many other posters here, debated thoroughly the subject, and the “congress” excuse was thoroughly discredited.  For example, the GOP congress that is supposedly blocking him, has at the same time given him powers via legislation that makes him the most powerful president in history. So, why is it that only when it comes to helping Blacks, is he being “blocked”?
    Now I am aware of things were blocked by both Dems and GOP. Two things come readily to mind, (a) they “blocked” his attempts to cut Social Security and other programs for the poor as an “austerity” measure recommended by his appointed “Deficit Reduction Commission” ;(b) they “blocked” his federal judgeship appointments, ironically, however, after the senate used special rules and got them approved, Civil Rights leaders like Joseph Lowery, publically opposed the appointees, saying they had long histories of favoring “segregationist” (anti-civil right laws.) And, oh yes, the Republican he recently appointed to the SCOTUS is being blocked. 
    But one can find nothing of substance that he proposed for Blacks that was / is being blocked. Therefore, for one to claim, with no possible evidence, that progress for Blacks is being ‘blocked,’ when, in fact,  no progressive measures are being proposed, is not operating on the mature political level that a ‘critical mass’ of Blacks must begin to operate on, given our need to survive in this world.
    Cameras, etc. will not stop lynching of Blacks. Many of the lynchings have been fully recorded. Yet, the lynchers have not been federally prosecuted when they are let go by corrupted local judicial systems. This is almost unparalleled in history, except in the pre-civil rights days of “Old Jim Crow.” And no “executive order,” or new law, is needed. The same federal laws that put an end to public lynchings of Blacks during the 1950s and 1960s are still on the books. They only need to be enforced. Indeed, what is needed is ‘law and order.’

  18. hiroader2 says:

    Seems the corrupt officials constantly insult the intelligence of the public & African-American constituency democrat & republicans alike.. How many apologies are suppose to reverse the racial damages being done..
    Here, over & over the insult of semantics are being played as a sign of disrespect and nothing positive comes from it.. Of course police save lives, BUT there are those that go beyond the letter of the law….
    OF course there is black on black crime, BUT there is also police brutality and excessive force that repeating gets acquittals by corrupt court officials…
    There’s no confusion which is which the deviations and diversion of the issues are disgraceful and systemically horrific as a civilised democracy which globally criticises other government’s on “human rights”…

  19. catmouse says:

    For a police chief to act like that, an say those things about president of the American, problem with American, is racism with a lot of people with power, an that is real scary for society, they blow my mind by saying things like take back American, never lost American,an only thing that I can see is those in American has problem with African American in charge, I experience this everyday always challenging their authorize this is sad, no one disrespect Mr.Bush like they disrespect , Mr. Obama.

  20. BarbaraLaChapelle says:

    After reading this, more than once, I fear for society as a whole. This Man, while he was in a position of Authority did what most people would do amidst the anger, frustration, fear for the safety of himself and his fellow officers, He lashed out. Okay so the President was part of that lashing. I get that. I have seen other lash out over much less with much harsher words and they do not lose jobs, credibility or anything else. In light of everything that has happened I am surprised that more people have not lashed out. Maybe they have but not on Social Media. Law Enforcement as a whole needs to know when there is a target on their “Blue Lives”, that they can count on Government for more support. How long before this goes global? Not all Officers are dirty, not all Officers are clean. You cannot paint them all with the same brush and they are the ones you call when you are in danger. Not all Black people are part of Black Lives Matter again showing you cannot paint all people of race, groups, religious stature etc with the same brush. It is time we all just get along. Stop the murders, assassinations, judgements, discrimination. Did the chief deserve to be punished? Yes. Lose his job? No. I do not know anyone that has not lashed out when hurt, angry, upset etc.. His Brothers and Sisters in Uniform are being Assassinated and his hands are tied. Try looking at it from that perspective and ask what you would do if it was you. BLM members, NOT ALL, are claiming responsibility but some are gathering with Officers to try to send a message. Radical will always be radicals. It does not matter if it is BLM radicals or Islamic radicals or White supremacist radicals. We must stand together and fight the hatred, stop the killing and be law abiding citizens. If this does not happen we will be looking at Marshall Law!!!!

    God Bless us all.

  21. queenofmeanest says:

    Really? Seriously?  This pig needs to receive psychiatric treatment via a nail gun.  White pigs have been killed for years.  What this pig is starting to realize is that KARMA is a REAL B!TCH and she is wearring 12 inch STILETTO HEELS.  Black people need to wake up and start policing their own neighborhoods.  Pigs like this creep have gotten away with too much and now his chickens have come home to roost.  Again, a good cop is a dead one.  Good riddance.

  22. queenofmeanest says:

    BarbaraLaChapelle  ROFLMAO.  Really?  Are you a cop? May I suggest that you take a history course.  In case you did not know that this country have been under Martial Law since the Civil War.  Did you think that gold fringe on flags was a designer flag?

    The chief deserved to be fired due to his mental instability.  If he were to take his actions out on you personally, would you still label his abuse on you as some form of lashing out?  

    In the real world, cops have been shot and killed for years.  As far as I am concerned that is one of the perks of the job.  Police have made it very clear that black people are the enemy and they will abuse laws to make their point and feelings well known.  

    It is about time pigs are starting to get what they deserve.  Maybe a little “burn” action will make the pigs to straighten their act and start abiding laws and cease in violating our human and civil rights.

    BTW, did you know that a Houston Police officer shot a man with a arm and leg missing, in a wheelchair was shot to death because he had a ball point pen in his hand.  The excuse was he was going across the street and the pig said that he felt his life was in danger.

    Really? Seriously?

  23. Rick Manigault says:

    JerryButler Sounds like the President is woefully unfit for the job then. People above criticism have no business being in power.

  24. Rick Manigault says:

    queenofmeanest I understand the sentiment, in this case the people were powerful enough to oust the Chief, No deaths needed.

  25. Rick Manigault says:

    War on white cops is a myth that flies in the face of reality, like 90% of what people think in this country.

  26. SallyAnn1 says:

    Get the correct facts before posting your RACIST lies.

  27. SallyAnn1 says:


  28. SallyAnn1 says:

    Not African American. Black. That term offends the real people from Africa. Look it up!

  29. SallyAnn1 says:

    Why don’t you start one big guy?

  30. BillFreeman says:

    Actually Mr. Manigault he might be right about his assertion but what he did not mention nor does anyone else, for that matter, is that the opposing army is civilian white men…to the tune of 7 out of every 10 law enforcement officers murdered in the states are killed by men who share his pigmentation.

  31. RhodaGreenfieldWeintraub says:


  32. RhodaGreenfieldWeintraub says:

    BillFreeman Why are you looking at this as an opposing army?????  More white cops get killed than Blacks, as statistics show.  Black on Black crime is rampant in the big cities.  I am white and did not realize I am in an army.  I guess I am because I support the cops.  So–I am now in an army.  When is the civil war??  Has It started already with BLM  and the NEW BLACK PANTHERS??  Someone has to call a stop to this and sit down and work it out peacefully as MLK wanted.  So the “opposing army” has white women!!! 73 year old white women. But the police have a lot of women!!!!  So the opposing army is not just the police but also civilian white women–not just men.  Watch out for the civilian women!!!

  33. RED110306 says:

    queenofmeanest Spoken like the miscreant that you are!

  34. queenofmeanest says:

    RED110306 queenofmeanest ROFLMAO.  Ahh, a white pig speaks.  Were you the one that was terminated?  Serves you right.  Now let me tell you the truth about you and the pig that lost its job.

    Pigs have been killed on the job for years.  Way before Obama was born.  It is one of the perks of the job and you people should enjoy it.  It is typical for a MISCREANT like yourself that will blame blacks for your problems.  Remember Ice-T? Remember the song Cop Killer?  Pigs like yourself was blaming Ice-T for the death of cops.  Sorry to disappoint you, cops been dying for years.
    YOU need to work on your attitude and YOU need to work on YOUR attitude toward all people of color.  There are more people of color than whites.  Black people are sick and tired of YOUR abuse and bullschitt.  I am not taking it nor endorsing it.  If that makes me a miscreant so be it.

  35. turkey1 says:

    Chief, I have read your statement protecting and serving is not what officers are during today, that what officers done in the past especially the “baby boomers.” Really where did law enforcement officer get there training from today, certainly law enforcement training have changed for the worst. If officers of today portrayed any of the qualities I have witness in the performance of there duties, they would have been let go during there probationary period. I’m not anti-police, I worked (21) years in police work becoming a police manager. Actually police chief’s of America should be brought upon dereliction of duty charges and a failure to supervise there officers, anyone that does not train there officers to interact with the citizens and minorities is a police officers dome for failure. Police work is a dangerous job, our supervision would remind us that you knew law enforcement were a dangerous profession before you filled out the application. Back some years ago the U.S. Attorney Generals Office, prosecuted the Sheriff Of Roberson County, Lumberton, N.C., for failure to supervise the Sheriff’s Office during a corruption scandal. He were sentence to (5) five years in prison. This is not enforcing the laws today, its just officers to afraid to carry out there duties, so they shot first and ask questions later. You cannot have respect with the public and citizens, ruling with and a iron fist. Chief’s the main problem today is “cause and effect.” When people see what your officers are doing to innocent citizens today, and imbalanced person will see this as and assault upon innocent people and retaliate against innocent officers, these situations are only getting worse. Where have community policing gone, that where officers get to know the citizens of there community, as well as the visiting public. Get your officer back out on foot patrol, not to arrest them but, to assist the citizens of advising the public on what breaking the law is, helping people out of work to find jobs. Even assisting students at parks, helping children K-6 grade, if they want assistance with homework. This cycle of killing only will continue in America, when you keep trying to do things the same way and its not working.

  36. RED110306 says:

    turkey1 While I do not agree with the way this officer presented his case to the divider in chief Obama. I do agree that Obama has been silent on Officer shootings all over the country while at the same time he was meeting with members of the BLM movement in the white house. Also, let’s not forget the many times he was so quick to jump to the personal defense of thugs like Michael Brown and Travon Martin. Remember? “If I had a son he would look like Travon”. You say you were a former officer? Times, they are a changing. Police no longer can afford to do many of the things they used to do. So just enjoy your retirement and leave the policing to those who are currently doing the job?

  37. queenofmeanest says:

    RED110306 turkey1 – police have gotten away with too much illegal activity and you wonder why people like myself don’t like police?  The police departments across this country need to do some serious housecleaning and STOP HIRING people who are still suffering from PTSD after serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Stop blaming Obama for this.  This has been going on for years.  Both of you need to grow up and face that fact that both of you are to blame if you are not doing anything to correct the illegal actions of your co-workers.

  38. turkey1 says:

    RED110306 turkey1 The only way for Officers and Chief’s to get back on course today is to follow what worked for “baby boomers” they can not supervise there way out of a baby crib. President. Obama, knows nothing about how to operate a Police Department from top to bottom, we build police departments and the retired also knows what will tear one down, we were highly trained in building a police department with one man as well as ten thousand, I do know today, that President. Obama can do nothing, but smile and shake hands, and play basketball. Real police leaders have had over (10) years of Supervisory Training in the field as well as classrooms, today Cities and Towns don’t even send there supervisors to training, there training today are pre- 1950’s. That why we are having and uptake of murders both ways. No one wants to acknowledge that they are wrong. You can not operate a police department in this mass of hate, and figure that things will change if you hire a new Chief of Police with no training, things will just go around in circles.

  39. queenofmeanest says:

    turkey1 RED110306 – That’s a laugh.  Even the current police chiefs are not doing their job.  Real police leaders have had over (10) years of Supervisory training is a major laugh.  Take the comedy act on the road.  What you have said has no credibility in the real life of today in 2016 and in the past.

    Explain why the Houston police department are being investigated for not investigating murders.  Get real.

  40. turkey1 says:

    RED110306 turkey1 In order for Chaos to work they have better look at what’s righteous in every police department in America. I look out upon what’s going on today and have the wisdom and answers of what it will take to change this course of actions. But pride stands in the way of these modern day Chiefs to admit what is happening to these police departments. Simply ask the people that know, of how they got into this and how we would get them out. Old doesn’t mean decrepit ideals, it just means we can make it a much better country.

  41. turkey1 says:

    RED110306 Houston Police Department maybe having  a credibility issue for murders, but do you blame every police department in America who don’t. We are all not the same as police department.

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