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June 15, 2016

Ohio Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Cut Black Neighbors Warns: “Donald Trump Will Fix Them”

Ohio Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Cut Black Neighbors Warns: “Donald Trump Will Fix Them”

A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 49 percent to 37 percent among likely voters in November’s election, so Trump may never make it to the White House. That, however, did not stop an Ohio man from using Trump to threaten his black neighbors.

According to, 20-year-old Timothy Stewart was visiting his grandfather on June 3 when Henry Slapnik, 54, came out of the apartment with a knife.  When police arrived Stewart was in the driveway shouting at police about a man trying to cut him and his grandfather.

Officers on the scene described Slapnik as appearing intoxicated.

“The RNC will take care of them, Donald Trump will fix them because they are scared of Donald Trump,” Slapnik said.

Slapnik was indicted Friday on felony charges of assault and ethnic intimidation.



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8 thoughts on “Ohio Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Cut Black Neighbors Warns: “Donald Trump Will Fix Them”

  1. Johnw11 says:

    Actually, I’m not buying the “boogieman” narrative that’s being pushed. While I would never vote for Trump, the reality is he’s no more, or less racist, than the hypocrites pointing fingers at him.
    If he should ever call Black women “Welfare Queens,” and Black men “Big Bucks,” as Reagan did, or call Blacks “super predators” (Jungle Animals) as Hilary Clinton did, if he would ever do that, then I’d call him a profound racist. As far as I know, he’s never done that. Meanwhile, I view him as a hustler, who is simply playing on the ignorance of his followers. The same as she’s playing on the ignorance of hers.
    Meanwhile, the saddest part is how the apparent majority of African Americans voted to continue their suffering and “incremental” demise. By rejecting Sanders’s campaign, they rejected their own rights to have safe communities (which can only come from ending poverty, unemployment and unlivable wages), the right to a college education (too many Black parents can’t afford the high cost of college tuition, and can’t even qualify for a loan), on and on.
    Yet, following the leadership of paid liars and an assortment of other narcissists (self-servicing hustlers), Blacks voted as if all is well. Yes, voted as if they can afford college, already have safe communities, etc. 
    That’s what’s sad to thinking and informed Blacks. Personally, I don’t believe in the “boogieman.”  Blacks must learn to pay attention to “policy” and not “personality.” And learn to vote “for”  things and get out of the self-destructive behavior of election after election voting “against” something or someone. That’s why Blacks never get anything in return for their votes.

  2. Emma5688 says:

    Johnny11 if blacks don’t ever get anywhere why is it you have a black president of the United States.

  3. Watchful says:


    “Actually, I’m not buying the “boogieman” narrative that’s being pushed. While I would never vote for Trump, the reality is he’s no more, or less, racist than the hypocrites pointing fingers at him.”

    Couldn’t agree more with that comment, John.

  4. Johnw11 says:

    If you are part of the Black 1%, then you have gotten somewhere over the past 7+ years. In fact, your wealth has likely doubled as part of the upward wealth transfer policies. Congratulations to you! Although there are only about 14 thousand of your level households out of a total of 41 to 44 million African Americans.
    However, if you are part of the Black 99%, then you have collectively lost over 55% of the wealth you had in 2009, and have fallen farther behind every group in the country in every socio-economic indicator.
    Therefore, if you call your position “getting somewhere,” given the dire socioeconomic state that you’re in — having lost, rather than gained ground — then have it your way: enjoy your personality-cult worship. I’m certainly not going to argue with you. This topic has been covered over, under, and sideways, too many times and I don’t have the time, frankly.
    Suffice it to say that when I speak of progress, I am talking about the African American collective; not the African American handful. Dr. King said “We as a people,” not we as a handful.
    Oh, don’t forget to vote early, or the boogieman is going to get you.
    Meanwhile, recently — when you actually had a choice for a change — you voted against your own children’s education and future (or your own); you voted against your own economic security, you voted against your own civil rights, on and on. All that was necessary to con you into doing so was a mere pandering of your idol of personality-cult worship’s name.
    Enjoy your “progress.”

  5. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  Thank you.

  6. Alabama14 says:

    Johnw11 i wish sanders was president so you could see him fall flat on his face.  he could get even 5% of what proposed done.  one person can’t solve it, one person didn’t cause it.

  7. Johnw11 says:

    Alabama14 I regret having to say it, but your very thesis (one man can’t get anything done) shows that you have absolutely no understanding of what you are attempting to talk about. Sanders never said that he could alone get the just goals he espouses achieved by himself. He’s always said that change must come from the “bottom up” and not “top down.” So what in this world are you talking about?
    Your whole point is grounded in the propaganda which you have been spoon-fed like a small child. Therefore, they have so confused you that you’d rather have someone NOT trying to do anything to help you (unless you are wealthy and have bought their service), than some one who would put you FIRST on his agenda and TRY to help you: because the one who would try to help you MIGHT fail in his efforts. Therefore, you’d rather have someone who has repeatedly said that it is “unrealistic” to try to help you — which guarantees you nothing. . In other words, you, in your own mind, believe that you will get better service from someone who has promised to do nothing for you, than someone who has promised to help you. 
    While that may make sense to you, it makes none to me at all. So, since you and I think within two very different paradigms; I see nothing to agree on here.
    Don’t forget, vote early — or the boogieman is going to get you. Plus, Santa will not brings toys.

  8. Rick Manigault says:

    Donald Trump is being smeared from all sides so he must be doing something right.

    I’m sick of Obama bots and others who should clearly know better, making up lies to create a racial conflict. Some guy said something to his neighbors, big deal.

    Blacks and Hispanics being puppeted by Zionist peddle in lies and folklore touting it as fact.

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