Family Outraged After Video of Relative Getting Stabbed to Death on Chicago Train Emerges on Social Media

by admin | June 27, 2016 2:48 pm

Video showing accused killer Arthur S. Jones stabbing Jessica Hampton to death on a Chicago train has popped up all over social media. No one recording the video is seen trying to intervene during the attack, however.

“My sister was beautiful, gifted young lady. She didn’t deserve to go the way she did,” the deceased woman’s sister, Lorel Hampton, told CBS Chicago.[1]

“This family was watching that video yesterday. They were looking at the pictures on Facebook that people were spreading, not knowing until 9 o’clock last night that that in fact was their loved one that they were looking at,” said crisis responder Dawn Valenti.

Jones was arrested for fatally stabbing Hampton on Chicago’s Red Line on Thursday afternoon. The argument was over a child, Homicide Watch Chicago[2] reports.

Family Outraged After Video of Woman Getting Stabbed to Death on Chicago Train Pops Up on Social Media

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“This is domestic in nature,” First Deputy Supt. John Escalante said Thursday. “We’re sure of that.”

Witnesses told investigators that some onlookers tried to stop the attack at first but backed off after they realized the assailant had a knife.

Jones is charged with first degree murder.

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