Black Lives Matter’s Alicia Garza Won’t be Supporting Hillary Clinton in the General Election

by admin | June 29, 2016 12:53 pm

In a February interview with Democracy Now,[1] Darnell Moore of the New York chapter of Black Lives Matter told host Juan Gonzalez that the group wasn’t endorsing anyone:

But in terms of endorsement now, I think withholding an endorsement is a decision that was come to collectively. One, there are folk who are on the streets, who are in the presence of municipal leaders, who are asking very clear things. You know, stop—we want the death of black people by police officers, blue-on-black violence, to stop. These are material realities. We want long-standing, entrenched forms of overpolicing and criminalization to end. And these are not rhetorical flourishings.


This is not about leaders who have a type of leadership capacity. This is like, we are needing policy recommendations and bona fide solutions. For instance, there’s clear things that could be put out by candidates. Right—the United States, the federal government, does not have a universal fully how to track—data tracking system for something like police misconduct in 2016. These are like easy wins.

But during a wide ranging interview with ELLE‘s Melissa Harris-Perry[2], Alicia Garza, one of the most high profile members of the Black Lives Matter group, revealed that she not only voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but will not be supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election:

In my state, we do have to have honest conversations about inequality, about race, and neither candidate is doing that. …  I lived through the Clinton years. Incarceration through the roof, the demonization of poor black women, the unraveling of the social safety [net]. … Even though white women actually took advantage of government assistance and whatnot, so then black women were deemed the Cadillac drivin’, hair in rollers, bon-bon eatin’ women with eight kids. And I know sometimes people give a lot of criticism like, well, that was Hillary’s husband’s policies and I am like no, no it’s not like she was sipping tea! She was also campaigning on those policies. 

And Garza isn’t listening to the criticism of those who are trying to fear-monger her into voting for Clinton because the alternative is Donald Trump. According to Garza, activism stands a chance of growing “stronger” if we’re unfortunate enough to end up with Trump as president.

Of course this is ELLE so they discussed shoes, too. Meh.

Watch a selection of the interview below:

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