Cop Claims Intercourse With Woman Who Called to Report Daughter Missing Was Consensual

by admin | May 16, 2016 4:22 pm

Maleatra Montanez claims in an interview with the New York Daily News[1] that she’d only recently given birth and her doctor had advised specifically against having sex when she encountered a Syracuse police officer.

This is why, according to Montanez, she never would’ve consented to have sex with the officer dispatched to her home after she’d reported her daughter missing. Montanez had sex with the officer, however. Montanez claims she was raped while the officer insisted that the sex was consensual.

Montanez told the Daily News that she called police after her teenage daughter went missing. She says Officer Chester Thompson was fidgeting upon his arrival and began complimenting her on her butt and lips–while speculating on how they could be used.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We don’t have to do this,” Montanez, 40, said she pleaded with Officer Thompson before being forced to have sex in the living room of her home with her infant present.

Cop Claims Intercourse With Woman Who Called to Report Daughter Missing Was Consensual

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Montanez claims she felt threatened because Thompson had asked if she loved her son.

From the Daily News:

The veteran cop initially forced the mother of four to perform oral sex, and then ordered her to get a condom from an adjacent bedroom.


When she returned, Thompson demanded she turn around-looking right at her newborn son — while he raped her from behind, according to a sworn court deposition Montanez gave in February, obtained exclusively by The News.

Before leaving, Montanez said Thompson asked if she was going to report him.

Montanez went to the hospital the day after the incident and reported it to Syracuse police.

Thompson, who is white, was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts for having sex with Montanez and another woman.

Thompson lost his job on the force, but Montanez says that’s not nearly enough.

“I believe a rape took place in this case,” said her lawyer, Ed Sivin. He alleges that Thompson had a history of abuses.

Montanez has filed a $7 million suit against Thompson and Syracuse police.


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