Texas Man Accuses Cops of Killing His Crippled Dog “Bullet” as Dog Was Running Away

Texas Man Accuses Cops of Killing His Crippled Dog “Bullet” as Dog Was Running Away
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A Texas man is accusing Round Rock police officers of fatally shooting his dog as it was fleeing.

According to the lawsuit, police arrived at Russell Lane Jr.’s home on May 30, 2014 in response to an alarm. It was at the home that police encountered an eight-year-old Rottweiler named Bullet, who officers say was charging at them, the Austin-American Statesman reports.

Since a police officer’s word is viewed as the gospel truth by both the media and courts, the story would normally end here, but an autopsy, as well as Bullet’s physical condition, casts doubt on the officers’ story.

The officers claim they shot Bullet for aggressively charging at them, but Bullet was crippled from hip dysplasia and couldn’t move fast. Also, the claim from officers that Bullet was coming at them is apparently contradicted by the autopsy, which allegedly proves that three of the five bullets hit the dog as it was retreating.

The lawsuit also claims that since there was no sign of forced entry at the home and the officers had time to call for back up, they could’ve also taken measures to avoid shooting Bullet. Meaning, since there was no emergency, why rush into the home and kill the homeowner’s dog to gain entry? The alarm was triggered by a door that had been left partially ajar.

“Under Texas law, you can’t get emotional damages for the death of a pet,” said Lane’s attorney, Christiana Dijkman. “We are not seeking damages for the death of a pet; we are seeking emotional damages for constitutional violations.”


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