Michigan “RoboCop” Convicted of Punching Black Driver 16 Times in the Head for No Reason During Traffic Stop Gets Bootcamp Instead of Prison

Michigan “RoboCop” Convicted of Punching Black Driver 16 Times in the Head for No Reason During Traffic Stop Gets Bootcamp Instead of Prison
April 15 12:40 2016 Print This Article

The Michigan cop caught on camera beating a black driver just got his prison sentence reduced after winning an appeal.

Ex-Inkster police officer William “RoboCop” Melendez was originally convicted of assault and sentenced to 13 months to 10 years in jail for the 2015 beating of Floyd Dent. Video showed the Melendez punching Dent 16 times in the head.

“He was beating me upside the head,” Floyd Dent, 57, told  reporters.”I was trying to protect my face with my right arm. I heard one of them say, ‘tase the M…F. ‘”

Dent was pulled over after having ran a stop sign.

“The next thing I know, the officer runs up to me with his gun, you know, talking about blowing my head off,” Dent said. “Then he grabbed me out of the car and started beating on me, you know. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Judge Vonda Evans decided against Melendez serving a portion of his prison sentence in bootcamp, but that decision was overruled Thursday by the Michigan Court of Appeals, ClickOnDetroit reports.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy voiced vehement opposition to the appeal court’s decision.

“It is unconscionable to me that the Michigan Department of Corrections would irresponsibly and recklessly decide that former police officer Melendez who was convicted of assault with the intent to do great bodily harm for the police beating of Floyd Dent should be placed in its boot camp program,” Worthy said in a statement released Friday. “This is outrageous. We argued at his sentencing that he should serve far more than what he was given, and this decision adds insult to injury — literally. The fact that he is even eligible for boot camp speaks to the need for an immediate change the eligibility standards.”

Watch video of the beating below:



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I blame Judge Evans for this.  She could have and should have sentenced this racist cop to at least a full and determinant 10 years (or more) in the joint.  Instead, she got cute and gave him only 13 MONTHS to 10 years.  That signaled to his lawyers that, despite her tough talk and court room theatrics during the sentencing hearing, that maybe she really wasn't all that serious about making this cop face the brothers who were surely waiting for him in the penitentiary.  Judge Evans should have known that he would appeal any sentence she handed down.  By giving him a 13-month floor, that opened the door for both the Appellate Court and the Department of "Corrections" to treat this case as little more than a misdemeanor, making him "eligible" for boot camp.  And, he probably won't even do the full 13 months in camp, either.  Shame of Judge Evans. 


Do cops have some sorta fixation on the number 16 or somethin'?  So they punch Mr.Dent in the head 16 times and then shoot both Laquan McDonald & Warren Robinson in Chicago.Seems a bit curious to me.