Michael Eric Dyson to Sanders Supporters: “This Ain’t Jesus Man”

by admin | April 7, 2016 12:57 pm

As the contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton heats up, African-American pundits are taking sides. In an interview with theGrio, [1]Michael Eric Dyson offered an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, dismissing Sanders supporters as naive. Meanwhile, appearing on Morning Joe, Tavis Smiley expressed his belief that black Democrats are tired of being taken for granted.

“Bernie Sanders supporters on the Left are like Donald Trump supporters on the Right. We’re not electing a messiah,” said Dyson. “This ain’t Jesus, man.”

“Hillary Clinton has more insight about race than Bernie Sanders.. of at least engaging these issues,” added Dyson, who wrote a glowing praise of Clinton titled “Yes She Can” in The New Republic. [2]

Michael Eric Dyson to Sanders Supporters: “This Ain’t Jesus Man”

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Meanwhile Tavis Smiley said black voters are tired of being taken for granted.

“Well, I am tired of black voters being taken for granted by one party and ignored by the other party so it was a clarion call to Democrats to not do that this time around. We all know the conventional wisdom left the building before the train ever left the station. So anything could happen this time around. I just don’t want Democrats to take the black vote for granted,” Smiley said Wednesday morning on MSNBC.[3]

“The Clintons have a long-term relationship with the African-American community there’s the sense that the black political establishment rallying around her suggests that there’s going to be just lockstep voter support for her candidacy and I think that with Barack Obama clearly not being on the ballot this time, you can’t count on the high percentage of turnout with African-American voters you saw in that election. That’s just common sense so you have to work harder for that African-American vote and I’m glad Bernie is pushing Hillary to be more progressive,” Smiley added.

Watch Dyson’s video below:


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