April 7, 2016 12:57 pm

Michael Eric Dyson to Sanders Supporters: “This Ain’t Jesus Man”

As the contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton heats up, African-American pundits are taking sides. In an interview with theGrio, Michael Eric Dyson offered an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, dismissing Sanders supporters as naive. Meanwhile, appearing on Morning Joe, Tavis Smiley expressed his belief that black Democrats are tired of being taken for granted.

“Bernie Sanders supporters on the Left are like Donald Trump supporters on the Right. We’re not electing a messiah,” said Dyson. “This ain’t Jesus, man.”

“Hillary Clinton has more insight about race than Bernie Sanders.. of at least engaging these issues,” added Dyson, who wrote a glowing praise of Clinton titled “Yes She Can” in The New Republic.

Meanwhile Tavis Smiley said black voters are tired of being taken for granted.

“Well, I am tired of black voters being taken for granted by one party and ignored by the other party so it was a clarion call to Democrats to not do that this time around. We all know the conventional wisdom left the building before the train ever left the station. So anything could happen this time around. I just don’t want Democrats to take the black vote for granted,” Smiley said Wednesday morning on MSNBC.

“The Clintons have a long-term relationship with the African-American community there’s the sense that the black political establishment rallying around her suggests that there’s going to be just lockstep voter support for her candidacy and I think that with Barack Obama clearly not being on the ballot this time, you can’t count on the high percentage of turnout with African-American voters you saw in that election. That’s just common sense so you have to work harder for that African-American vote and I’m glad Bernie is pushing Hillary to be more progressive,” Smiley added.

Watch Dyson’s video below:



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  • Johnw11 says:

    In a way, for reasons grounded in professional ethics, I feel kind of bad about making less than positive public comments about the mentally ill. Obviously, Dyson is crazy as a bow-legged catfish. Nothing he’s saying makes any sense.
    First, no one is supporting Sanders because he is believed to be “Jesus.” People are supporting him because he is telling the truth about income / wealth inequality. They are supporting him because he promises that, if elected, he will do something about it.
    Blacks, those who have awakened, are supporting Sanders because he has PLEDGED to meet their socioeconomic needs: (1) ensuring that families no longer are mired in college student loan debt, by making public colleges and universities tuition free (because they are, in fact, PUBLIC institutions); (2) spending $5.5 billion in poverty-stricken communities to put the decades long unemployed to work and keep them out of jail by doing so (this will also make those communities safe for everyone); (3) having a $1 trillion jobs program for those yet to recover from the 2008 wealth transfer, commonly referred to as the “Great Recession”; (3) ensuring that his DOJ arrest and prosecute lynchers masquerading under the “color-of-law,” on and on.
    But poor Dyson, having come out months ago in support of Hillary (for a sycophant position, possibly to replace CI-7 on MSNBC), had no idea that Sanders’ campaign would catch on as it has. Having done so, all he can do now is  babble “magical thinking” nonsense about  since no one else has helped Blacks “Hillary will do more…” Do more of what? Lock up Blacks and destroy their families like she did doing her “co-presidency” (as it was called by the media, academics, and the Clintons themselves) last time? If that’s what he means, then I agree.
    Proof that Dyson is either out of touch, or simply lying, is his unconvincing, almost incoherent, babble about Hillary being more informed on matters of race than Sanders. If Dyson believes that a person who opposed Dr. King and the 19964 Civil Rights Bill (Hillary), whose whole political career has been on debasing and abusing Blacks (her PR stint with the Children’s Defense Fund not withstanding) repeatedly calling them jungle animals — “super-predators” — has a better understanding of, and is more supportive of, racial justice for Blacks than a man who in his youth was arrested fighting for the rights of Blacks, and who has a 97% – 100% NAACP grade for legislatively supporting Black rights (Sanders) — then I cannot but conclude that Dyson has gone completely nuts. I don’t mean to be unkind, but the man is nuts.
    Lastly, he cannot name ONE thing of substance that Hillary has promised Blacks. All he can do is babble nonsense about “Jesus” this and that and that she is better than Sanders because his “magical thinking” tells him so. This guy is seriously in need of CBT (cognitive Behavioral Therapy). A therapeutic approach that was specifically designed to help people overcome irrational thinking.
    Indeed, it is sad to behold the “Ghost of Michael Eric Dyson.” Sad, indeed. But what can one do if he continues refusing to get help.

  • Sea Pea says:

    I wish their was a black issues candidate er could vote for.

  • TrishaDrake says:

    I think Dyson makes a lot od sense..

  • StanselusWoods says:

    So we’re setting the bar at Jesus? Ok.

  • BERNIE SANDERS is your  typical double talking ZIONIST / COMMUNIST JEW , he will never bother the establishment because he comes from the tribe that is the establishment.

    DO your homework, there’s a lot of material on BERNIE coming out, here’s just a sample!


  • Johnw11 says:

    Sea Pea  What do you call a “black issues”? I think I cited some of the things below in Bernie Sanders campaign platform that positively impact Blacks in real-world material ways. Plus, truth seeking Blacks can to go to each candidate’s platform website and read what their positions are.
    Since you obviously don’t know what Black issues are, or are pretending not to know, frankly I must ask are you just trolling?

  • Johnw11 says:

    Just as Dyson pushes delusional ideas on Blacks as a troll for Hillary, other trolls representing Hillary and / or Trump push ethnic slurs against Sanders directly.
    The goal / objective is to cause distraction-confusion so the status quo can remain so. The reason the trolls are hired (some are volunteers filled with hatred) is to take people’s minds off the policies that keep them poor or semi-poor, while 95% of all wealth goes to the top 1% which is composed of all whites (of various ethnic and religious denominational types) because even those in the Black 1% are not at that level. 
    One thing the interviewer said that shows how out of touch she is (the same as Dyson) is that people supporting Sanders are doing so because he is the “lesser of evils.” I don’t think people supporting Sanders are doing so because they think he is the lesser of evil. I certainly don’t ever vote that way. I know what that maladaptive lesser evil syndrome has gotten Blacks people — just where they are now.
    I vote only FOR a candidate, not AGAINST another. If no candidate is in a race that I can vote FOR, I skip it, frankly speaking. I leave the voting against the boogeyman stuff to others. I have not believed in a boogeyman since I was aged three.
    Voting against the boogeyman allows candidates to be elected who do nothing for Blacks because they don’t have to. After all, the narrative goes, they did Blacks a favor by saving Blacks from the boogeyman.

  • IF you keep in mind that BERNIE is first and foremost a ZIONIST/JEW the next presentation will explain itself, most young people support BERNIE because they know nothing about JEWS, COMMUNISM or SOCIALISM because if they did they wouldn’t touch him.
    HERE’S another one and I have more!


  • jillabuss says:

    Dyson is a sell out. Why must Blacks always shuffle their feet, hang their heads, and follow the flow. Hillary will do no more than that husband of hers, Pass more laws to hinder the progress of African American community.

  • HaroldlClayton says:

    The Pied Piper of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a master bamboozler why because he can promise Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpeans  and guilt ridden good ole’ white folks a panacea to the Horrible’ Mass Imprisoning’ KKKlintons and white wing Repubnuts Stealth Cruz from O’Canada , Trumpstopo , Kossack Kasich what a screwed up scenario , a bunch of politrikkkaans that we Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpeans are willing to invest our meager intellectual capital !! But recall what happened to the poor people of Hamlien ; once the Piper piped out the rats ( black people ) he went back and piped out the children ( guilt ridden white folks )  thus disappearing with all of their donations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnw11 says:

    jillabuss  I agree. Except you say he is a “sell-out,” I think it’s more endogenous than that. I think he’s crazy. Here he is analogizing politics with sports, Kobe Bryant, as if there is a symbolic relationship in terms of quality of life for the masses. Moreover, he has no idea what is going on in this election. This is NOT about “settling” for a candidate if Sanders doesn’t win, this is a “political revolution.” This is about transforming society.
    And then he has the nerve to criticize President Obama for not doing anything for Blacks — in between out of context, self contradictory, praise — after spending years attacking other Blacks for making demands on President Obama. He must have been barred from the white lately now that his usefulness has expired.
    His claim that Hillary has “nothing left” to do but “do more” for Blacks is sheer delusion.  One way to determine a person’s mental status, is an analysis of the  analogies they make, and how congruent those analogies are with the state of the world (reality).
    As you astutely stated, Hillary will do nothing but serve her Wall-Street benefactors, which will, as a matter of course, “hinder the progress of the African American community.”
    As an insane troll for the DNC, Dyson’s job is to convince credulous Blacks — I say Blacks, because he has no agency with other demographics– to swallow Hillary after they cheat Sanders out of the nomination with the underhanded games they’re playing.
    Dyson has no legitimate command of the issues. He praises “bank bailouts” as an “achievement,”  while ignoring the fact that 95% of all wealth since 2009 went to the 1% (banks, etc.). He thinks that the “bailout” of the “auto industry” that stipulated lower auto worker wages, and cheated workers out of their pensions was an “accomplishment.”
    He reportedly teaches “sociology,” but doesn’t know that almost all jobs created since 2008 have been low-wage if not part-time in nature. He thinks that the role of a president is to “talk about race,” rather than champion  policies that improve the material lives of African Americans. He puts all the blame on the con-man Trump for raising issues about where President Obama was born, when it was Hillary who first started that nonsense in 2008.
    Dyson is absolutely nuts, at best an incompetent con man.

  • Johnw11 says:

    HaroldlClayton  Everything is going to be OK. Just calm down. It’s going to be OK.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Johnw11 Dyson is crazier than a slapped bat on crack.  Dyson always lacked credibility with me.  I remember about 10 years ago my son asked me after watching Dyson, Jesse Lee Peterson and Sean Hannity on tv asking me why are crazy people allowed to have their own shows or try to act as guest speakers.  I laughed so hard I don’t think I ever answered that question.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Johnw11 HaroldlClayton LOL

  • anthony4422 says:

    Clinton, Sanders et al.   politicians that are part of the establishment, bottom line.  Elite Blacks like Dyson, Sharpton, West et al, all looking for crumbs to be fed to them from Massa’s table.  A perpetual cycle of white power, feeding puppet blacks to con(vince) Black masses that they are the savior.  How ludicrous.  What’s even more ludicrous is we fall for it time and time again.

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