April 18, 2016 10:42 am

Hillary Clinton Carries Hot Sauce in Her Bag Too, Just Like Beyoncé

When Beyoncé sang about keeping hot sauce in her bag (#swag), the line resonated because it was believable. Beyoncé is a black woman with Southern roots, so it’s not far fetched to believe that she keeps a bottle of the red hot stuff in her purse, but Hillary Clinton?

From 105.1’s The Breakfast Club:

Hillary Clinton says something that she always carries with her is…..hot sauce. #REVOLTforBreakfastpic.twitter.com/0ZnkYBs2ay

“Now listen, I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people,’” Charlamagne Tha God told Clinton.

“Okay,” Clinton said. “Is it working? No, but seriously. I’ve been eating a lot of hot sauce. Raw peppers and hot sauce. I think it keeps my immune system strong. Hot sauce is good for you.”

Even though Hillary Clinton enjoys an array of hot sauces, as noted in a 2015 Slate article, and admittedly carries a bottle of Tobasco sauce on her person, many African-Americans aren’t buying the idea that she’s toting it around like Bey.

The reason black people are doubting Hillary, and questioning why she offered that as her answer during the radio show, is because her husband played the saxophone to get the black vote and she danced the nae nae:

At this point, many black people have caught on to the scam. We know we’re being pandered to instead of treated like a serious constituency with serious issues.

Can you imagine what would’ve been the reaction if Bernie Sanders had remarked about carrying hot sauce in his briefcase on a black radio show? Neither can I.


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  • queenofmeanest says:

    Tabasco sause? Seriously.  Post a real story when Hillary eat Blair 6 am hot sauce and won’t drink or eat any dairy to cool the hea.

  • TinaSue says:

    Next, she will go to a Black restaurant and eat fried chicken.

  • Johnw11 says:

    “At this point, many black people have caught on to the scam. We know we’re being pandered to instead of treated like a serious constituency.”
    I wish that was true. While many Blacks have indeed caught on to the scam, unfortunately, too many remain confused.
    The problem is the Black establishment (mis-leadership class). They invite this racist person to appear on Black TV awards shows, Black marketed radio shows, etc.(I’m told, I don’t watch or listen to that low-level crap) and she panders to them as if they’re little children. She dances the “Nae-Nae” as the Blacks coons laugh and grin.
    She has promised Blacks nothing, and, if elected, will do for Blacks even less than the nothing she’s promised. Yet Black politicians endorse her, preachers lie that she appeared in their dreams “justa sitting right next to Moses.”
    Meanwhile, African Americans — those yet to catch on to her — are throwing away their children’s and grand children’s education (or consigning them to a lifetime of rip-off debt), throwing away a chance to earn livable wages, have safe communities, have secure retirements, on and on.
    Whenever critical thinking African Americans think of the sell-out of those choosing to serve themselves by misleading the people, at the expense of the people, it is sad.
    This election represents perhaps the last chance Blacks have, giving the trajectory of the world, to attain socioeconomic justice or at least make headway in that direction. Instead, the whole world watches in amazement at Blacks as many are throwing that chance away. And, in the process, causing the whole group to suffer. Shame on you “Black mis-leadership class.”

  • Johnw11 says:

    If Hilary thinks she’s going to become president as result of the DNC and New York state Democratic establishment’s “voter suppression” efforts today, she’s gravely confused. All over the internet (but not TV) it’s being reported that hundreds of thousands of voters were denied their right to vote by shenanigans ranging from erasing their names from voting rolls, late opening of polls, changing polling place locations, forging signatures of voters, etc. Because NY is a “closed” primary state, the focus was on voters who re-registered as Dems in order to vote for Sanders.
    Court cases have been filed and state and federal authorities petitioned for redress. This could very well be a top news story over the next several days. My information is the situation is bad. Real bad.
    But I knew all along that the corrupt NY Dem party (including its Negro “Help”) couldn’t afford to allow her to lose NY. If she’d lost, her campaign would be over. For Sanders, he can take the lost and still remain competitive. That’s why he’s soldiering on.
    I have often said that Hilary’s campaign represents a movement of ignorance. No one voting for her can give a rational reason for doing so. Watch this youtube video (if the link works, if it doesn’t Google “youtube / Clinton or Bernie for president”). 
    BTW: while I doubt if she does, but if she carries hot sauce in her bag, it’s to attract “super predators” so she can “bring them to heel.”

  • HaroldlClayton says:

    What difference does it make to we Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpeans ; Billary’s hot sauce or Bernie’s Gefilte fish served with horseradish integration still hasn’t worked !

  • Johnw11 says:

    HaroldlClayton  While one can certainly take your position with much justification, I’m thinking that the issue for me is Hilary’s faking out apparently gullible Blacks with her “soul sister” insult while promising them nothing of substance. I’ve always been led to believe that’s called “making a fool” out of others. And I also always thought that no one can make a fool out of someone who’s unwilling to be a fool.
    The willingness of those Blacks supporting her to be her fools is complex and is still being investigated.
    However, I disagree with your description of Sanders. First, let me make it clear, I’m not a zealot or fanatic, my support for Sanders is grounded not in his PERSONALITY but in the fact that his policy prescriptions are tailor made to begin meeting the socioeconomic needs of African Americans in the REAL world.
    1. African Americans are least able to afford college for their children. Many can’t even get student loans. This reality caused nearly 30,000 Black students to be driven out of college a few years ago.
    So, when Sanders presents a program that will make public colleges / universities tuition free, it makes self-interest sense to me that those Blacks who will be voting — vote for that policy instead of voting for someone who’s promised nothing in that regard, in fact riled against it with fake rationales.
    2. When we know that the criminal justice system is unfair to Blacks, and Sanders says that he will fix it (and has a 50 year or so history advocating for justice in that regard), it only makes sense for those Blacks who vote to do so for such a person.  While Hilary, on the other hand, makes sugar-watery statements about it, even using victims of it to sell her substance-less scam, all the while being campaign- funded by private prison owners and proudly states that she believes in the death penalty. The death penalty is widely known to penalize mostly Blacks. Therefore, given her past and present involvement in criminal justice based institutional racism that destroyed / destroys millions of Black lives (a subject highly discussed these days), to me it simply makes self-interest sense for Blacks who vote to vote for Sanders.
    3. We all know that Black communities are in a dire economic state. The primary cause is unemployment and low wages. Since Sanders has repeatedly stated that he not only recognizes that fact, but has presented a sound plan to do something about it: spend $5.5 billion in inner cities to put people to work (at a $15 per hour minimum wage) which, after all is said and done, is the only way to end the much discussed “crime and violence” in poor communities, and he pledges to have an overall $1 trillion jobs program to put everyone to work. I’m thinking that it makes more sense for those Blacks who vote, to do so for Sanders rather than Hilary who has said without substance that “we’re going to have jobs,” while at the same time supporting free trade deals that experts generally agree will cost even greater job loses than her NAFTA of the 1990s.
    We could go on and on about this. But we won’t. I’m just saying that for those Blacks who vote, Sanders is clearly the better choice for Black issues in the REAL world where people are trying to survive. It has nothing to do with “integration.”

  • TinaSue says:

    Johnw11 HaroldlClayton Intergration caused Black people to abandon enterpreneurship.  This was very wrong on our part..
    Bill Clinton executed a mentally retarded Black man in Arkansas while running for the presidency, in order to show how tough he was on crime.  I can never forgive him for that.

  • HaroldlClayton says:

    I’ll say this because of most of your counter arguments  don’t address the condition of  us  Afrikan people in diaspora and that what we are in fact a people in diaaspora  ! Yes integration is  the issue since MLK I have dream speech we Amerikkkanized  KneeGrowpeans have been begging I mean literally begging to be assimilated into  the global white supremacist commercial imperial system for which for neither  Fmr. Secy. of State HRC who bantered about of the continent of Afrika selling hyper liberal neo-colonial band aids or Sen. Bernie Sander who got his political career jump started by the Most ‘Messy’ Rev. Jesse Jackson in the early 80’s when he Sanders vied  to become the Mayor of Burlington , Vt . ( for which Sanders won in 1981 ) and then took donations from HillPac ( HRC Political Action Commitee ) in 2006 when Sanders ran and won the Senate seat against a wealthy white racist in Vermont !!  Now this may not appear to be illustrative examples of political expediency to any of you but we Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpeans always love style over substance with shallow convictions to boot  !!!!!! So I not seeking a white or black or any other to save me , enough said …………………………. Political expediency notwithstanding ………;.

  • Johnw11 says:

    TinaSue HaroldlClayton  First, there is no such thing as “integration,”  at least Blacks have not experienced it except for a small “sliver.”
    Second, there has been no “entrepreneurship” abandonment by Blacks. Data show that upwards of 67% of all new business start-ups for decades have been made by Blacks.
    The problem is not a lack of Black entrepreneurial goals, but a lack of “integration” of Blacks into the economic structure of the country. Blacks can’t get business loans to sustain or expand business. That’s why over 93% of them fail within 3 years of start-up. The small business administration (SBA) supposedly designed to assist small business with federal loans has decreased its loans to Blacks from about 8.5 % to about 1.25% over the past 8 years.
    There is nothing wrong with Black people, other than they are socio-economically oppressed and have self-serving, sell-out, media appointed leadership in every dimension.

  • Johnw11 says:

    HaroldlClayton  Dude, nothing you’ve said makes any sense, except that Blacks are a diaspora group. That’s true. Therefore, in that regard, Google this: “Haiti is a Clinton Plantation.”
    You seem to be high on irrelevant details about Sanders, but low on your information as regards which of the two (Sanders or Clinton) has a platform that Blacks can benefit from in the here and now material world, in the context of political reality. All your talk about “Amerikkkanized KneeGrowpeans” is rather schizophrenic like babble which has no agency in terms of meeting the material needs of Black people.
    While your ideas may have relevance in a larger context, a political campaign with a totally different context, is not one of them. People are trying to eat and shelter themselves out here, and it is only wise that they chose the candidate that offers them a better chance of doing that.
    The stuff you’re talking belong in a discussion about Black culture and identity, not in a discussion about electoral politics dealing with existential bread and butter issues.

  • Watchful says:


    LOL … good one,queen. : D

  • queenofmeanest says:

    My comment is still pending after a couple of weeks?  Seriously?

  • 44blue says:

    Considering the falling-down bad shape she’s in, perhaps it doesn’t really agree with her.
    (Anybody believe she was pulling out hot sauce at those $100,000 a plate lunches in the Hamptons?  N O !!! She’s disgusting!)

  • MartinTob says:

    Hi All im noob here. Good article! Thx! Thx!

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