April 19, 2016 1:37 pm

Here’s Why Roland Martin Offered to Shine Fox New Host Bill O’Reilly’s Shoes

NewsOne‘s Roland Martin has a challenge for Bill O’Reilly after the Fox News host called black youth “ill-educated with tattoos on their forehead”.  Martin says he’ll shine O’Reilly’s shoes if he hires black youth.

Martin called out O’Reilly for talking about a community he doesn’t understand.

“It’s interesting to have Bill O’Reilly question people, saying they haven’t walked certain neighborhoods, when you actually arrive at Fox News everyday in a chauffeur driven town car,” said Martin.

“See, I don’t think you’ve actually talked to many people walking down the streets of Manhattan have you?” Martin asked.

“When’s the last time you left the studio? When’s the last time he actually did his show from Chicago? From Detroit? From Houston? From New Orleans? From Flint?”

Martin goes on to challenge O’Reilly to start a summer youth program for black youth. Martin calls on O’Reilly to “partner with the NAACP or Rev. Al Sharpton”  and Marc Morial of the National Urban League to create 100,000 summer jobs for black youth.

“If black youth don’t show up, if they don’t come there ready, I will shine your shoes in front of the Fox News building,” Martin said. “I’m willing to bet on black youth.”



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  • Johnw11 says:

    Roland Martin is right to challenge the racist psychopath Bill O’Reilly. But it must be understood that Bill O’Reilly is  a “race hustler” whose job it is to shill for the neoliberal job offshoring that has left most urban and even rural areas without job opportunities for millions of people. However, Blacks have been hardest hit. Given this fact, O’Reilly’s job is to blame the victims of this process which has resulted in the massive lost of opportunities for Black youths AND their parents as well. For this, someone has to be blamed. Bill’s job is to blame the victims. The psychopath’s demagoguery plays well with millions of right-wing whites (and some Blacks).
    I was made aware of this race hustler’s specious rant last week. I was told that he accused Black youths of being “unqualified” for work because they had “tattoos on their foreheads” and lacked “parental supervision.”
    My response was that I’ve never seen to my recollection a Black youth with a tattoo on his / her forehead. The youths I’ve seen with such tattoos are whites.
    Moreover, if Black youths (and Blacks in general) are not qualified to work manufacturing and other jobs in general society, then how is it that they are working in these capacities in prison? (11 Products You Might Not Realized Were Made in Prison,” The Week, 6/12/13.)  That fact alone contradicts the racists’ argument about the lack of Blacks’ “qualification.”  Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that in prison, corporations that O’Reilly shills for can extract slave labor out of Blacks for 12 cents to 40 cents per hour (“Prison Labor,” Prison Policy Initiative).
    Additionally, O’Reilly’s claim that impoverished Black youths don’t have “parental supervision” is an old lie that is contradicted by an abundance of social science research. Indeed, in response to that lie, one is compelled to ask O’Reilly an important question — since he raised the issue: who is supervising his own children, given the fact that he recently lost custody of them?  (Bill O’Reilly: Fox News Host Loses Custody of his Children After Alleged Domestic Violence Incident.”)
    Lastly, since he reportedly had a racist verbal fest criticizing Ray Rice for his IPV (intimate partner violence), perhaps O’Reilly can explain why is it that O’Reilly’s teen daughter stated, according to court documents, that she found him an unfit dad because she saw him drag her “mom down a staircase by her neck.”
    Martin was right to challenge the racist psychopath. But I think it’s past due time that the race hustler (and his ilk) be faced with his/ their own characterological contradictions so as to facilitate a cessation of his / their projecting his / their own immorality off onto Blacks.

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