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April 7, 2016

Bill Clinton Just Defended Every Horrible Thing He Did to Black People [Video]

Bill Clinton Just Defended Every Horrible Thing He Did to Black People [Video]

In an unhinged video that requires no explanation, Bill Clinton just defended every awful policy he implemented that debilitated the black community during his tenure. What is most apparent in this video is that the former president never sincerely meant the apology he offered to the black community  over his role in mass incarceration.

There will be more than enough time to pick apart Clinton’s mischaracterizations, but for now, watch the video:


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5 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Just Defended Every Horrible Thing He Did to Black People [Video]

  1. Johnw11 says:

    I knew and said all along that he was not remorseful for his acts of racist aggression against Blacks during his presidential tenure, and that he was lying when he said his actions were a “mistake.”
    What saddened  me is when I viewed this video on another site, and read comments from Blacks who overwhelmingly support this racist. What is destroying Black people is ignorance. Many seem to buy this smiling psychopath’s defense that he enacted those barbaric Omnibus  crime bills because it’s what Blacks wanted and that he cared so deeply about Blacks that he wanted to stop the “13” year-old “super predators” from roaming the community and killing other Blacks.
    Indeed, he loved Blacks so, that instead of spending the estimated $30 billion on new prisons as he did — he loved them so much he decided not to spend a cent of those billions on jobs and economic development in the inner cities which would have solved the problem in the first place.
    Then, as always, he plays to the ignorance of those Blacks who still don’t get it by blaming the Republicans in congress. But he had more Republicans in his cabinet than any administration in history. His policies were strictly GOP in nature. He tried to outdo Reagan. That’s why he was called the “triangulator,” a GOPer in progressive Dem clothing. He innovated the right-wing GOP-like wing of the Dem party called “New Democrats” AKA “Third Way” Dems; totally beholden to Wall-Street and scientific racism. Scientific racism is “slick” racism, carried out in such a way as to cause its victims to SUPPORT it. Don’t believe me? Then watch how too many of them vote. It’s beyond pathetic. It’s pitiful.
    So the GOP made him do it, says he. But did the GOP make him stop campaigning in circa 1992 and return to Arkansas and sign as governor the order to execute a mentally ill Black man. The man was so psychotically delusional that he asked that part of his last meal be saved for him until after he was executed.
    After which Bill mused: “No one can ever say that I’m soft on crime.” It was that same mindset that caused him to advocate for and sign into federal law the bills of the 1990s that destroyed the lives of millions of African Americans. The effects of those laws are still destabilizing poor and semi-middle class Black communities today. And the Clintons are still accepting large campaign contributions from private prison owners right now.
    The fact is, and no one can credibly say otherwise, that whites have always used as much or more crack than Blacks. In fact, data published by Bill Clinton’s own National Institute On Drug Abuse ( U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, a federal agency) said as much at the same times he was signing these laws into effect (Drug Use Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities, No.,95-3888, 1995). Therefore, while it’s true that crack was associated with violence and crime in Black communities during the 1990s, the larger problem was poverty and unemployment. That’s why whites could use crack at the same rates as blacks without crack being associated with violence and crime in white communities. If crack, as a stand alone independent variable was solely responsible, then the same conditions would have been manifest in white communities.
    Lastly, what Clinton and the racists in his cabinet (along with their Black “Help”) managed to do is use crack as a cover to achieve their real goal-objective which was to destabilize and destroy Black communities.

  2. JeanWilliam1 says:

    Study these men and educate yourself.

  3. Johnw11 says:

    JeanWilliam1  Good point. I began studying these three men in elementary school. Books by, and about them are in my library (Malcolm never wrote a book) but there are several great books about him. The first book I read about him while in the 6th grade was Alex Haley’s “Autobiography of Malcolm X.”
    Right now though, the discussion is about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s destruction of millions of Black lives and Bill’s sociopathic claims a few months ago of repentance, and then proving that he was lying (typical of sociopaths / psychopaths) yesterday by trying to defend the racist policy assaults against Blacks as his doing Blacks a favor.
    I don’t see how interjecting these men into the discussion — especially doing so without context — contributes to the discussion. Indeed, I see it as a deliberate distraction. All three men gave great instructions on the workings of the racist mindset. This, on some level, many if not most Blacks already know.The problem is, as Malcolm would argue, they’ve been “hoodwinked”, “took” and “bamboozled,” and otherwise made “fools” and “chumps” out of so much so that many are proud to behave (vote) in favor of their own destruction.
    King, on the other hand, prescribed an egalitarian / equalitarian society where socioeconomic justice would prevail. He understood the relationship between the quality of Black lives and public policy. Of the candidates running in this election, and for the first time in a long time before now, Bernie Sanders is the more King-like in policy prescriptions. In fact, I see much of Dr. Kings socioeconomic policy positions in Sanders’ campaign platform. I see none in Hillary’s.
    Historically speaking, Hillary opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, and was a cheerleader called “Goldwater Girl” in opposition to it. Sanders on the other hand not only supported it but was arrested fighting for it’s open housing principles at the same time Hillary was opposing it.
    Contemporarily speaking, while Sanders pledges a platform that will bring socioeconomic justice to Blacks consistent with Dr. King’s goals, Hillary offers nothing and has said that the things Sanders offers are “unrealistic.”
    We could go on and on. I agree that we should study these three African American giants, as well as Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, Harriett Tubman, et al. but it would certainly help if you put your recommendation in sync with the discussion so contextual value may be experienced. Otherwise it serves more as a distraction than a helpful suggestion. Things must have context.

  4. queenofmeanest says:

    Johnw11 JeanWilliam1 You said “Malcolm never wrote a book.”  Yes, it did, it was a AUDIO book.  Sad, that many blacks never listened to his messages.  It had to take my 15 y.o. daughter to break it down to me and said Malcolm’s speeches is his audio books. It is a shame that many blacks did not listen to his messages mom.

    I wish Malcolm’s daughter publish a book of his speeches and create DVDs from films of his speeches.  Malcolm’s legacy will live on but we need Malcolm now.

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