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March 23, 2016

Trump’s Support Highest Among Whites Who Think They’re “Losing Out” to Blacks and Latinos

Trump’s Support Highest Among Whites Who Think They’re “Losing Out” to Blacks and Latinos

by Yvette Carnell

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll indicates that white economic and racial anxiety are behind Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the Republican heap of presidential candidates.

Trump supporters are mostly white working class people who have suffered economically over the last few decades. With Reagan’s “trickle down” economics, they were told that what was good for rich white people was good for them. That trope has been revealed as con, but are these white people placing blame where they should?

From The Washington Post:

Among many other topics, respondents were asked whether they were struggling economically — or whether they were comfortable and moving up. They were also asked whether they thought it was more of a problem that African Americans and Latinos are “losing out because of preferences for whites” or whether whites are “losing out because of preferences for blacks and Hispanics.” The survey asked this question in order to gauge the sentiment that racial and ethnic groups don’t just feel they are facing difficulties in general, but that those losses are being caused by other group’s gains.


The following chart summarizes results from Republicans and Republican-leaning independent registered voters. Trump had the support of 34 percent of Republican-leaning voters overall. But he did particularly well among people who said they are struggling economically, with 40 percent of their support, and even better – 43 percent –among people who said that whites are losing out.

So they’re struggling. That, we understand. This is the worrisome chart:



This is worrisome because whites are not “losing” to blacks. They are losing to trade deals and global economics. Poor blacks in this country are still economically worse off than poor whites. In fact, the black unemployment rate has remained consistently double that of whites, more blacks live in concentrated poverty, and the wealth disparity between blacks and whites is still enormous.

Regrettably, this is why America misses out on mounting any class-based revolt against the Owners. White populists seem to, after recognizing a problem within the economy, do the lazy thing and blame blacks, as opposed to laying blame where it should rightfully sit–with the capitalists who run the global economy.

If Trump really wants to be considered a straight-talker, he should finally tell his base the truth.

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8 thoughts on “Trump’s Support Highest Among Whites Who Think They’re “Losing Out” to Blacks and Latinos

  1. BLKPOWER says:

    Well if whites are so superior as they claim then why are they so worried…That’s right they’ve always had the advantage but now they’re losing that advantage and now we’re starting to see that there’s nothing special about them

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    What a terrible article meant to mislead idiots to slaughter.

    Trump opposes bad trade deals and globalist policies that hurt American workers, but Yvette blames him for white people on a chart she found somewhere who think they are loosing out to blacks.

    This is the kind of trash Bossip promotes.

  3. Watchful says:

    If they think they’re ‘losing out’ now … just wait til they see what TPTB have in store for ’em.

  4. Johnw11 says:

    Once again Ms. Carnell has done her job well (grade A+).
    Here’s what I measure as evidence of a job well done:
    In too much of African American media, a major disservice — I view it as a disservice, rather than a failure because the behavior is deliberate — is not informing Black people of the seriousness of the socioeconomic and racial realities of the world in which we live. Instead, like almost all white media sources, Black media tend to discuss Trump’s popularity in strictly racial terms with no socioeconomic context especially at the policy level . Rarely is the true cause of the rabid support for Trump explained comprehensively using scientific data collected and analyzed by rigorous methodologies that fundamentally ask the right research questions to begin with: What are the socioeconomic status and not simply racial attitudes of Trump supporters? 
    The studies cited by Ms. Carnell actually do just that. They correlate Trump’s support with both racial thinking and socioeconomic conditions and reveal a depth of ignorance in the thinking of these people that parallels that of Blacks voting for Clinton, albeit having different etiologies (causative groundings). Both groups (Trump and Hillary’s supporters) seem to not have a clue regarding what their respective candidates stand for in terms of meeting their socioeconomic needs.
    As Ms. Carnell expertly explains, Trump supporters are finessed by him into believing that their lowered living standards are caused not by neoliberal economic policies of globalization, perpetrated by HIS social class, but by the so-called  “minorities.”  Who, in the depraved minds of these people, are moving up and taking over everything. Therefore, Trump is a master deflector who, while personally benefitting from their misdirected anger to achieve his narcissistic aims, steers their anger in the wrong direction while protecting his socioeconomic class – the 1%. Trump’s task is made easier by the fact that he is but a mirror reflecting already deeply held bigotry of those we now know beyond mere assumption are more likely to support him. All the while, he has offered them no comprehensive plan to solve their socioeconomic problems.
    To be fair, Trump has come out against trade deals like TPP, but his opposition is usually explained in terms of negotiations’ short-comings, rather than how they have contributed to the socioeconomic decline of these people’s lives. In other words, as Trump tells it, the negotiators are “stupid” and “dumb” and not the fact that there is no such thing as a “smart” job outsourcing trade deal no matter how it is “negotiated” in the first place.
    On the other hand, Black Clinton supporters are likely to cite their support based on the belief that she can be beat the boogeyman Trump or other GOPers in the November general election, while ignoring (and in most cases not knowing — thanks to media, both Black and white) that polls show Sanders far ahead of her in beating Trump or any other GOPer.  Her employees, as opposed to mere supporters –Black politicians and preachers, and other hustlers for a fee, such as apolitical overnight celebrities capitalizing on family tragedies — claim that their support is based on her ability to “get things done.” A lie so big that if it were not used in such a serious context, it would be the joke of the century. In eight years in the senate all she got done was the naming of a bridge, a library, and a section of a highway. As Secretary of state, she left the world in such chaos that scientists have set the doomsday clock closer to midnight than in decades. (See: Diana Johnstone, “Madame Chaos”). She left that position calling President Obama’s foreign policy “silly stuff,” chagrined that he wouldn’t let her start even more wars. 
    So the only things that she has gotten done are the things that hurt Blacks the most, all of it during her “co-presidency” of the 1990s: mass incarceration; welfare reform, NAFTA; 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall which lead by massive Black wealth loss after 2008; 1997 “adoption reform,” which led to massive chattel slavery–like forcible removal of Black children from their families, on and on. Those are the only things she has “gotten done!
    It is for the above reasons that I consider both the Trump and Clinton campaigns as Movements of Ignorance. Both of which I would never vote for.
    Only Sanders has offered a comprehensive socioeconomic plan that meets the needs of the  whole country. But Trump and Clinton are tools of the status quo.

  5. Johnw11 says:

    Blacks need to know that a failure to correct policies of socioeconomic inequality does not bode well for them. The more income / wealth inequality grows among whites, the more actively overt their psychosocial racism will become. That reality portends danger for Blacks in all life areas from socioeconomics, to legalities, to public safety.
    While it is certainly true that Blacks are so far behind whites economically that it can be predicted with a level of confidence, not just equal to, but actually greater than, the generally accepted standard confidence level of probability .95%. Therefore, in terms of race as a valid predictor of socioeconomic well being, the predictive statistical formula may be written as (p= >.95), in other words, we can be MORE than 95% confident that the mere sight of a Black person means his/her socioeconomic status is less than the typical white person.
    But these demographics of right-wing undereducated and many educated whites, those who are experiencing significant declines in their standard of living, fed by decades of modern right-wing propaganda don’t believe it. They believe that Blacks are overtaking them socioeconomically. This is a recipe for disaster. These people are dying at ever greater numbers in their middle aged years from all the symptoms of socioeconomic deprivation, violence, alcohol and drug destruction, suicide, nuclear family dissipation, on and on.
    These are the same things too many Blacks have long experienced resulting from socioeconomic victimization. These whites, however, were imbued with the false narrative that poor Blacks were so due to a “lack of personal responsibility.” Therefore, for them to now accept the truth based on their own personal experiences, would cause dreaded “cognitive dissonance.” It will happen no time soon.
    Unable to connect their plight to socioeconomic policies due to right- wing propaganda that blamed Blacks for their own plight, which actually resulted from urban deindustrialization beginning in the late 1960s and not from any character or cultural flaws on the part of Blacks’, these people consequently  live in a deluded fantasy world consumed by misplaced hatred and bigotry.
    Making matters worse are Blacks like the ignorant Negro talking heads in media. They propagate false narratives of how well-off  Blacks are in complete disregard of the data. And in their minds, the same as ignorant whites, they believe that any Black who is not doing well, it is because of a deficit / flaw of personal character, not policy based socioeconomic deprivation.
    This is the kind of ignorance the charlatan Jo Ann Reid was representing  when she attacked presidential candidate Bernie Sanders  for, in her mind, implying that all Blacks lived “ghettoes” in response to Sanders’ campaign pledge to dedicate funds specifically targeting impoverished Blacks.
    Due to a pathetic display of either ignorance of, or failure to accept, the reality relationship between public policy and standards of living, what Reid was really arguing is that all Blacks are not lazy (hence, all Blacks are not impoverished). What about poor whites, she asked, translation: Blacks aren’t the only ones lazy. This out-of-touch  performance by someone tasked with leading political discussions in Black America does not bode well for Blacks at all.
    In my view, both Blacks and whites must become clear on the relationship between policies and their own economic well-being. While neither Trump or Clinton sees it necessary to present an economic plan to address these issues, whites need the issue addressed to improve their standard of living, and Blacks need the issues addressed to both improve their standard of living and derail the fast speeding train of ever increasing overt white racism.
    When whites have higher living standards they tend to be less overtly hostile and threatening in their racism.  That bodes better for Blacks. That fact is still another very important reason Blacks should vote for Sanders, because he does have a plan to address these economic issues for both Blacks and whites.

  6. Rick Manigault says:

    The black left is waking up while the firewall is being flame retarded.

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