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March 31, 2016

Rev. Al Sharpton Worries About What Happens When Obama’s Symbolic Black Family “Walks Out of There”

Rev. Al Sharpton Worries About What Happens When Obama’s Symbolic Black Family “Walks Out of There”

by Yvette Carnell

Rev. Al Sharpton said in an interview with Vanity Fair that he fears for Black America without President Obama:

First he worries about an America without Barack Obama. What will happen when “he walks out of there, and there is not even the symbol of a black family walking out of the White House every day, going to Air Force One. I worry that the despair and emotions on the ground escalate. ‘Cause not only do we feel we’re not getting justice, we’re not feeling we’re being assuaged by someone that we feel is at least sensitive to those needs. And I don’t know that America is ready or has adequately prepared to deal with that.”


There’s a lot of talk about “feeling” and symbolism in Sharpton’s comments, which makes perfect sense given Obama’s contribution to Black America has been largely one of vacuous emotion and symbolism.

Just a brief glimpse at the data:

Black America has much to worry about, but Obama leaving the White House should be among the least of our concerns, considering how little he accomplished for Black America while living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Considering Sharpton’s success at providing cover for Obama and playing the role of Black America’s gatekeeper, it’s no surprise that senior adviser Valerie Jarrett gushed over the elder street preacher in her comments to Vanity Fair.

“A voice of reason” said Jarrett of Sharpton, who described him as “Very constructive, direct,” and “willing to take on tough issues and take heat to stand up for what he believes in.”

Sharpton also spoke of Donald Trump, a man who Don King referred to as Sharpton’s former business associate, during the interview:

The state of the presidential election deeply alarms Sharpton, “when I look at the fervor that Donald Trump has been able to cause—it started with the birther thing, then Mexicans, then the misogynist stuff, and he’s been able to leverage that with no policies, no background, and be the front runner? There is an ugly spirit in this country and we’ve got to have some real ways of digging in to fight this…. To start questioning the first black president’s birth certificate?

The friends have become foes, I suppose. At least until the election is over.

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5 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Worries About What Happens When Obama’s Symbolic Black Family “Walks Out of There”

  1. Johnw11 says:

    If I thought for a second that Sharpton believed any of that crap he’s talking in Vanity Fair I’d consider him insane.
    But his not insane, just a con man.
    The photo tells one all they need to know about what Sharpton is. It is said that “game recognizes game” and the con men are proof of that. Each will probably be telling their “vics” (victims of the respective con games) how bad the other one is.
    It’s truly sad.

  2. Trueletter son says:

    I can’t believe Rev. would fix his mouth to say that is crap!

  3. CharlesHarris2 says:

    Al Charlatan is worried about his gig at MSNBC. Once Obama leaves office they’ll probably fire his behind. If Al Charlatan had any concern for Black ppl then why didn’t he address the jobs crisis in our community when he went to White House to visit Obama? Al Charlatan is trying to downplay Obama’s failure to help the Black community during hi presidency. Al do us a favor  & go to hell!!

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