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March 21, 2016

In Negro Whisperer Hunger Games Saga, Joy-Ann Reid May Replace Melissa Harris-Perry

In Negro Whisperer Hunger Games Saga, Joy-Ann Reid May Replace Melissa Harris-Perry

by Yvette Carnell

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry lasted longer than most other Negro whisperers at the network. Not realizing she’d been brought onboard specifically to interpret Obama to white people, as well as placate blacks, Harris-Perry was fit to be tied when the network began fading her to black–pun intended.

Now Mediaite is reporting that Joy-Ann Reid is in negotiations to take Harris-Perry’s spot. This, of course, could be a total lie, considering that the media website also reported that Harris-Perry was joining Fusion, a report denied by the former host.

In an appearance on The View Harris-Perry said taking her show off the air would have racial “implications”.

“It’s just an empirical reality,” she said. “Taking this show off the air, even if you put me individually back on as a host meant that the folks who sat at our table, whether they were transgender, women of color, Latino Republicans, they just weren’t going to be there anymore…”

Maybe MSNBC is looking to quiet criticism about diversity by giving Joy-Ann Reid a shot. Still, why would the network take a chance on Reid after her show The Reid Report was canceled?

Unlike Harris-Perry, who made a mess of things, Reid soldiered on with the network without causing a spectacle after her show was canceled. Maybe the network will reward her for being a team player. Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

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One thought on “In Negro Whisperer Hunger Games Saga, Joy-Ann Reid May Replace Melissa Harris-Perry

  1. Johnw11 says:

    I believe it’s true that Ms. Reid will be replacing Dr. Harris-Perry as the regular weekend “Negro Whisper” on MSNB whatever. While the replacement will likely be seasonal, in my analysis,  Dr. Harris-Perry pretty much confirmed Reid as her replacement in Harris-Perry’s initial lamentation. They’ve brought in “lying novices,” said Harris-Perry. I immediately understood that to mean Joy Ann Reid.
    Albeit true that Harris-Perry was “qualified” to perform political commentary given her training and credentials, it is unfortunate that she  chose to play the role of political obfuscator which reinforced harmful zealotry and fanaticism in African Americans while paying scant or no attention to their existential socioeconomic plight.
    She behaved not based on principle, but for personal rewards.
    On the other hand, not only is Joy Reid behaving for operant rewards — like a rat in a “Skinner Box” — but she is unqualified to give political commentary in the first place, regardless her motives.
    A reality that African Americans must sooner or later come to terms with is the unwise tendency to allow media to impose upon them fools and incompetents posing as political experts. Indeed, no other group, be it ethic/racial or associational, would tolerate such a thing.
    Imagine what would happen if, say, The American Heart Society found itself represented on a TV network by and auto mechanic. What would be the response when said mechanic started telling viewers to prime their hearts with 10 W 30 motor oil?
    That is exactly tantamount to what Ms. Reid did — trained in film, and not sociology, economics, political science, etc. — when she assumed the grandiosity to lecture presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about Blacks and poverty. Moreover, she attacked Sanders in response to his promise to address the poverty issue of Blacks. That specific behavior on Ms. Reid’s part, even if she never does anything else as saliently ignorant, should tell everyone all they need to know about her.
    All over Black America, Blacks are being intellectually and politically short-changed by such people; bartenders, etc., posing as political experts.
    To measure the harmfulness of such behavior, all one needs to do is measure the Black condition. 
    Lastly, while it is certainly true that “even a broken clock is right twice a day,” a more horrifying truth is that “a MIS-SET clock — despite it’s perfect mechanical condition — is NEVER right.”

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