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March 7, 2016

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Says “Most African-Americans Are Not Poor” Because She Doesn’t Understand Poverty

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Says “Most African-Americans Are Not Poor” Because She Doesn’t Understand Poverty

by Yvette Carnell

Last night during the Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders said “when you’re white you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto…” and now Clinton operatives are trying to bury him with the comment.

Throughout this presidential campaign, black people have been highly critical of Sanders for not discussing race, and when he finally does, they’re critical of him for how he discusses it. Sanders can’t win, but the woman who is 1/2 of the political power duo responsible for escalating mass incarceration of black men, welfare reform, and deregulation? She’s sailing through the primaries and headed for the nomination.

After Sanders made his comment on black poverty last night, MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid popped up whack-a-mole style to ‘read’ the white, Jewish U.S. Senator from Vermont:

Here’s the full Bernie Sanders quote on “racial blind spots” from the #DemDebate in Flint.

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 7, 2016


Not sure how the Sanders line that white people in America “don’t know what it’s like to live in the ghetto” will land. #DemDebate

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 7, 2016


Of course, many white Americans know exactly what it’s like to “live in the ghetto.” Many, including immigrants have, do and did.

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 7, 2016


And most African-Americans are not poor. The AA poverty rate is too high, of course, at about 28%, but that’s not most or all.

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 7, 2016


Let’s begin by noting that the percentage of black people below the poverty line, 28 percent, is already higher than the number of blacks with college degrees.

Furthermore, anyone who says “most African-Americans are not poor” doesn’t understand poverty. Here’s why:

poverty thresholds

Since only 28 percent of blacks fall below the poverty line, Reid concludes that only 28 percent of blacks are poor. This reasoning doesn’t go far enough, however.

For a four person family, the poverty threshold stands at a measly $24,300. Would you conclude that a black family of four with earnings of $28,000 is not poor? What about $32,000? The point is that the poverty guidelines aren’t an accurate snapshot of black poverty in this country.

You can be well above the poverty line and still be burdened with economic insecurity, hence economic security, and the structures and customs that buttress that insecurity, are a far more efficient barometer for poverty than the federal poverty line.

A 2010 study published at Democracy New ,for example, found that the median wealth for single black women is $100, compared to $41,000 for single white women. Is $100 in the bank anyone’s definition of not poor? Census median net worth for all black households was about $6,000 in total, as Antonio Moore explained in The Decadent Veil: Black America’s Wealth Illusion, and it only gets worse in comparison to real wealth:

A group that is 13 percent of the U.S. population and built one of the the wealthiest countries the world has known as slave labor controls less than 1.75 percent of that country’s household wealth. With a massive amount of the small slither in the hands of a small black elite. According to the Pew Research Study, 35 percent of Black households have Negative or No Net Worth. Another 15 percent have less than $6,000 in total household worth, that’s nearly 7 million of the total 14 million black households that have little or no security.

Like Joy-Ann Reid, black people tend to forget they’re poor because we can now buy Jordans with our paychecks and eat at Applebee’s with friends. Your position on the financial hierarchy, however, is largely determined by how quickly you slide back into poverty once your cashflow dries up.

Even poor white people have a societal structure that buttresses them if they lose their job. White people can often tap into their whiteness when times get hard, which is why a black college student has the same chances of getting a job as a white high school dropout.  African-Americans, descendants of slaves, don’t have any leverage here, which is why we’re not just broke, but the underclass in this country.

It is also true that black people don’t experience poverty in the same way as whites, further eroding Reid’s premise that poverty can be gleaned through one piece of federal data. According to the Washington Post, poor whites actually live in richer neighborhoods than middle class blacks or Latinos:

A black household with an annual income of $50,000 lives on average in a neighborhood where the median income is under $43,000. But whites with the same income live in neighborhoods where the median income is almost $53,000—about 25 percent higher.


Meanwhile, white families with an annual income of just $13,000 on average live in neighborhoods where the median income is $45,000—slightly higher than the precincts occupied by middle-class blacks and just below that of middle-class Hispanics.

If Reid needs a refresher course in black poverty, she could learn a thing or three from her ex-colleague, Melissa Harris-Perry, who, according to Fox2Now, said the following:

“Starting around Thanksgiving, I began asking, ‘Does anybody know if the show is going to be on air in 2016?” Harris-Perry said.


Holding back tears, Harris-Perry said that she worked hard to support her family, her kids and her mother.


“I support everyone in my family, and I asked, ‘do I have a job?’ and they wouldn’t answer me.”

What does it say about black poverty that a black woman who had a national television only a couple of weeks ago is now worried about her economic security? For me, it says that Harris-Perry understands, far better than Reid, that the overwhelming majority of blacks, even those who earn six figures, remain in a precarious financial situation.

Even if you’re black and have money, you’re surrounded by friends and relatives who don’t. This is further exacerbated by the fact that we don’t own our income sources and thus, have no control over our cashflow.

Reid would be better served by sitting back and soberly reflecting on what transpired with Harris-Perry rather than using one piece of data to play gotcha with Bernie Sanders. If Reid actually stops acting as a surrogate for Clinton, she might learn something about her community and its needs. Being members of the working poor is something most black people have in common. For the most part, we are poor, regardless of what the poverty line says.

I try to address many of the issues discussed in the video below:





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29 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Says “Most African-Americans Are Not Poor” Because She Doesn’t Understand Poverty

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Joy Reid is disingenuous , a tool for MSNBC and a shill for Hillary Clinton. I listen to her blatantly lie about how “Good” Black folks had it under the Bill Clinton administration. Fortunately Michelle Alexander wrote a truthful account of the state of economics for Black Americans particularly Black men under the Clinton administration.

  2. Johnw11 says:

    Not only does Ms. Reid not understand poverty, given her behavior, she also doesn’t understand right and wrong. At this point, all she understands is that she must please her bosses and avoid for as long as possible being booted out of MSNBC studios like others of her ilk have been after years of lying and grinning.
    Her creditors must be worried at this point.
    As far as her fawning over Clinton — her bosses choice, and therefore her own choice — she is simply reinforcing the same kind of ignorance that she’s been reinforcing for several years. No news there, and no pun intended.
    Sanders, on the other hand, in last night’s debate missed two golden opportunities to knock Clinton out the race as far as her making fools of Blacks is concerned.
    (1) When she snitched on President Obama’s taking Wall-Street funds, she was trying to maneuver Sanders into criticizing President Obama, knowing that would cause him to loose points with some Blacks, and at the same time justify her own crooked behavior by pretending to those credulous enough to fall for it that her being owned by Wall-Street was no big deal and she would still help them. Hence, “Hillary, fighting for us.” (LOL)
    Sanders, however, didn’t fall for the bait. Instead he pointed out that no Wall-Street criminals had gone to jail under President Obama without calling his name.  While that reply was OK for thinking people, if I had been advising Sanders, I would have turned it around on her and had him say: ” You are up here putting down President Obama, but according to CNN Politics online, you and your husband have received $153 million in Wall-Street speaking fees since 2001. That was just two years after you all appealed Glass-Segal in 1999. There’s no evidence President Obama has taken that kind of money from Wall-Street, so don’t try to tarnish his name by getting him mixed up in your mess.” ($153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees, Documented,” CNN Politics.)
    That truthful statement would have taught her a lesson about  trying to pander to Blacks’ ignorance by hiding behind President Obama.
    (2) Hillary claimed that she met, or heard Dr. King when she was age 14 and the experience “changed” her life. A clear lie of the same magnitude as the one she told in a 2008 debate about being under enemy fire at a foreign airport.
    While the media was eager to bust her out on that lie, by showing her being received at that airport not by enemy troops, but by children holding boutiques of flowers,  Sanders can expect no such media favors and must bust her lies out himself.
    Therefore, had I been advising him, anticipating the lie, given her propensity to lying, I would have had him reply: ” Now Sec. Clinton, one virtue of a president is never to lie the people in order to get elected, wouldn’t you agree?”
    Lying again, she would have said “yes. I agree.”
    Then I would have had Sanders say: “You say you met Dr. King, or heard him speak, when you were 14 and it changed your life. If that is true, then why is it that 3 years later in 1964, at age 17, you were a ‘Goldwater Girl’ helping Barry Goldwater campaign against the Civil Rights Bill that Dr. King fought for?”
    Had Sanders done those two things, Hillary’s conning of Blacks, except for  the most foolish of the foolish, would have ended right then and there.

  3. scpheonix says:

    My Sister, you and I have disagreed on the hair-touching “symbolism” of the Changeling (mainly because I’m not much for symbolism), but not much else!  You hit the Joy-Ann Reid nail on the head with this one (just as you did with the whole Melissa Harris-Perry thing earlier)!  Appreciate ya!

  4. DoyaunChavezEvans says:

    I think the Jewish guy knows what a Ghetto is…  It is the place they were told to live apart from others with no hope of getting out.  Why are you ashamed?  There is no shame.  It is a problem that has gone ignored by Hillary for 22 years exccept a program or two that relieves the pain of still being kept in a ghetto because you are black or brown.

  5. Rick Manigault says:

    Joy Ann Reid has made a career of contorting every word or symbol into into the confederacy or historical racism, her new job is to repel any opposition to the establishment with that same specialty. Before the summer I heard black establishment hacks declare Bernie a racist  for not having black people in the crowds, Once you start you can’t stop.

  6. Johnw11 says:

    I apologize to readers for misspelling “Glass-Steagall” above as “Glass – Segal,” in case anyone noticed. I believe it is important to be as accurate as possible in all endeavors of life.
    These errors occur because I’m often unable to edit my comments per the editing process.

  7. Johnw11 says:

    Ms. Carnell did an excellent job in breaking down and interpreting the data regarding the TRUE socioeconomic status of African Americans as a collective, not as a “sliver.”
    However, when it comes to the likes of Ms. Reid, I have never viewed such folk as being anything but entertainers reading scripts.
    The whole idea of Sanders committing some kind of sin by speaking of African Americans in terms of poverty is so ridiculous that even a rat could see through it. The ploy of the Sanders’ criticizers is to prevent a critical mass of Blacks from hearing his message. That way, Blacks will continue to vote for Hillary in support of their own demise. While this is painful to behold, it is what it is.
    The first thing to remember is that Ms. Reid is not a social science professional. She is not a sociologist, economist, nor political scientist. She holds a BA degree in “film.” Given this fact, Blacks should want to know why such a person is holding a public sphere position as a “political commentator” where she is responsible for “interpreting” public policies supposedly on behalf of Blacks in the first place.
    That being said, if she did have any social science expertise — the field of science that studies human social-economic- political, etc., conditions in relation to public policies — she would know that race is a standard “predictor” of economic well-being. In other words, when one sees a person, without knowing anything but the person’s race, one can predict that person’s economic well-being in relation to those of other groups. For example, since as a RULE, Blacks have less economic resources than whites, when one sees a Black, it can be “predicted” with great accuracy that he / she is less well-off than their white counterparts.
    On the question of poverty analysis, Ms. Reid did what all incompetents do when out of their lane. She grabbed a statistic (28%) from readily available data sources and assumed that the statistic was accurate. Then, having no sense of sampling, data collection, and analysis complexities, or gradients of poverty, she assumed both that the data were accurate and that if one is not in poverty, then one must be well-off. (I love the way Ms. Carnell discredited Ms. Reid’s either poverty or well-off hallucination.)
    The truth is, however, poverty estimates are rarely accurate for a variety of reasons. For example, the standard method used by the U.S. Census Bureau to collect poverty data,  the ASEC (Annual Social and Economic Supplement) has a response failure rate of 30% or greater. That means that at least 30% of Census data purporting to measure poverty rates is inaccurate. Poverty rates can vary even within the same households, on and on. Such things one is not taught in “film” school. 
    African American poverty rates have been measured to be over 50% by some methodologies. But even if we use the inaccurate 28%, we’re still talking about millions of people. What Black, then, in their right mind, who knows right from wrong, would attack a presidential candidate for bringing attention to this fact with the lame excuse — we are not all poor? Good for you, then. Skippy do! Then he wasn’t referring to you. What’s so hard to understand about that?
    The only answer I can come up with is people of that ilk are egocentric sociopaths, bent on their own career advancement and to hell be the rest.
    The very type of person who believes that the only usefulness Blacks have is to starve and come to their pathetic defense when they are booted-out upon the expiration of their usefulness of mis-leading the Black collective in the interest of the status quo.

  8. Watchful says:

    I guess I’m a bit outta touch bcuz this woman(Ms.Reid) is completely irrelevant to me. That said, even the average dunce knows that the overwhelming majority of blk ppl r poor.

  9. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  Man, you had me cracking up (LOL). The matter should be as simple as you stated. But the fact is when you have trolls like Reid and Sharpton, et al. working overtime at the behest of their paymasters, I think it is always important to counter the frauds. While you and I would never follow, or pay any attention to anything one those trolls say, other people are influenced by them. That’s why white supremacy / racism puts these people on TV, so they can influence others. You already know.
    While you and I, and most Black people already know that most Blacks are poor — especially if they are in touch with their own socio-economic reality or are adept with not only the data  but the source and methodology of the data as I am fortunate enough to be –it is important to explain to people where these lying trolls are coming from. 
    While below I focused on Ms. Reid’s incompetence, and lack of professional  qualifications to discuss poverty prevalence, I think it’s time to briefly explore the psychology motivating her, Sharpton , and their ilk’s behavior. 
    (1) Since Ms. Reid, Sharpton, Harris-Perry, et al. have spent the past several years obfuscating and lying for personal gain in support of policies that have drastically expanded poverty and / or near poverty conditions among Blacks, it understandable that they would rationalize that most Blacks are not poor in order to cover for their own behavior.
    (2) In order for any lie to exist with sociocultural notability, it must have a pre-existing basis. For many in Black America, this is what I call the COSBY Syndrome. For example, many Blacks were happy to see the Cosby Show because it presented Blacks in a positive light. It falsely showed Blacks as being upper middle class. But in truth, while there have always been “successful” Blacks, while the Cosby Show was airing, Black poverty was growing by leaps and bounds caused by Reagan’s anti-Black socioeconomic policies. But who was paying attention? “Look at us looking good on TV.”
    (3) Another reason some people will pay attention to the trolls is, despite being victims of socioeconomic policies, too many people don’t understand the causal relationship between poverty and public policy. Indeed, it is strongly believed that poor people are poor due to their own deficits. They are unmotivated, etc. This lie, a staple of neo-liberal deception grounded in racism to absolve itself of responsibility for the outcome of it’s policies, is believed by more Blacks than you might think.
    Therefore, in this ignorant line of thinking, Blacks who are poor and / or impoverished (and poor and poverty are necessarily the same things) are so due to their own fault, and are an “embarrassment” to the Black wannabees. That is why, with no shame, they will attack a presidential candidate who has promised to spend $5.5 billion to provide jobs for Blacks and “keep them out of prison.” While they lie and run interference for a candidate who locked up historical percentages of Blacks last time around and if elected will do the same this time around in order to meet the prison quotas of her Wall-Street campaign contributors. (See: “Private Prison Lobbyists are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton,” Lee Fang, The Intercept, 7/23/15.)
    These are the psycho/ social/ cultural basis for the trolls’ claiming that most Blacks are well-off. In summary, the fatuous claims are rooted in (1) pathetic psychological attempts to avoid personal roles in causing the condition, (2) taking advantages of Blacks false self-images, and (3) taking advantage of ignorance in terms of the causes of poverty in relation to public policy.
    In large part, it is number 3 that causes many Blacks to vote as if they are voting on “American Idol,”  “Dancing With The Stars,” etc., rather than for policies that determine their standard of living and the future of their children. And it is that ignorance that Hillary and her “Help” are taking advantage of.
    Always good to hear from you, my brother.

  10. Watchful says:


    I guess my interests r so far removed from ppl like Ms.Reid and the other talking heads on MSNBC that I’m often at a loss as to y it seems so many of our ppl tend to get so riled up over the things they say, as if they’re views and opinions somehow really matter.

    U know, I’ve been focusing more on just disassociating myself from the matrix mind control, at least in terms of being influenced by mainstream media types. I’ve been spending more of my time lately listening to ppl like Infinite Waters(Diving Deep) aka Ralph Smart. I find him to be far more insightful and inspirational than anyone on MSNBC could ever dream of being. If u’re not familiar with him u should check him out on youtube.

    BTW, always good to hear from u as well, my friend.

  11. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I’ll check out.
    But right now I’m busy with the electoral process because I want Black people to have jobs and education so they can stay out of jail.
    I can’t withdraw from the world at this time. This might be Blacks last chance to save our communities so our children can have a future.
    I do not represent the Sanders campaign in any way, my views are my own. But I DO support that campaign for the reasons stated above.
    Again, I share your view about Reid and the other incompetent TV, radio, and internet trolls and hustlers. I cannot emphasize enough how irrelevant they are to me.
    But it’s not about me. It’s about the people who look to these people for guidance. That’s why they must be exposed.
    For example, they pretend to be political analysts and talk about how Sanders is not attracting Black voters as if that’s the fault of Sanders. They claim that his support is mostly among whites.
    But how is it Sanders fault if too many Blacks don’t have sense enough to vote for their own children’s future and many whites do. Sanders has time and again laid out in clear terms what he plans to do for Blacks. How is it his fault if Blacks choose to ignore him for someone who has promised them nothing, changes positions every other day, and has only given Blacks hell when she was co-president.
    At some point, the trolls need to stop blaming Sanders and blame Blacks for allowing the trolls to snooker them. Don’t you think?

  12. anthony4422 says:

    This is an insightful article on many fronts.  First the acknowledgement that the criteria and measurement of “poverty” is about as fictitious that of other indicators like consumer price index (CPI) and other bogus government statistics.  Second, the fact that many Blacks, with little or no wealth are only a paycheck or paycheck and a half away from financial trouble.  But most important is the statement our precarious financial situation is exacerbated by the fact that we don’t own our income sources and thus, have no control over our cashflow.  To me, this is the most profound out of all. Until that changes, nothing of real substance will materialize as far as overall Black economic mobility.  You can sit here and pray for a Black elitist like Obama or so called chosen one like Bernie to change the situation, but you will be praying and waiting from here till the cows come home.  The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can get on the right track towards building real wealth.  I don’t care who is in power, the Govt is not going to cut any wealth checks to Black folks.  The president, weather it’s Clinton, Obama, Sanders et al, is not going to do some mass transfer of wealth transaction in to the bank accounts of Black people.  First off because no one truly has that kind of power, and second, even if they did, when a country is trillions of dollars in debt, there is no real wealth to transfer.

  13. Watchful says:


    I overstand/understand where u’re comin’ from, John …. I guess I have just decided that my time and energy is better spent focusing on what I need to do to improve myself and hopefully, in the process, find ways to contribute to the upliftment of my ppl. With all due respect to u, my brutha … I don’t believe Sanders, or any other white person for that matter, will provide us with what it is we truly need. The only ones that can do that is we ourselves, and I think once a critical mass of our ppl realize that and then begin to act upon that realization we’ll be able to see immediate tangible change. As long as we keep lookin’ to white ppl to save us we’re screwed IMO. Even if Sanders is sincere in his campaign promises and even he were to be elected/selected, there’s no reason for me to believe that this racist congress would ever allow him to implement the policies he claims that he intends to push thru. It’s simply up to us to liberate ourselves … that’s the reality as I see it. We can call out these ‘trolls’, as u refer to them. all we want, but is that really gonna significantly change anything for our ppl? I think not. But again, I respect ur convictions even if I don’t share them. At any rate, carry on.

  14. Watchful says:


    I agree with much of what u said in ur comment. Where I disagree is that the massive transfer of wealth has already transpired and it was transferred to the global elites thru their international banking cabal, better known as, central banks.

  15. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful It’s great that you’ll finding time to improve yourself. Obviously, that’s where it all begins.
    While I know you don’t vote, and, if you’ve noticed I haven’t said anything to you about voting.
    Just a few points to consider though, if it’s OK with you.
    1. Congress comes up for election at the same time the president does. Every member of the House, and over a third of the Senate will be up for re-election November 2016.
    2. Congress has never stopped any president from doing anything they’ve wanted to do. The presidency now is an “imperial presidency,” with far more power than presidencies of the past and almost all of the imperial powers have been bestowed by the GOP congress over the past 7 years (public theatrical showboating not withstanding). 
    For example, unlike presently, FDR never had the power to order the arrest of an American citizen and detain him / her “indefinitely,” on his whim and word alone, without any charge or proof. Despite this, FDR managed to implement the two “New Deals” of the 1930s that put millions of people to work by Executive Orders.
    3. I often her people say “no white person is ever going to do anything for us.” I agree! That’s why we have to do it for OURSELVES by voting for the candidate with the platform that addresses our needs.
    In my analysis, that candidate is Bernie Sanders. 
    Lastly, Sanders has already said repeatedly that if millions of people stand up and DEMAND socioeconomic justice, the corrupt politicians will then have to serve the people and not their Wall-Street campaign donors.
    To me, that makes sense.
    Carry on, my brother, you I have to holla at you from time to time. And big ups to you for going in on that self-improvement piece!

  16. Watchful says:


    It’s not so much about improving myself, John … it’s more about attempting to remove myself, consciously, from the matrix mind control machine that has everyone all hyped up over an electoral process that is rigged from the jump. I refuse to get caught up in all the distraction. It’s all theater to me, with ur boy Bernie being just one of the main characters or players. It’s fine if u like being entertained and distracted … but, in the end, no matter who holds the office of POTUS, won’t a damn thing change, except for the worse. They used the current POTUS to dupe the masses of voters during the last election cycle and it’ll be the same this time around, no matter who TPTB select. I really couldn’t care less who becomes the next POTUS cuz whoever it is won’t be running anything and the same applies to the congress. They’ll all take their marching orders from those behind the scenes who really call the shots, just like all their predecessors. It’s all just a grand illusion perpetrated by TPTB to trick the ppl into believing they actually have a say in how things r run in this country thru their worthless votes. I stopped falling for it decades ago, way back in 1986, when I realized that voting was a complete and utter waste of time. And I’ve seen nothing since that time that’s even come remotely close to changing my mind. Having faith in the electoral process at this point, is an exercise in futility as far as I’m concerned. But again, as I’ve said b4, carry on, my friend.

  17. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  Also, for clarification purposes, the internment of Japanese living in the U.S. during WWII after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor was the result of an Executive Order (No. 9066, signed by FDR Feb. 1942 ) but at least they were “charged” with being potential perpetrators of “espionage and sabotage.” Today, one can be detained without any charge at all, not by Executive Order, but by fiat.
    Also, Abe Lincoln’s much heralded Emancipation Proclamation (Jan. 1,1863) which allegedly “freed” our ancestors from mercantile bondage was an Executive Order. Although it only applied to those held bondage in the rebellious Confederate States (the same states Hillary is winning, and the only states she’s winning) and therefore had no effect because there was no way to enforce it because the Union had no authority over Bill’s southern (Arkansas)ancestors.
    Lastly, for those (not you) who erroneously believe that presidents have no power when it comes to Wall-Street, they should read Ron Susskind’s “Confidence Men.” That book will tell them all they need to know about the matter.

  18. anthony4422 says:

    Watchful anthony4422 Certainly the Creature from Jekyll Island (US Fed Reserve) and other central banks have had  a stranglehold around nations of the world since their inception. Aside from them, Blacks are not (no will ever be, in my opinion) in a position to capitalize on massive spending by governments and corporations that would enable us to build enterprises.  The exception would be the well connected Black elitists who get the bread crumbs of the DBA/8A program contracts.

    Also, I read some of your other comments and it’s good to know there are other, intelligent Black people with the insight to see the political world for what it is.. a charade, a circus and, for all practical purposes an act.  An act that preys on the hopes and emotions of people, to pit one against the other, all while the power that rests behind the throne continue to pull the puppet strings and execute their plan.  I’ve stopped worrying about who the President will be years ago as well and started working on building my own empire that will lead to self-sufficiency.  And I realize now that it CAN be done without going to the white man, begging him for his wealth or for an opportunity to work for him and make him rich.  If more Blacks thought that way, and combined that thought will real action, perhaps we would be in a position have more control over our destiny.  Instead, we keep hoping, praying, then complaining when we put faith in politicians (white or black) who end up being exactly who we knew they would be all along, puppets.  Obama was not going to be a savior for Black people and nor will Clinton or Sanders.  Again glad to see there are critical thinkers among us.  Peace.

  19. Watchful says:


    VERY well said, anthony …. I just wish many more of our ppl thought like u.  Hotep, my brutha.

  20. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful LOL.  How are you?

  21. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful Johnw11 I haven’t watch MSNBC for so long that I forgot that it still exist.  I ain’t got time for bullccrap.

  22. Watchful says:


    Doin’ just fine … thx for askin’.  How r u and the family doin’?

  23. Watchful says:


    I know what u mean, queen. Fortunately for me, until recently, I didn’t even have cable or satellite TV so I couldn’t have watched MSNBC even if I wanted to … and believe me, I didn’t want to.LOL  I mostly watch RT America’s daily broadcast and then I go online and watch a number of different alternative news sources to stay informed. I quit viewing and listening to mainstream media outlets years ago and I try to encourage others to do the same, or at least add alternative news sources to their viewing and listening choices. U simply won’t get the truth from mainstream media, at least not til it’s already too late to matter IMO. I know I’m preaching to the choir cuz I know u’ve been using multiple alternative news sources for sometime now.

  24. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful Chillin.  Family is doing well. I  watch RT and France 24 online. I used to subscribe to AT&T so I can watch One America News for alternative news.  Now that Aljazeera is now gone.  Directv has removed it from the lineup due to the lawsuit filed by Peyton Manning and others.

  25. Watchful says:


    Good! Glad to know u and the family r doin’ well. I used to watch France24, too. I’m gonna have to check to see if it’s available on the satellite system that I now have access to. I’m not familiar with One America News, but I’ll see if I can find it. I think Al Jazeera has recently become defunct back in January I believe. After the revelations about Peyton Manning surfaced involving him and his dad placing false accusations against an athletic trainer who worked at his alma mater, University of Tennessee, I’ve lost all respect for Peyton. He and his father falsely accused the trainer of having sex with athletes at Tennessee at that time 20 years ago and specifically claimed that they were ‘black’ athletes in a racist attempt to try to somehow besmirch the reputation the trainer whose name is.Dr. Jamie Naughright who had made sexual harassment allegations against Manning when she was his trainer at the time. The case was settled years ago, but the story recently resurfaced right around the time of this year’s Super Bowl and Peyton was tryin’ his best to do some damage control especially coming on the heels of the Al Jazeera documentary suggesting his possible PED use. If u weren’t aware of it u can read about it at the following link.

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