Jury Finds Man Who Repeatedly Stomped and Kicked Black Man in the Head Guilty of Hate Crime

by admin | March 31, 2016 1:27 pm

A federal jury convicted on Wednesday an Iowa man who repeatedly kicked and stomped a black man in the head.

Randy Metcalf, 40, was found guilty of committing a hate crime by causing bodily injury to Lamarr Sandridge, who is black, based on race, The Gazette[1] reports.

The charges stemmed from a 2015 bar fight where Metcalf showed off his swastika tattoos and talked about cross burnings.

Ted Stackis, owner of the bar, testified during trial that Metcalf not only made racially offensive remarks, but also directed the N-word at Sandridge and his two white female companions.

Bartender Becky Burkes describes what led up to the fight:

Stackis left the bar before the fight but Becky Burkes, a part-time bartender at North Side, testified the physical assault happened when Sandridge’s friend Katie Flores knocked a cellphone out of Metcalf’s fiancee’s hand. Metcalf then went for Flores and Sandridge grabbed Metcalf from behind, but Metcalf’s two buddies put Sandridge in a headlock and repeatedly punch him until he was unconscious on the floor. Metcalf then started kicking and stomping on Sandridge’s head.


Burkes, who is also a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, said she tried to push Metcalf and others back and get between them and Sandridge. Sandridge was bleeding heavily and Burkes said she was worried he would choke on blood. Burkes kicked out Metcalf and his friends and then called 911.

Surveillance video shows Metcalf leaving the bar, then kicking an unconscious Sandridge in the head after he returns to get his jacket.

Sandridge doesn’t recall most of the beating.

Metcalf faces up to 10 years in prison.

Jury Finds Man Who Repeatedly Stomped and Kicked Black Man in the Head Guilty of Hate Crime

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