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March 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Defends Wall St. Donations: Obama Took More Money From Wall St. Than Anyone

Hillary Clinton Defends Wall St. Donations: Obama Took More Money From Wall St. Than Anyone

by Yvette Carnell

During the run-up to the South Carolina primary, Hillary Clinton sharply criticized Bernie Sanders for not being supportive enough of President Obama. Now that we’re past primaries in states where the black vote is essential to victory, Clinton is throwing Obama under the bus for being even more in bed with Wall Street than herself.

During Sunday night’s debate, Sanders ripped Clinton for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Wall Street firms. Here’s how Hillary Clinton defended herself:

“President Obama took more money from Wall Street in the 2008 campaign than anybody ever had,” Clinton quipped. Then she saved herself, by adding, “when it came time to stand up to Wall St., he passed and signed the toughest regulations since the Great Depression.”

Clinton is referring to Dodd-Frank, but in many ways Dodd-Frank was actually gutted by the industry that Clinton claims had no power over Obama after financing his campaign.

Still, Hillary Clinton’s message was clear: Don’t come for me or I’ll come for Obama. Liberals may as well get used to this refrain since every future demand from the base will be met by a comparison to the centrist Obama.

Although Hillary Clinton saved herself at last night’s debate by pointing out just how much Wall Street cash Obama has taken, she was much more careful in speaking of Obama prior to the South Carolina and Georgia primaries, where the black vote was essential to her victories.

In fact, during a February debate, Clinton tore into Sanders for not being supportive enough of Obama. During an interview, Sanders had once suggested that Obama failed to close the “presidential leadership gap” between Congress and the American public.

Clinton jumped on the comment.

“This is not the first time he has criticized President Obama,” Clinton said. She noted that Sanders had once called Obama “weak”  as well.

“The kind of criticism we’ve heard from Sen. Sanders about our president, I expect from Republicans,” she explained. “I do not expect from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama.”

That’s over now, though, so Hillary Clinton can draw attention to the fact that she’s not the only one with pockets full of Wall Street cash.

Watch the debate video below:



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2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Defends Wall St. Donations: Obama Took More Money From Wall St. Than Anyone

  1. Johnw11 says:

    What Clinton was trying to do by snitching on President Obama was maneuver Sanders into criticizing him knowing the psychological hold he still has on many Blacks. Knowing that in the minds of many Blacks, anything that President Obama does is good, and nothing is wrong, she attempted to justify her own shameless Wall-Street sell-out behavior by hiding behind him. Sanders, while he could have easily discounted her ridiculous ploy more directly, countered instead that no Wall-Street  banker has gone to jail despite their crimes. That was an OK response.
    However, if I had been advising Sanders, I would have had him say: “according to CNN online, you and your husband have received over $150 million from Wall-Street since 2001. There’s no evidence President Obama has received that kind of Wall-Street cash.”
    That would have put an end to her trying to make fools of, and pandering to, Blacks by trying to hide behind President Obama.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    I’m not sure why Hilary is taking dishonest swipes at a candidate she’s already beaten, but it’s very telling, Sanders who represents real liberal values like workers rights and fare wages is being attacked on the left from the wife of the NAFTA champion.

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