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March 22, 2016

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton Take Shots at Obama and the “Awful Legacy” of the Past 8 Years

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton Take Shots at Obama and the “Awful Legacy” of the Past 8 Years

During a speech yesterday in Spokane, Washington, former President Bill Clinton trashed Obama’s legacy. Now, however, the former president is backtracking, saying his criticism wasn’t of Obama, but of the years of Republican obstructionism. That would make sense if Mr. Clinton hadn’t trashed Obama once before during this election cycle.

Here are Mr. Clinton’s remarks:

“I literally from the time I met her 45 years ago until we talked yesterday, she is the best change maker I have ever known. She always finds a way to make something good happen, to make people feel empowered, to buy people into the process, to make democracy work the way the framers intended for it to work. Now if you don’t believe we can all grow together again, if you don’t believe we’re ever going to grow again, if you believe it’s more important to re-litigate the past, there may be many reasons that you don’t want to support her,” said Mr. Clinton.

“But if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that where we were practicing trickle-down economics with no regulation in Washington, which is what caused the crash, then you should vote for her. Because she’s the only person who basically has good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander-in-chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and Democrats and Independents alike.”

Clinton’s aides quickly ‘clarified’ his remarks.

“When Republicans controlled the White House, their trickle-down approach drove our economy to the brink of a collapse. After President Obama was elected, Republicans made it their number one goal to block him at every turn,” spokesman Angel Urena said in a statement. “That unprecedented obstruction these last eight years is their legacy, and the American people should reject it by electing Hillary Clinton to build on President Obama’s success so we can all grow and succeed together.”

Many political observers will recall that Mr. Clinton also downplayed the historic value of Barack Obama being America’s first black president.

“The other thing I want to make a funny comment about is Steve Cohen’s remark that I was just a stand-in for the first black president,” Bill Clinton said in February while campaigning for Hillary in Memphis. “I’m happy to do that.”

“But you know what else we learned from the human genome?” Clinton explained.

“We learned that unless your ancestors, every one of you, are 100 percent, 100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed-race people.”

And Hillary Clinton criticized President Obama during her speech to AIPAC yesterday.

“One of the first things I’ll do in office is invite the Israeli prime minister to visit the White House,” said Hillary Clinton, referring to Obama’s contentious relationship with Bibi Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s relationship with Obama is frosty for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the level of disrespect shown Pres. Obama by the Israeli Prime Minister.

Even though Israel gets millions of dollars in free military equipment and aid from this country, Netanyahu scolded Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, telling the Obama administration “not to ever second guess me again”.

After then-Speaker Boehner invited Netanyahu to give a speech to Congress without consulting Obama, several Congressional Black Caucus members decided to skip the speech.

Watch Bill Clinton’s remarks below:




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6 thoughts on “Both Hillary and Bill Clinton Take Shots at Obama and the “Awful Legacy” of the Past 8 Years

  1. ConvictNo9653 says:

    Don’t worry. She’ll change her tune soon as someone mentions her poll numbers or her emails again. Have you ever noticed how every time she starts to get in trouble she hides behind a popular black man? 

    Bad poll numbers? “A vote for me is a vote for Obama!” 

    Illegal emails? “B-b-b-ut Colin Powell did it too!”


  2. LeviChevarimHurt says:

    Because she’s the only person who basically has good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander-in-chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and Democrats and Independents alike.”   Bill, how bout giving me some of what your smoking!

  3. Jumane says:

    Hey Bill, how about owing up to the sad and disastrous 8 years you presided in the White House . . . with signing the infamous crime bill, providing funding to hire more cops, building more prison cells, diminishing safeguards for struggling families on welfare, bombarding Iraq with depleted uranium shells during the same number of years you served as President, etc., etc., etc?

  4. Jumane says:

    Once a hypocrite always a hypocrite.

  5. Johnw11 says:

    Nothing could be more symbolic of Bill’s and Hillary’s co-presidential legacy than the above photo. There he stands in a photo opt with his victims being forced to stand behind him. I find it most despicable!
    While these men, victims of the Clintons’ selective mass incarceration of Blacks during the 1990s, are standing behind him most likely against their will, many thousands of Blacks in the here and now — mostly influenced by corrupt Black politicians and preachers — are flocking to the polls to vote for more of the same.
    Given the fact that the primary electoral process has largely moved away from states where Blacks make-up either the majority or significant components of the Dem electorate, the Clintons can be expected to increasingly reveal their true attitude towards not  only President Obama, but Blacks in general. Their objective  now is to win the white vote, since there are few Blacks left to vote against their own children’s future for “Miss Hilary.” 
    Indeed, the white vote is what Hilary has proven weakest in attracting (snookering). The Blacks, the Clintons’ core victims, are the ones responsible for her tenuous success up to this point. But even that “firewall” of ignorance suffered severe breeches as the election moved north. And, despite the media’s claim otherwise, the Blacks in Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri have a different story to tell. I know because I’ve heard many of them tell it.
    So the 1964 anti-civil rights “Goldwater Girl” sees no need to continuing playing “Obama Girl” in 2016. It’s now time to attract white voters. In Washington state, where Bill made the above referenced comments, Blacks make-up only 4% of the population. And in Spokane county, they make up only 3.5% of the population.
    Bill has said that his and Hilary’s mass incarceration of Blacks in the 1990s was a “mistake.” But if that is their true sentiment, how do they explain their continuing to take huge campaign donations from private prison owners right now?
    Private prisons are businesses. They operate for profit. The only way they can make a profit is that their cells are filled with bodies. Therefore, the only relevant question in that regard is whose children do they plan to lock-up in order to repay the private prison owners for these campaign contribution favors?
    Perhaps Rep. John Lewis and the other endorsing corrupt politicians and preachers can answer that important question.

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