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March 10, 2016

Elderly Amputee Wrongfully Arrested in Connection With Wife’s Death Dies in Jail

Elderly Amputee Wrongfully Arrested in Connection With Wife’s Death Dies in Jail

A California man mistakenly arrested in connection with his wife’s death died in police custody on Sunday.

Oakland police claim they were investigating a report of a death when they entered Melvin Stubbs’ and Terry Cameron’s home on Saturday and found a mess, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The home was in shambles and 55-year-old Cameron was lying dead on the floor with injuries that appeared to be from a struggle.

Stubbs, a diabetic amputee, had scratches on his arm as well, leading police to believe that Cameron’s death was the result of foul play.

Stubbs was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife. He died the next day.

An autopsy performed after Stubbs’ death, however, found that Cameron actually died from acute bacterial meningitis.

Oakland police claim no one had heard from Cameron in days and feared for her safety. They also point out that Stubbs admitted to having had an altercation with Cameron before she died.

Oakland police Lt. Roland Holmgren told the Times that given Cameron’s appearance, Stubbs’ defensive wounds, and the disarray in which officers found the home, arresting Stubbs mad sense.

“The evidence was there … there was was more than enough reasonable suspicion,” Holmgren said. “My intention is not to limit feelings in this thing. This is an incident that two families are suffering from. I think we have a civil responsibility to get the facts out.”

Holmgren says Stubbs did receive medical care at a hospital before being released back to police.

He died Sunday.


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