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March 19, 2016

82-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized After Cops Allegedly Raid Wrong Home

82-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized After Cops Allegedly Raid Wrong Home

A raid by Chicago police sent an 82-year-old grandmother to the hospital and now her family wants answers.

Although police claim they did not target the wrong home, Elizabeth Harrison says they must’ve mistakenly raided her home since she lives there alone.

Chicago cops broke through Harrison’s door on Thursday, guns drawn, while the elderly woman was having a doughnut and coffee, CBS Chicago reports.

“They were there with the guns drawn: “Put your hands up! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!” Harrison told ABC-7.

“At that point, I thought I was having a heart attack,” she told  the news station. “I just started shaking.”

Harrison said she always encourages young people to follow the law.

“I always tell my young people, ‘Respect the law,'” Harrison said. “But to have them come in and do what they did to me, something is wrong. Really wrong.”

Harrison, a retired school teacher, says the raid could’ve ended her life. She was taken to the hospital where doctors are still monitoring her heart rate.

“They damn near killed me,” Harrison said.

Harrison says she tried to tell the officers that she was a widow who lived alone, but no one believed her.

“They wanted me to produce this young man that they were looking for. And they would not take no for an answer that I didn’t know him,” she said.

Linda Channel, Harrison’s daughter, lives nearby and arrived on the scene to find her mother struggling to breathe.

“They had her sitting in a chair, and her breathing was like (heavy breathing sounds),” said Channel. “I almost had a heart attack.”

The man who police were searching for showed up at the scene to talk with police. Police officials insist that they did not make a mistake, but refused to offer any additional details.

Watch the video below:


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5 thoughts on “82-Year-Old Woman Hospitalized After Cops Allegedly Raid Wrong Home

  1. hiroader2 says:

    Got to give credit to the young man to voluntarily de-escalate the home invasion by correcting the police… (126 not 136)… BUT even with that CORRECTION the police are literally _ publicly_ validating flawed surveillance & intelligence… (There was none)…

  2. DanitaFord says:

    this what we are talking about where is the training and knowledge of these officers this just make me sad  and sick to see this lady get treated in this fashion .Because she told them that she did not know the person they were looking for they still acted as if she was lying to them .Wow police are a trip and they all need to be fired and paying for her door is not going to pay for her medical bills .I hope the family get attorney and sues that department ,Because they need to have there information correct before they do things like that.Just sad.

  3. turkey1 says:

    If you have a search warrant to search the home, search it and if you find no one there except and 82 year old retired school teacher, apologize and make her whole again, traumatizing her makes no sense, peoples opinions of law enforcement officers will slowly go down the drain, unless they quickly change there ways and tactics.

  4. hiroader2 says:

    Problem is the “public” are witnessing their (training) at first-hand.., The CYA mode & the disregard for accountability has become the norm for the profession…

  5. Watchful says:


    Pretty sure alotta ppl’s opinions have long since gone down the drain.

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