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February 18, 2016

“N****r I’ll Kill You”: Man Guilty of Making Ethnic Threats to Teen

“N****r I’ll Kill You”: Man Guilty of Making Ethnic Threats to Teen

A Michigan ex-con who managed a trailer park has been convicted of ethnic intimidation after hurling racial slurs at a teen last June, WZZM reports.

Terry Ray Brooks Jr. was found guilty on Wednesday over his racial rant directed at 14-year-old Skylar Toris and another boy as they took a short-cut through the park.

One boy ran off once Brooks arrived, but a scuffle ensued between Brooks and Toris and the teen accused the 46 year old of making racial threats while they waited for police.

“He told me he would kill me, he’s been to prison before; [and he] called me a n*****. ‘I’ll kill you,’ this and this,” the teen testified.

“While holding the victim to the ground, the suspect called him a n****r several times and told him he didn’t deserve to live,’’ a Kent County sheriff’s deputy wrote in a statement.

Brooks served 21 years in jail for the beating death of a college student.

Notice that Brooks never told Toris, who is biracial, that “we’re all Africans” or “I’ll kill you biracial boy!”  This is in stark contrast to comments recently made by Bill Clinton.

“The other thing I want to make a funny comment about is Steve Cohen’s remark that I was just a stand-in for the first black president,” Clinton said. “I’m happy to do that, but you know what else we learned from the human genome? We learned that unless your ancestors, every one of you, are 100 percent, 100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed-race people.”

It is also important to note that Brooks was serving as manager of the trailer park community after having served 21 years in prison for beating a student to death. It is doubtful that a black man would’ve been given such an opportunity.

The jury took three hours to return a guilty verdict. Brooks could serve up to two years in prison or be fined up to $5,000.


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5 thoughts on ““N****r I’ll Kill You”: Man Guilty of Making Ethnic Threats to Teen

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    I sure wouldn’t be discouraging people from hiring felons, In fact I support a law making background checks subject to approval, we live in a very litigious society and hiring has unnecessary risk. In my lovely hometown a racist local author outs ex cons working for the city that  dedicate there lives to raising children better circumstances than they could imagine.

    As a youngster I ran into this man a few times, the Aryan ex con with a power trip over young black men, Imagine a man who gets told whats what for 20 years and they give him authority to push around black teens and call the police. This encounter is so common I would council youngsters to stay together and fight, make sure none of you is left behind, this man would have killed this kid and had the other trailer trash defending him.

  2. TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault “Background Checks” will affect Black ex-offenders more than anyone else.  Th eBlack ex-offenders with drug convictions, should be given a second chance at employment once they turn ther lives around.  This particular Ayran thug in this story should never have been let out of prison in the first place.  His crime was pre-meditated murder if he took the time and effort to beat someone to death.

  3. Rick Manigault says:

    TinaSue Good points Tina.

    I agree with the sentiment in general, at the same time I can’t say 21 years in prison is not a stiff enough sentence. Beating a person to death is more heat of passion then premeditated. Look at the white man with no record accused of killing those people in Kalamazoo, idiots are calling for stronger background checks, in other words black weed dealers can’t work a damn driving job, because a white man killed a bunch of people, I oppose background checks.

  4. TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault TinaSue If that Kalamazoo man had been Black, not even Blacks with “non-criminal records” would ever get a job with Uber.  It’s different for us when one of ours acts up.

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