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February 4, 2016

More Than 170 Black Women Dispatched to the South to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

More Than 170 Black Women Dispatched to the South to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

by Yvette Carnell

Team Clinton was apparently stunned by how close opponent Bernie Sanders came to cleaning Hillary Clinton’s clock in the Iowa caucuses. According to the The Des Moines Register , the final tally was as follows:

Clinton: 700.59

Sanders: 696.82.

So it should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton is bringing out the big guns now, and by big guns, I mean she’s dispatching African-American women, along with her husband, to rally the troops, as The Washington Post reports:

Former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to headline a rally in Columbia, S.C., on Wednesday night aimed at firing up African American voters, a key constituency in the state’s upcoming Democratic primary. The campaign also announced that over the next month, more than 170 black women, from grass-roots activists to elected officials to entertainers, will be dispatched to the Palmetto State and other Southern states.

Given that Hillary Clinton is one half of the political duo known as Team Clinton, it is unclear why anyone would waste their time campaigning for her. Or how any Black person could be rallied by anything Bill Clinton has to say.

In case people forgot, let’s recall that it was Bill Clinton who turned the Democratic Party into just another wing of the GOP. Clinton adopted Reagan’s glorification of ‘values politics’ and declared that the “era of big government is over.” He supported “school choice”, as opposed to investments in impoverished school systems, and called for more police to protect families from “crime and gangs and drugs.” Regarding the Los Angeles uprising, Clinton echoed the Republican line that the riots stemmed from a “culture of poverty.”

And remember Lillie Harden, the black woman who Bill Clinton had standing beside him at the signing of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act? As it turns out, he used her just like he and Hillary are using the 170 black women who are now rushing to Hillary’s defense.

From Salon:

 In 2014, Lillie Harden, the mother who was exploited as the poster child for President Clinton’s campaign to “end welfare as we know it,” died. In the last decade of her life, encumbered with hardship, Harden had struggled with health problems, but could not afford the medication she needed — which she had gotten when she was on welfare. “It didn’t pay off in the end,” Harden lamented.

So exactly who is racing to Hillary’s defense and for what? I’m not looking for the Clintons to do anything for or to black people. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve already done enough damage.


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One thought on “More Than 170 Black Women Dispatched to the South to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

  1. TinaSue says:

    I think Bill Clinton signed the death warrent of a mentally retared Black man in Arkansas to show that he was tough on crime.  How sad.

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