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January 20, 2016

White Georgia Cop Who Told Black Driver, “I Don’t Care About Your People” Suspended for Only 2 Weeks

White Georgia Cop Who Told Black Driver, “I Don’t Care About Your People” Suspended for Only 2 Weeks

A Cobb County, Ga. police officer who made a racially offensive comment to a black driver and is accused of aggressively following black city Commissioner Lisa Cupid will only be punished with a two week suspension without pay.

Cobb Police Chief John Houser released a memo on Friday recommending Officer Maurice Lawson be suspended for 80 hours without pay.

BreakingBrown previously reported on the incident:

Middle school teacher Brian Baker, 33, was stopped on Nov. 16 at around 2am and given two tickets–one for speeding and one for failing to maintain lane–by Officer Maurice Lawson.


After receiving the tickets, Baker asks if he can leave. Dashcam video of the shows Lawson then begin to make fun of Baker by repeating the question.


Lawson then says: “Leave. Go away. Go to Fulton County. I don’t care about your people, man, go.”


Fulton Co. is Atlanta, so Lawson seems to be telling Baker to go back to his mostly black county. According to the Census, in 2014 blacks comprised only 27% of Cobb County’s population.Baker asked Officer Lawson what he meant by the comment.


“I said Fulton County,” Lawson replies. “Do you want to step out and talk to me?”


“Why do you need me to step out of the car?” Baker asks.


“Go back to Fulton County, sir.”


After Baker drives off, Lawson seems to explain to two other officers why he has problems with blacks.


“I lose my cool, man, every time. Why do I got to deal with (stuff) like that. This is the (expletive) America we live in, ain’t it?”

Chief Houser wrote that Lawson’s behavior damaged the officer’s credibility.

“Loss of emotional control, statements that can be construed as racially biased or insensitive, and unnecessary banter and invitations to step out of a vehicle that have the potential to lead to an altercation are unacceptable and damaging to the citizens involved and our community as a whole,” Houser wrote, according to The Marietta Daily Journal. “The Cobb County Police Department is built on courtesy and professionalism. Any conduct that undermines those values will absolutely not be tolerated.”

Watch the video of the incident below:


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One thought on “White Georgia Cop Who Told Black Driver, “I Don’t Care About Your People” Suspended for Only 2 Weeks

  1. Green1781 says:

    Sad to know that this type of unprofessional behavior and racist comments coming from a person who is supposed to protect and serve.!! This officer should of been fired !! He is the type that will point & shoot instead of protect & serve. And use this authority as a sword and abuse it to his greatest ability. And you wonder why some citizens HATE the police !! Foh

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