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January 15, 2016

Meeting Called as Negro Whisperers Predictably Losing Their Jobs as Obama’s Clock Winds Down

Meeting Called as Negro Whisperers Predictably Losing Their Jobs as Obama’s Clock Winds Down

by Yvette Carnell

Most of what is considered “black media” in the 21st century isn’t published on platforms owned by black people. As I’ve reiterated any number of times, this puts black pundits, many of whom functioned more as Obama’s spokespeople rather than independent commentators beginning in 2008, in a precarious situation.

When Obama was elected, networks scrambled to hire their own race explainers to interpret “blackness” for their mostly white audiences. This entire enterprise can probably be laid at the feet of Booker T. Washington, and since then, becoming a racial spokesperson, or Negro whisperer, has provided a venue for blacks handpicked by corporate networks to behave as if they’ve fastened their tentacles secure within what can only be interpreted as some top secret hive mind existing deep within the black community.

There is no black community, of course, only black communities, each with its own agenda items and priorities. Complexity doesn’t make for a good sound bites, though. With a black man in the White House, the sure money was on race explainers who would interpret for white viewers what Obama and his black supporters were smoke signaling.

With Obama on his way out now, so are his black media functionaries. We’ve seen Toure, Joy-Ann Reid, and Goldie Taylor all removed from MSNBC. And Rev. Al Sharpton’s daily 6pm show was moved to one time a week on Sunday at 8am. Even black journalists are being shown the door. Although this was all both predictable, black media types are ringing the alarm bells, according to Amsterdam News:

The rumor mill is also abuzz with strong rumors that nationally renowned Tom Joyner may shortly be ending his tenure with Radio One. According to some reports, Joyner, whose daily morning show attracts millions of listeners, will end its syndication coinciding with President Barack Obama’s last year in office.

Reports such as these and the growing absence of these well-known and well respected names is sending shockwaves through the nation. Here in New York, plans are underway to address and confront the issue. Following a recent meeting at the headquarters of National Action Network between Sharpton and Lloyd Williams, president of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, they decided something must be done about the situation. With that in mind, they are calling for a meeting to address the increasingly troubling disappearance of Black talk shows, personalities and reporters in the media. Sharpton and Williams stated, “Deon Levingston no longer at Emmis is something we must take seriously because of its overall national ramifications. If we are concerned about the future of Black media here and across the nation, we must speak up now before the situation continues to worsen.”

Although the purge of black journalists did not begin with the Obama administration, the election of the first black president did provide a temporary reprieve for them. That’s over now.

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17 thoughts on “Meeting Called as Negro Whisperers Predictably Losing Their Jobs as Obama’s Clock Winds Down

  1. greeneink says:

    Weren’t they hired as temps in the first place? No Black person who lives in this country should just now be figuring out that they don’t have a solid place in corporate America unless they cook, clean, take out the trash, do manual labor, function as babysitters, and peddle push papers in the dungeons of large law firms. That has never happened in the history of this country, except for a token few … and it never will.
    Other than that, we make our own way, regardless. Barack Obama’s legacy didn’t stop racism, but it did wake some sleeping@ Black folks the hayell up and made them face a truth they had been in denial about for far too long. 
    For a change we can all believe in.

  2. tiyegiggles says:


  3. DetrickDeBurr says:

    I believe there is a clear role for the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, etc.  (i.e. Racial Spokespersons) . I agree there is not “A” black community. We are all across the board. And in most cases we don’t agree 100% with the person “in the camera” at the time. But just as we have a “personification” of America that we call the President, I also believe there needs to be a “personification” of Black America.  Its no one particular person, but we loosely refer to them as Black Leadership. And they help identify and articulate priorities among us.  

    Here’s why… After the voting, marching, boycotting, etc. there must be “negotiations”. Negotiations are handled by individual people. Of course we will have varying opinions of them, but for the most part their job is to “negotiate the deal”. For example, there were many Black people who disagreed with Dr. Martin Luther King then and now. But when it was time to negotiate the civil rights act of 1964, some one had to actually sit down with the administration and “work out the details”. This the role, in my opinion, of Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Min. Farrakhan, etc.

  4. greeneink says:

    DetrickDeBurr You can’t negotiate with the devil. He wants you dead. The only thing you can do with him is pull the plug once and for all, or keep running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail and doesn’t know it was his to begin with.

  5. Jonhlee01 says:

    greeneink DetrickDeBurr In the case of Sharpton and Jackson they are just as much as the devil as these white racist. This wouldn’t be an issue if black people would simply support their own media and hold them accountable whether they are own by whites or blacks.

  6. AMAC7210 says:

    It would be a great day for these apologist to disappear all of them have been a spokesperson for a man that has completely ignored the Black man. We have to hold ourselves accountable because of our lack of knowing Thy Self and Self Worth. Instead we put our trust in the so-called Elitiest ie MLK. DuBois.. Douglas just to name a few to speak or make decisions on our behalf. These so-called leaders oftentimes view us as uniformed. not intelligent or possessing no knowledge to make our own decision. When we get leaders that have our best interest I.e Garvey, Malcolm. Frank Williams they’re often time muted or use the Elite Blacks that they own to discredit them. We have been brainwashed from religion to education teaching us that the oppressor is superior in all areas. Until we learn SELF which means learning the TRUTH we will continue to be in this same situation relying on a few to make the decision what’s best for millions.

  7. henrydunn54 says:

    I am often amused when people say President Obama has done nothing for black people in America. It seems to me that people who say that have bought the White lie that he is supposed to solve racism along with all that plagues the black community. This seemed to be perpetuated by Tavis Smiley/Cornel West movement which as we all know, were simply pissed because they weren’t chosen as a part of the inner circle. To all those who thought it was the President task, I say this, it is very unfair to place black folks burdens at the feet of President Obama simply because white folks said so and by doing so, placed the President in a position of “damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. To My people I say this: White america constantly tells us to cleanup our communities, hold ourselves accountable. Ok, how about we do that rather seemingly waiting on someone else to do it for us.

  8. AMAC7210 says:

    henrydunn54 Henry.. I find it comical as well as insulting when people like yourself come to Obama defense when some of us try to hold him accountable. fortunately for me I’m not uninformed and will not fall prey to this nonsense. You appear to be one of these people that praises Obama on when the media provides positive news i.e. Economy turnaround and what a great job he has done to repairing all the ills Bush left. BUT when we talk about why he has completely ignored the Black race particularly as it relates to being at the bottom of every statistical economic measurable i.e. Wage Income, Poverty Levels, Employment, Crime just to name a few; people like you then say he can’t fixed everything.. Does he say this to the Zionist, Bankers, LGBT, or the Latin population or does this just applies to the people that voted for him 94+% in both elections. As for Smiley and West their no different than Jackson, Sharpton and Obama they’re all Elitists/Boule preying and taking advantage of the uniformed. As far as the black community we were doing fine when until the Oppressor came in and took over bringing  drugs, raising property taxes in order to steal property or not providing some of the basic necessities such as garbage pickup, road repairs just to name a few. In closing, I recommend you get off your knees and quit worshipping your God aka Obama and do some research and you will find that he know different than the previous 43 presidents which haven’t done nothing of any significance for a race that virtually built this country you call the USA or better United States Corporation of America.

  9. henrydunn54 says:

    I only worship GOD. But in reading your reply, you come across as one of the very persons I spoke of. It is ludicrous for any black person to think that one man I.e. President Obama can solve every issue in the black community. And to those that do, I have a question- What have or are you doing to resolve issues facing black people before/during and after President Obama?

  10. AMAC7210 says:

    For starters I’m enlightening and sharing my knowledge with family, friends and whomever the importance of learning SELF and the TRUTH.. Too many of our people are asleep being controlled/brainwashed by politics, religion, elitists and the oppressor.. Secondly I’m mentoring young people on the importance only becoming their own CEO and not let the oppressor control their destiny. So that what I’m doing in my hood brotha what are you doing other being an apologist for the Puppet. Never mind you don’t need to answer because I think I already know..

  11. Rick Manigault says:

    AMAC7210 You don’t comment enough.

  12. Rick Manigault says:

    Disagreement or inferiority, Pick one. 
    The ” Negro Whisperers” achieved the desired objective which was to entrench my race in imperialist criminality blurring the lines between oppressors and oppressed.  For 8 years iv’e watched left leaning hippies cocoon into monsters that cheer bloodshed and destruction. Name one principle we haven’t ditched in the name of absolute power?

  13. AMAC7210 says:

    Bro Rick .. It’s been awhile but I will make it more of a priority to give my opinions. I always look forward to your comments and other I.e. Bro. Watchful because you provide balance as well as making people think deeper than what’s on the surface.

  14. Watchful says:


    I agree, with Brutha Rick … we could definitely use more of ur input on this site, Brutha AMAC.

    I also wish Brutha Johnw11 would return … always enjoyed and appreciated his input and insight as well.

  15. RalphNovy says:

    All in expectation that the new Woody Wilson (Hillary Clinton) will come to power and we’ll then be in some kind of “post-racial” state — like the end of Reconstruction.

    That worked out so well the last time, that ….

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