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January 28, 2016

Another Deputy Charged Following Video of Cops Beating Suspect Sprawled on Ground

Another Deputy Charged Following Video of Cops Beating Suspect Sprawled on Ground

Obviously, the word resisting has become synonymous with breathing among many in law enforcement.

An unarmed Florida man who’d fled police was lying sprawled on the ground by the time officers arrived. That didn’t stop Marion County deputies from kicking and punching the unarmed man as he laid on the ground, however.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, five former Marion County deputies are now facing prison time for beating Derrick A. Price in 2014.

Four of the officers in the incident have already pleaded guilty and the fifth and former officer, Jesse Alan Terrell, 33, was charged with violating Price’s civil rights on Tuesday.

The other four deputies all resigned and are scheduled to be sentenced in February.

Mr. Price is black and the ex-officers are all white.

Police had been searching Price’s home for drugs when he took off running. When police caught up with Price, he put his hands in the air and then laid on the ground.

Even as Price was sprawled on the ground with his hands in the air, deputies surrounded and began beating him, with one yelling, “Stop resisting!”

Price suffered minor cuts and bruising but was not hospitalized.

Price’s attorney called for calm after release of the video on Wednesday.

“Mr. Price and the members of his legal team urge everyone to use restraint and peacefully await the outcome of the federal proceedings involving the law enforcement officers,” explained attorneys for Price.

Price is facing drug charges. He has no prior arrests.

Watch the video below:



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One thought on “Another Deputy Charged Following Video of Cops Beating Suspect Sprawled on Ground

  1. ancientwolf592 says:

    If this beating hadn’t been recorded, then they would have not only gotten away with this beating, but gotten away with Dustin Heathman’s beating as well. Two of the five officers shown in this video are also involved in Dustin’s case, including Cody Hoppel, the officer who pleaded guilty to beating up both men. Notice at the end of the video you can hear them yelling, “Stop resisting! stop resisting!” Well, they said the same thing to Dustin too, when he was handcuffed, unarmed, fully compliant, and posing no threat to anyone. And if you think this beating looks bad, remember- Dustin was beaten up before Price was, and the sheriff himself tried to help cover it up.

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