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January 6, 2016

Charter School Principal Who Kept “Got to Go” List to Weed Out Unwanted Students Takes Leave

Charter School Principal Who Kept “Got to Go” List to Weed Out Unwanted Students Takes Leave

Most charter schools don’t outperform public schools, and some actually perform worse, as Lester Spence notes in
his newly released book Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics.

Still some charter schools are lauded in the black community because they perform well. But what many people don’t know is that these charter schools have much more flexibility in selecting students than do public schools.

At one such high performing school in New York City, a principal who maintained a “Got to Go” list of unwanted students is in danger of losing his job.

From the New York Times:

Critics of Success Academy, the high-performing New York City charter school network, have said its high test scores are partly a result of weeding out underperforming and disruptive students. The existence of the list, reported by The New York Times in October, appeared to support the accusations.


At a news conference that month, Success Academy’s founder, Eva S. Moskowitz, said the list was an anomaly and that it existed for only three days in 2014 before the principal, Candido Brown, was chastised for it. Mr. Brown apologized, saying he was doing what he thought was needed to fix an unsafe school and that the list was his idea alone.

The “Got to Go” list is now at the center of a lawsuit against Success Academy brought by four parents whose children were on the list.

Principal Candido Brown, who is also the target of a lawsuit accusing he and the school of violating the rights of students with disabilities, has taken a personal leave of absence.

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One thought on “Charter School Principal Who Kept “Got to Go” List to Weed Out Unwanted Students Takes Leave

  1. nikurashi says:

    What is wrong with getting rid of disruptive students? How does the policy of ignoring their behavior relate to the oft trumpeted goal of quality education? How can you possibly have quality education when you allow these hoodlums to create a classroom atmosphere where learning is impossible? What are your priorities? Have the courage to admit that you don’t really give a damn about quality education.

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