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January 26, 2016

Black Air Force Veteran Wrongly Defamed as Isis Fighter, Placed on No-Fly List

Black Air Force Veteran Wrongly Defamed as Isis Fighter, Placed on No-Fly List

A Muslim U.S. Air Force veteran who was placed on the “no fly” list and wrongly called a terrorist in conservative news reports has returned to the U.S.

In 2015 , The Intercept reported that Saadiq Long had been smeared as an ISIS fighter by the right wing “Pajamas Media”. Since that time, the U.S. government has “worked to secure Long’s release from a Turkish deportation center, gave him a waiver from the no-fly list to enable him to fly back home.”

Long arrived Wednesday night at JFK airport. If Long had been an ISIS fighter, the U.S. government never would’ve worked on his behalf or given him a waiver from the no-fly list to re-enter the country.

The Intercept reports that Long being held in Turkey had nothing to do with ISIS:

As we reported, Long and his family were being held for deportation on alleged immigration violations, and a legal brief filed last December by the Justice Department in response to Long’s lawsuit demanding removal from the no-fly list also states that Long and his wife and daughter were detained because Turkish authorities “determined that the three had neither legal residence nor legal employment in Turkey.” As the DOJ itself said, once the Longs decided on their travel plans out of Turkey, “the U.S. government had reviewed the proposed travel plans and had no objection to those plans.” And the Longs did indeed leave Turkey as soon as they decided on travel plans to the U.S., which they were free to do because — obviously — neither the Americans nor the Turkish government really believe he has anything to do with ISIS.

Long has not been charged with anything relating to terrorism. Even though the story was fabricated, it was repeated by far right bloviators such as Ann Coulter and others.

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2 thoughts on “Black Air Force Veteran Wrongly Defamed as Isis Fighter, Placed on No-Fly List

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    Isis like most other forms of Islamic terror is 100% funded by the west to justify imperialism and theft. When I hear my people talk about Isis, it’s clear we have adopted a cause comparable to The scramble for Africa. Belief in this farce is as racist as any other tool of oppression.

  2. shajuan1955 says:

    Today, for whatever reason; many Caucasian Americans are scared sh.tless.
    A mass feeling of fear and dread has taken over too many of them.
    They have been buying guns in record numbers.
    Many of them now behave as if African Americans have done some great evil against them and their ancestors in the past.
    I have never seen this level of fear among so many Caucasian Americans during the almost 50 years that I have been in America.
    Their secret manipulators have been rubbing the Genies’ bottles (stirring up their Gentiles’ emotions of fear and dread for the past 15 years or so).
    When Human Beings become fearful they usually lose their sense of reason.
    Their intelligence take a back seat and their emotions take over.
    Then they are ripe for someone like Donald Trump to become their leader..
    Maybe the fear and intimidation that their ancestors inflicted on African Americans through lynchings and daily discrimination has now been inherited by them.
    As Bob Marley sang, “guiltiness rest on their conscience.”
    This is how the hearts and minds of their ancestors were captured in Europe during the past centuries:

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