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December 1, 2015

Tom Joyner Double Crossed by Best Friend, Forced Out as Obama’s Term Ends, Claims Report

Tom Joyner Double Crossed by Best Friend, Forced Out as Obama’s Term Ends, Claims Report

UPDATE: Tom Joyner’s response to the allegation is posted below.

In “The Race Explainers Are Being Purged: MSNBC Ends Rev. Al Sharpton’s Daily Show”, BreakingBrown’s Yvette Carnell tried to lay out a case for why many black media pundits and personalities would be losing their jobs as Obama’s tenure winds down.

Rev. Al Sharpton was at first rumored to be getting the axe at MSNBC, and it was later reported that he was moving to weekends. Pundit Goldie Taylor’s contract with the network wasn’t renewed. And the latest victim of the Obama purge, according to an unconfirmed report, is none other than Tom Joyner, whose departure is made all the worse because allegedly, his best friend is responsible for twisting the knife into his back.

Tom Joyner’s best friend, David Kantor, allegedly convinced Joyner to sell some of his Reach Media stock to Radio One, and now the host is being forced out by the parent company, The Daily Mail reports.

David Kantor

David Kantor

“They think going with a younger, fresher show is the way to go and the entire plan has been orchestrated by the man who actually launched Tom into syndication originally,” a source told the paper.

The end of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, which began in 1994, is set to coincide with the end of President Obama’s second term.

More from Daily Mail’s source:

‘While both Tom and David made millions each time a new deal was done with Radio One; Tom had less control of the company he once owned, while David gained more power.

‘Each year they would make Tom lay off long-term employees and comediennes like Miss Dupree and Myra J.

‘It killed Tom to just get rid of the people who had been loyal to him from the beginning, but he had no say in the matter,’ the source tells Daily Mail Online.

The report claims that it was decided in 2014 to get rid of Joyner in 2016, to coincide with Obama’s departure from the White House. Also according to the report, Joyner will be replaced by radio host Russ Parr.

BreakingBrown called Reach Media for comment but our calls have not been returned.

UPDATE: Tom Joyner has denied the allegation that he’s being forced out.  He issued the following statement (emphasis added):

Any stories that suggest major changes to the Tom Joyner Morning Show are inaccurate. Tom Joyner is under contract with Reach Media until the end of 2017.  We expect that Reach will continue to syndicate Tom’s show beyond that date and for as long as he would like to be on the air.  There has always been refinements and updates to the show as well as market changes due to local conditions and there may be some in the future; but Tom Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning show continues to be strong and is a daily Party with a Purpose®. Reach is committed to Tom Joyner for the long term who remains committed to radio, his audience and the future




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25 thoughts on “Tom Joyner Double Crossed by Best Friend, Forced Out as Obama’s Term Ends, Claims Report

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    They played and double crossed Black folks, then others did it to them. Turnabout is fair play they say.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    Remember the attitude of these “race explainers” as Carnell calls them. Joyner and the rest were NASTY about the love and devotion they had for the race Tyrant. Black people I love and respect giggle like girl scouts and revert back to elementary school when critics of Obama dare to speak a sentence. “invites to the white house” “you’re not the President so don’t question the President” ” he doing the best he could with the Republicans”. 

    Until the day I die I will remind people of the truth of the last 7 years and it’s nothing to be proud of. Obamacrats are way worse than even Neocons and if they took this event seriously Obama would have been brought to task. No other leader in world history had such an extreme personality cult  to shield him from reality.

  3. docbhub says:

    Rick Manigault Amen!!!  I will also add that as his term in office ends, it is hilarious to see the Clinton vs Obama drama (i.e who is/was/will be better for black folks) further divide the Obamacrats into three different waring camps:  1) Those lead by Dyson who are setting themselves up for Hillary, 2) those who see 7/8 wasted years and are and will be eternally disillusioned with racial identity politics, and 3) those lead by Al Sharpton and company who will defend the Obama legacy to the end with positive and/or twisted-negative spin.

  4. Johnw11 says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood  Note  the article stated that “Tom” (no pun intended) kept giving up control with each deal he made. Although he made millions with each deal, it was foolish of him to keep giving up control. Looks like the “playa” got played.
    In my observation, the only reason he’s being kept around until the end of President Obama’s term, is so he can keep serving as a propagandist for that administration.
    Keep in mind, he has millions (I believe about $30 million) in net worth. So his fawning over President Obama has far less socioeconomic consequences for him than it does for his average fan, who has lost most of what little they had during Mr. Obama’s watch. That’s what many Blacks fail to understand, the difference between race and class, particularly in social-political-economic matters.
    I think you said it best a while back in a comment here: “All skin folks, ain’t kin folks.”

  5. Rick Manigault says:

    docbhub 1 and 3 are are the same people. 

    Joy Anne Reid is putting a race explanation book out about Obama and the blacks who dared to question his policies. They need to solidify the lies so a false narrative about jealousy and stardom will be the line.

  6. docbhub says:

    Rick Manigault docbhub  >>1 and 3 are are the same people.<<  Well sort of, the difference I am most emphasizing is that group 1 is trying to re-write history as it pertains to their collective role in holding those with power to account with constructive criticism (see past BlackAgendaReport predictions about this).  Group number 3 holds no such regards and will pretend that history is “all good” (or rather better than the Bill Clinton years) and that they were apart of this all along.  Otherwise, I agree, both groups were on the same page initially as Obama enablers.

  7. Rick Manigault says:

    I see the differences. You have to separate pure dnc minions from members of the cult.

  8. Johnw11 says:

    Actually, if Tom Joyner didn’t have a national radio show, President Obama wouldn’t give him the proverbial “time of day.” Joyner’s show gives the president instant access to large numbers of Blacks when he needs to finesse them by preying on their pride of his being president. And pride is all they’ve gotten!
    Even some of President Obama’s most vociferous supporters– like the intellectually marginal Michael Eric Dyson– have recently admitted that he’s done nothing for Blacks. But their behavior is simply a vain attempt to rehabilitate their sell-out images.
    To be fair, Joyner truly believes in President Obama as a “Black thing.” Being financially well-off, Joyner is socio-economically disconnected from suffering Black people. His only interest in them is to culturally stay abreast of the latest slang words and old hit R&B songs in order to profit monetarily.
    When it comes to President Obama, Joyner is unmindful of the president’s using him for market access to Black’s minds free of charge. Nor is he politically astute enough to consider the negative impact of President Obama’s policies on most African Americans. And, if the above article is correct, nor is he an astute businessman. He is simply a “product” that has been paid fairly well for the use of its label (brand).

  9. Watchful says:

    Good riddance as far as I’m concerned … I stopped listening to that buffoonery/coonery back in the 90s. Unfortunately, his replacement will probably be just as bad or maybe even worse.

  10. Watchful says:


    Gotta disagree with u here, John … I believe Joyner was very mindful and was also politically astute enough to know full well what he was doin’ in support of the POTUS. That’s y he kicked Tavis Smiley off his show once Tavis started publicly criticizing the POTUS.

  11. Watchful says:

    BTW, I hope Joe Madison will be next in line.

  12. Watchful says:


    Exactly y I have no sympathy for him, John … all those millions he’s made will provide more than a nice parachute for him to have a nice cushiony landing.

  13. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I understand your disagreement. But you must consider the fact that the guy is not the sharpest pencil in the box. Outside of entertainment; where is he an expert?  Also, according “Tom” (again, no pun intended), he fired Tavis because fans demanded that he do so. You also must consider that “POTUS” had– and amazingly still has, albeit  to a much lesser degree — widespread support among uninformed Blacks; stupefied out of their minds by his being the First Black President while totally ignoring his harmful anti-Black policies (many of which we have analyzed in detail on this site). And, so, as an entertainer, Tom who has always been high on celebrities. In my view, he was / is just one of the crowd foolishly thinking it was / is a “Black thing.”
    Am I saying that “Tom” (again, no pun intended) is totally innocent? No!
    I am saying that, while not undergoing the lost of wealth that the majority of Blacks have under the POTUS economic policies, Tom, like perhaps most Blacks in the top median half of the Black 1% was / is just having his cake–with a “Black” POTUS as cream frosting– and eating it too.
    Did he do harm by reinforcing Blacks support of their own demise and abuse? Yes!
    But is he a conscious sell-out like that despicable snitch Sharpton, Melisa Harris-Perry, Joe Madison; George Curry, Earl Ofari Hutchingson, et al. who ought to know better given their alleged conversance with political matters, I am just not sure. 
    I am just trying to be fair.
    After all, we’re talking about a man who thought “black Friday” was an African American specific holiday, and sincerely suggested that it be renamed “African American Friday.” 
    As far as listening to his show, if you add all my time in doing so, it wouldn’t amount to two hours total over the last decade. That’s a fact!

  14. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  Oh, I inadvertently left out from the partial sell-out list Mr. glossolia (speaking in tongues) himself — Mike Dyson.
    My apology.
    He recently penned an unworthy piece wherein his “episodic schizophrenia” is crystal clear. He argues that since neither Bill Clinton, nor President Obama did anything for Blacks, then, because of those facts, Hilary Clinton would likely do something for Blacks.
    Now go and figure that reasoning out, and tell me if he’s not crazy. Tell me if that’s significantly different from someone saying: “They say FDR was a good president — he was wheelchair bound. That man across the street, he’s not wheelchair bound, so he wouldn’t make a good president. Here comes a man in a wheelchair, so he would have to be a good president. I wonder what’s his name.”

  15. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful And so that’s why he doesn’t give a you know what.

  16. Watchful says:


    Guess I’m just not as willing as u r to give Tommy Boy a pass when it comes to his political awareness, John. : )

    I just think he knows what he’s doin’ and is just another of the apologists/enablers of the POTUS and now that they’re no longer needed they’re being cast aside. They get no passes from me. Besides I don’t take what they say on air very seriously. Wouldn’t at all surprise me if they were gettin’ paid to say almost anything in support of the POTUS, just like ‘Rev’ and all the rest of ’em. Now that his term is winding down they’ve become more and more irrelevant and thus rendered pretty much worthless as well to the POTUS’ political machine.

  17. Watchful says:


    LMAO @ ur reference to Dyson as ‘speaking in tongues’. Pretty accurate description tho. : D

    Not surprised to learn of his support for Hillary either … probably came as a result of being added to her payroll.

  18. Watchful says:



  19. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Dyson did make a little  sense some years ago. His book response to Bill Cosby’s ignorant rants about the Black poor was somewhat useful. (“Is Bill Cosby Right; Or has The Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind”?)
    But since they started letting him on TV, he has clearly lost his own mind. He is a pathetic “ghost” of his former self.
    Whenever I read the disjointed junk he’s been writing since 2009, I cannot help but pity “the ghost of Michael Eric Dyson.”

  20. Watchful says:


    That’s what happens when they get paid, John.

  21. LeonetteMays says:

    While Obama’s presidency hasn’t been great for Black ppl, I don’t blame him I blame us and as long as Black ppl remain politically, socially & economically unaware things will not change for us no matter whose president. Study and action (not reaction) should be our mantra.

  22. Johnw11 says:

    LeonetteMays  Black people were “politically” active when they elected the president. So how are you going to blame them for his neglect of those most responsible for his election? That’s victim blaming. Where’s his responsibility in the matter?
    The only Blacks who can be blamed are the hustlers like Sharpton and his ilk who lied and obfuscated (and still do) on behalf of the president in order to keep Blacks from making demands. And who led uniformed Blacks in blind circles while making them think they were making demands.
    You can’t put this on the Black collective, stupefied out of their minds in elation over the election of the First Black President. How are people out of their minds supposed to make meaningful socioeconomic demands?
    Stop making excuses for this mess we’re in and place blame where it belongs.

  23. TinaSue says:

    That David Kantor man only “befriended” Joyner as a means to take control of another media outlet for Black people.  It’s all about controlling the media so he can control what Black people think, and benefit financially.  For every one million dollars he gives Joyner, he will take ten million.  Black people need to learn how the game is played.   If not, we will always be at the bottom while every other group explots us financially.

  24. Watchful says:

    Just learned this morning that the TJ Show wil be replacing the show that I frequently listen to on the flagship station of Radio One here in my hometown. While I was disappointed to learn about this news, I’m also glad bcuz now I can listen to the show that was in that morning time slot in the afternoons when it originally aired. So all’s good that ends good, I guess bcuz now I won’t have to be up so early in the morning since I definitely won’t be tuning into Mr.Joyner’s show. : )

  25. Watchful says:


    To say that his presidency ‘hasn’t been great for blk ppl’ is a gross understatement. That said, I do somewhat agree with u that blk ppl r to blame since they gave him overwhelming support without demanding much of anything from him, while at the same time attacking and chastising those who did speak out against his policies, or lack thereof. that negatively impacted us as a ppl. That’s on us, and we definitely deserve blame for that.

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