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December 22, 2015

Private Prison Exec: Bad Schools, Affluence, and Loose Borders Will Keep the Money Coming In

Private Prison Exec: Bad Schools, Affluence, and Loose Borders Will Keep the Money Coming In

There may be a groundswell of support behind opposition to private prisons, but private prison executives aren’t worried. As a matter of fact, one such executive was caught assuring shareholders that criminal justice reforms won’t undercut profits.

A senior executive put the fears of investment bankers to rest by breaking down how the industry will continue to profit.

“The reality is, we are a very affluent country, we have loose borders, and we have a bad education system,” said Shayn March, the vice president and treasurer of the Geo Group, according to The Intercept. “And all that adds up to a significant amount of correctional needs, which, thankfully, we’ve been able to help the country out with and states with by providing a lower cost solution.”

The comments were made at Barclays High Yield Bond & Syndicated Loan conference in June.

A 2012 report up at Immigration Impact detailed how private prisons were using immigrant detention to fatten their own pockets:

The report, titled, “Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive. Unsafe. Unnecessary,” documents the history of prison privatization in the U.S.  Political initiatives and legislative reforms aimed at getting tough on crime led to an explosion in the prison population.  Between 1980 and 2010, the federal prison population increased by 761 percent.  Private prison corporations took advantage of the situation to contract out their services to the federal government, particularly the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now part of the Department of Homeland Security).

Even though crime continues to fall in the U.S., private prisons are raking in cash by taking advantage of how people, many of whom exist on the margins, are prosecuted and/or detained.

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6 thoughts on “Private Prison Exec: Bad Schools, Affluence, and Loose Borders Will Keep the Money Coming In

  1. Watchful says:

    And they’ll come up with more and more new ways to get those beds filled … u know … like jailing ppl for failure to pay minor fines, etc.

  2. Watchful says:


    Yeah, John … if only we had some type of software insecticide for those damn ‘bugs’. : )

  3. Watchful says:


    U’re absolutely correct, John … and another reason y they feel confident about keeping those prison beds occupied is the so-called ‘school to prison pipeline’ that we’ve witnessed in recent years where they’re now even criminalizing us at the kindergarten level. Check out this article, if the link doesn’t work for u, just do a search for the ‘School to Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool ‘ and u should find it.

  4. Watchful says:


    Agreed, John … we know that any policy coming outta that WH that impacts our ppl is always two-fold, 1) to control us, and 2) to profit on our backs. That’s what the WH’s so-called ‘Common Core’ education policy was designed to do, just like Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’. And u’re also correct about these policies being designed to ‘dumb down’ the students in this country, and they’re doin’ a damn good job of it from what I’ve observed. I’ve often said, that when it comes to our ppl we’re criminalized from the point of conception and I don’t see that changing one bit. In fact, I expect it to only get worse. Thx for the New Year wishes, but I have to admit to not being able to foresee much being ‘great’ about it. Hope I’m wrong, but I think we may be in for some very dangerous times in the coming year, the likes of which we’ve never witnessed b4.

  5. Watchful says:


    I’m pretty much fresh outta hope at this point, John … I just try to deal with whatever comes my way as best I can.

  6. Watchful says:


    LOL … if u say so, John.

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