Milwaukee State Senator’s Son Detained in Back of Police Squad Car While Trying to Deliver Turkey

by admin | December 29, 2015 1:33 pm

A Milwaukee state senator’s son was detained by police while trying to deliver a turkey to a family in need.

State Sen. Lena Taylor said Milwaukee Police detained her 16 year old son Isaiah during Christmas week while he was trying to deliver a turkey.

Taylor says her son had just returned from handing out holiday meals when he decided give a neighbor a turkey as well.

Milwaukee State Senator’s Son Put in Back of Police Squad Car While Trying to Deliver Turkey

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“He said, ‘Mom, I think they could really use a turkey.’ I said, ‘OK, take one over to them.’ So like a kid who doesn’t like to walk, he ran over to take them a turkey,” Taylor said.

“It was just traumatic,” Taylor told Fox6Now[1]. “When you saw that it was a turkey, and he told you that he was going to this house, two houses away, what was the purpose of holding him any longer?”

Taylor called her son’s interaction with police “an unwanted rite of passage for my son.”

Police said Taylor’s son was questioned as part of an investigation into recent robberies.

“After the media brought Taylor’s concern to the attention of the Milwaukee Police Department, we reviewed the body worn camera footage of the field interview of Senator Taylor’s teenage son,” Sgt. Tim Gauerke said, according to WTMJ-TV.[2]

“The officers were conducting a targeted deployment to address robberies in the area of the field interview.  MPD reached out to Senator Taylor and discussed the circumstances surrounding the officers lawful field interview.”


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