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October 15, 2015

White People Use “Next Door” Website to Report “Suspicious” Black Neighbors Making U-Turns, Walking

White People Use “Next Door” Website to Report “Suspicious” Black Neighbors Making U-Turns, Walking

An investigative report by East Bay Express found that white residents of an Oakland community were using a website to broadcast “suspicious activity” about their black neighbors.

At issue is how the website, intended as a private social network, is being used to warn white neighborhood residents about blacks doing ordinary things.

From Express:

Over the last two years, their neighborhood has become overrun with racial profiling — but not by police, rather by mostly white residents incorrectly assuming that people of color who are walking, driving, hanging out, or living in the neighborhood are criminal suspects. These residents often don’t recognize that they may have long held racial prejudices or unconscious biases, but recently, they’ve been able to instantly broadcast their unsubstantiated suspicions to thousands of their neighbors with the click of a mouse.

White residents have used the website to organize against blacks in the community and target them for police harassment. They have deemed people of color suspicious for minor things such as walking and making U-turns in the street.

“These posts cast such a wide net on our young Black men,”  Shikira Porter, an Upper Dimond resident, told Express. “You start seeing this over and over again, and you understand quickly that, oh, it’s the Black body that they’re afraid of.”

Now co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia is planning to make some changes to the website to combat the rampant racial harassment of black and brown people.

“We are incredibly saddened that some neighbors have used Nextdoor in this way. Simply stated: we consider profiling of any kind to be unacceptable,” he said.

He continued: “Moving forward, we are creating ways to remind members of these Guidelines when they post in the Crime and Safety section. We are investigating better techniques for keeping divisive discussions productive, and we are partnering with conflict resolution experts for training and product feedback. This is an important cause for us and we won’t let up.”

Watch the report below:


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27 thoughts on “White People Use “Next Door” Website to Report “Suspicious” Black Neighbors Making U-Turns, Walking

  1. Watchful says:

    We should know by now that we’re being criminalized by white ppl almost from the point of conception. We’re under an all out assault right now in this country. We see and hear daily news reports about terrorism from IS in Syria, but we also see and hear about daily news reports of terrorism against us right here in the good ol’ US of A, Inc.  Is there really any difference?

  2. hiroader2 says:

    Racial profiling has become sport, Social Vandalism, racial hate groups have increased their membership, there’s cards everywhere for recruitment, African-American social medias are flooded with vile trollisms , Listening to these people soft-stepping the issue is sad.., Particularly anonymous suspicious calls go to a police dept and the unleashed attack dogs arrive armed & aggressive on innocent minority people with no regard for their civil or constitutional rights…. These are recycled but different type of hypocritical evil christian… Their truth is a lie and the lie is national denial…

  3. pamlap899 says:

    As I’m reading this piece, I can help but to look like this:@¿@!  Dear  White people, you are dealing with a horrible mental illness! And ONLY GOD can fix y’all!

  4. Brerlou L King says:

    I’ve lived this, in Medford Massachusetts. By the time I moved there the neighborhood was already about 25% black. It got so bad that I myself became suspicious of other people of color. Two teenagers canoodling in the bushes would alert my suspicion until I realized that if a thief wanted to case a building he wouldn’t hid behind the only bush in the green space behind the building. Then I’d notice little old ladies, crossing over to the other side of the street so they wouldn’t have to pass by me, or transferring their handbags to the other side of their bodies. Some of it is paranoia, and some is  just sensible precautions, which people bring with them from more depressed neighborhoods. I remember a black man like myself, one rainy night taking off running, because I decided to jump over a puddle, rather than walk around it. So as Chris Rock put it once, sometimes I myself get afraid. The problem however comes when the police decide that the solution is to discourage a black presence in certain neighborhoods.

  5. Rick Manigault says:

    This is the rare occasion where I have to point out a very uncomfortable fact that MUST not be over looked. 

    “see something say something” ” start snitching” and other idiotic ways of being are promoted by my race more than any other. What street corner or sidewalk can a black teenager mingle on without black people calling the cops to have em harassed? No white people in my Hud building but cops are called every 5 minutes. We are the culprit and the same people that rightfully have a problem with Next Door will call the cops on on black teens with no hesitation. 

    Next Door is no worse than that old busybody or amateur investigator trying to play dogooder.

  6. PatriciaLane says:

    Doing the same in Tennesse

  7. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Rick Manigault are you saying black people should not call the police on criminals in the black community?

  8. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Im thinking about hiring a web development company to build a website that allows people to anonymously out suspected white supremacists. What do ya”ll think? Does counter attacking your enemy sound better than complaining about your enemy?

  9. Rick Manigault says:

    Absolutely not. Call the cops on criminals. My point is that most of the harassment described in this article is perpetrated by us on a daily basis and we call it neighborhood watch or being a concerned citizens.
    Tell me where a young black man can stand without people calling the cops on him?

  10. Rick Manigault says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR Who do you suspect of not being a white supremacist?

  11. hiroader2 says:

    So your saying the police solution for suspicious African-Americans is ‘re-segregation…?

  12. ebonitia says:

    Racism, sexism, and colorism are mental illnessess founded and grounded in narcissism.

  13. Johnw11 says:

    Actually, there are more of these kinds of spy networks in this society than most people are aware of. They exist in many contexts, but perhaps the most destructive ones are race-based. The above article describes one of them. More widespread, is the pathological (sick) mind-set that all Blacks are criminals regardless of station in life held by many whites who may not be official members of organized networks, but just everyday folk caught in the web of racist cultural beliefs of fear reinforced by media propaganda. Just the sight of a Black person engaging in the least appearance of suspect behavior results in calls to authorities that the Black person is a “threat,” or sometimes just an “annoyance” to look at — regardless of dress or behavior.
    Such pathological racist behavior has caused the lives of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, the young man in the WalMart  store in Ohio carrying a toy rifle (sold in the store) on his shoulder, and many others whose cases were not publicized. All these tragic and unnecessary losses of innocent (often  young) lives because hateful fools decided they were a “threat” or unseemly because of their race.
    Let’s be clear! This sick racist behavior is a threat to all African Americans. This is a very serious matter.
    The media reinforces these sick ideas with their constant depiction and projection of Blacks as “criminals.” Behaviors caused by socioeconomic environmental conditions are disassociated from their environmental causes and assigned to race causality. For example, the “inner city” fratricidal violence highly covered by the media is not explained in terms of poverty, despite the fact that well over 95% of it occurs in impoverish neighborhoods. It is explained as “race” and “culture” (“low mores” and “poor parenting.” While cases of white violence, where parents have clearly behaved irresponsibly by giving mentally unstable off-springs guns, are not held accountable for their “poor parenting.” The mentally unstable criminals committing the heinous acts are alone blamed. They are almost always white males. Yet, white males are not profiled. Nor are they called “criminals and thugs” by any public official, Black or white.
    Many local TV news lead off with such stories. Newspaper give them front page coverage if not headlines. The messages programed in people’s minds is Blacks are violent, dangerous, and uncivilized.
    Also many white persons, in addition to the media induced delusional belief of all Blacks being criminal and violent,  are acting in response to another media propagandistically caused fear that whites are losing control of society, that the country will soon be no longer majority white, etc. All falsehoods. Serious social science research refutes that idea and contends that whites will remain the majority of U.S. population by about 70% for the very far foreseeable future. Yet these people, totally divorced from all but media and other white supremacist propaganda, truly believe that Blacks are “taking over” and all Blacks are violent to boot. It is within this context that these behaviors of spying-on and falsely reporting (accusing) Blacks is occurring.
    The behaviors represent the degree to which white society has become intolerant of Blacks’ presence in it, viewing them as existential threats. World history has many precedents of this, and none of them turned out in the despised favor. None of them.

  14. Johnw11 says:

    NOTE: It is also not accurate to equate people living in “real” fear for their well-being — due to actual environmental realities — seeking to have broken up precipitant activity that they have the personal experience to recognize as negative, with some crazed racist’s delusions about a neatly dressed African American person (of all ages and gender — but mostly men) using, for example, an ATM card to withdraw funds being “suspicious” and “threatening.”
    The two behaviors are as separate and unrelated as “real” suspicions based in experience, and “delusional” suspicions based in propaganda and culturally rooted racism.

  15. Brerlou L King says:

    Microeconomic Concerns:
    It is called rousting. The image of that white policeman kneeling in the back of a terrified 14 year old bikini clad black teenager comes to mind. Her crime was simply her presence in a white neighborhood. It’s not just fear, the police knowingly or unwittingly are being used to protect what some people knowingly incite, to protect property values.
    Several years ago, my late wife and I visited a Brooklyn branch of Citibank to discuss our eligibility for a mortgage. The affable banker shocked us by warning us that the bank would bear in mind that there were certain houses, that we would be financially eligible for, that might not be “suitable” for us, because of their location.                                   
    I asked him if that was not OUR call, once we met the financial requirements. He then gave us an impromptu lesson on a real estate practice called block busting. I was amused 10 years later to notice that the neighborhood he was warning us away from had become almost 25% black, whilst the neighborhood off Atlantic Avenue that he was steering us towards, was acquiring a distinctly yuppie appearance, due to gentrification.

  16. ebonitia says:

    hiroader2 Re-segregation? White people continue to “self-segregate.”

  17. ebonitia says:


    You have written a clear, concise, treatise, Johnw11.  I attempted to add my common sense regarding The All-of-it. However, according to the rules of this website, I was “attempting to post malformed content.” It seems that Truth truly is the new “hate speech,” and even on this website there can be no true discussion about race. I used no racist terms. No hate speech was included. I simply added to your Truth.

    Learn more about The All-of-it.

  18. ebonitia says:

    hiroader2 Re-segregation? White people continue to “self-segregate.” They created segregation.

  19. ebonitia says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR It will be used, patrolled, and controlled by those who control the Internet.

  20. ebonitia says:

    Johnw11 The Blind Dead see what they want to see and hear what they already know. Racism, sexism, and colorism are mental illnesses rooted and grounded in a self-loathing narcissism for which there is no cure. What must also be noted is that black and white are “knot-races.” They are States of Mind. The white (pale-skinned) mindset–described excellently by Johnw11–is the result of a centuries old, self-loathing, hatred of The Creator who did not give pale-skinned peoples what the majority of Life on this planet takes for granted–color–the only thing money cannot buy. The result of this self hatred is the need to project upon others–especially those most blessed with color–their own self-hatred and resulting mental illness. Every pale-skinned woman lacks natural beauty which requires the three Cs– curl, color, and curves. It is pale-skinned, self-loathing, women who make the majority of these hate-filled “neighborhood watch” phone calls.
    Every society ruled by pale-skinned peoples who “discovered” the known world resulted in the three Ds–death, disease, and destruction–and now the very planet has been made into a filthy hole in hell for millions of people both blessed with color and for those racked with guilt who lack natural skin color. Pale-skinned Americans–especially the Republican Party–are like mortally wounded animals who see their own self-created demise and, therefore, are at their most dangerous. They have created their own extinction and no amount of deodorant can mask the smell of their corruption.
    The energy you put into the world must come home to you because IT can only be yours and your ancestors. This system called The Universe is all connected and was in place before the pale-skinned woman’s system called “knowing your place” and IT remains firmly in place. While creating a reality pale-skinned people now refuse to “own,” they proceeded to create their own destruction. The Christian belef in an era of grace came to an end with the conscious destruction of the planet and the forms of Life upon it. White America will–they must–have it-all. The Universe demands balance in order to continue to support and create Life.
    In this present day, the “white mindset” that is now the norm in these united states has physically manifested itzSelf as every kind of cancer, and all types of rampant mental illnesses that must accept homicidal psychopaths as “quiet, shy, white boys.” White America’s complete lack of a moral compass is a “white-man-infestation” that can be seen as chronic depression, pain-filled diseases of the nervous system, drug and alcohol abuse, chemical addiction, and a corruption that includes a body odor that even the most expensive perfume will not mask. Immorality, injustice, political corruption, constipation, sexual impotency and both male and female infertility are now the norm in white America. The evils of capitalism continue and profit on these ills.
    Even though white America believes in separation and has gone so far as to create and maintain segregation, we are all are connected.  IT has always–in all ways–been a simple matter of Time. Re-white-ing history, or calling it her story, will not protect pale-skinned children from Truth or Justice (i.e. God). Truth rises because Time must tell it-all. 
    Learn More About The All-of-it.

  21. Watchful says:


    Thx for the link … interesting site. I’ll definitely be exploring it more in the days ahead.

  22. Johnw11 says:

    ebonitia Thanks for your feedback. I often have the same experience of having my comments on this site rejected as “pending” which never ends, or not being published — visible when I’m signed in, but not visible when I’m not signed in. It could be the site, it could not be. My PC security system identified the site as a “threat,” and I had to manipulate my security in order to access the site. My belief, however, is that the site is often “hacked” and it is not the site that is rejecting comments that are not in line with “approved thought” but the “hackers” who are probably operating within the same games as those described in the article.
    There’s a great article on the current Op ED News site: “Privatized NSA Army is Attacking You,” by George Eliason,  that explains the matter in great detail. Some of these hackers are working on their own, misinterpreting opinions of regular people, embellishing, exaggerating and outright lying on people in order to ruin their careers and lives.

  23. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Rick Manigault O.k , i agree , just checking

  24. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Rick Manigault Its not only important to know who they are but also what they are doing and where they are doing it.

  25. hiroader2 says:

    Whatever it’s called.., It’s been a lumpsided game on the street levels…. The African-American community political and judicial representation has been piss poor… No juries candidates, No qualified witnesses, No legal representation, Voter gerrymandering, … There has to be more/another “Come together” gathering like the million man anniversary… An grassroots national movement should be the resolve… Instead of going aft the police departments when their validations come from upper levels.. Like the policy makers, the law makers, these city councils… Similar to the courts and political chairs that the “Tea Party” movement has filled… (While getting their “self-segregating)” country back…

  26. pausemayne says:

    Personally I could never live in a neighborhood like that. My community is 98% black. I never have to worry about my neighbors thinking I’m up to no good because I look like them. 

    The women at the end of the video has the right idea. Move among your own people and those problems immediately vanish.

  27. Regrenee says:

    pausemayne Black people want to fit in so badly they will take abuse of any nature.

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