White Cop Who Chris Dorner Accused of Excessive Force Sues Over “Racial Tension” at LAPD

White Cop Who Chris Dorner Accused of Excessive Force Sues Over “Racial Tension” at LAPD
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The white LAPD cop who Chris Dorner accused of kicking a mentally ill man is now suing the department over racial allegations.

As previously relayed by the Los Angeles Times, Dorner accused his then partner, Sgt. Terie Evans, of kicking the mentally ill man:

Dorner’s case revolved around a July 28, 2007, call about a man causing a disturbance at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Pedro. When Dorner and his training officer showed up, they found Christopher Gettler. He was uncooperative and threw a punch at one of the officers, prompting Dorner’s training officer, Teresa Evans, to use an electric Taser weapon on him.

Nearly two weeks later, Dorner walked into Sgt. Donald Deming’s office at the Harbor Division police station. There were tears in Dorner’s eyes, the sergeant later testified.


Deming gave the following account of what happened next:


“I have something bad to talk to you about, something really bad,” Dorner told him.


Evans, Dorner explained, had kicked Gettler once in the face and twice in the left shoulder or nearby chest area. Afterward, Dorner said, Evans told him not to include the kicks on the arrest report.


“Promise me you won’t do anything,” Dorner asked Deming.


“No, Chris. I have to do something,” Deming responded.


An internal affairs investigation into the allegation concluded the kicks never occurred. Investigators subsequently decided that Dorner had fabricated his account. He was charged with making false accusations.

Dorner was stripped of his badge and later went on a killing spree that led to a statewide manhunt.

Now Evans, who is white, is suing the LAPD, accusing supervisors of retaliating against her because of the “racial connotations” in Dorner’s manifesto.

Evans alleges that Dorner’s complaint led to “racial tension” and harassment, culminating with her being blocked from promotions.

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