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October 7, 2015

White Cop Files $1.7 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit

White Cop Files $1.7 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit

A white Illinois police officer has filed a $1.7 million dollar discrimination lawsuit after having been passed over for promotions.

According to CBS Chicago, Daniel Murphy, a University Park police officer, has applied to be chief three times in 23 years. Murphy says each time he’s applied, he’s been passed over for less qualified and less experienced Africa-American officers.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The suit says Murphy was a sergeant in 2011 when he first applied for police chief, and village trustees hired Melvin Davis — a “less senior, less experienced and less qualified African-American officer” who was named by Mayor Vivian Covington despite the village committee, which was assigned with finding a new police chief, not naming him as a finalist.


In 2013, Murphy again applied for the chief’s job but lost out to another black officer, Edward Bradley, according to the lawsuit.


It says Bradley promoted Murphy in November 2014 to acting commander, and Murphy was later promoted to acting police chief in June 2015 after Acting Chief Daryl Stroud retired.


One month after becoming acting chief, Murphy applied for the permanent appointment but was bypassed for another black officer who was 15 years younger, John Pate, the suit claims.

Joe Hoeven, Murphy’s attorney, says this is a clear case of discrimination.

“The fact that he is working in a predominately African-American community with a predominantly African-American police force and an entirely African-American governing body, we think although it’s unique, the facts are there and there’s really no other explanation for his not being promoted than his race,” Hoeven said.

Murphy has been with the department since 1992.


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One thought on “White Cop Files $1.7 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit

  1. Watchful says:

    I’m sure with all the racist police departments in this country there’s gotta be at least one that would welcome him in as THEIR chief. That said, he’ll most likely win his lawsuit.

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