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October 19, 2015

Victims of Russell “Rush Card” Simmons Barred From Filing Lawsuits Over Missing Money?

Victims of Russell “Rush Card” Simmons Barred From Filing Lawsuits Over Missing Money?

Russell “Rush Card” Simmons was present at the Million Man March where several thousand black people gathered to discuss empowerment. Only days later, thousands of Rush Card users were reporting not being able to withdraw money from the cards backed by Simmons. Apparently, the problem was due to a “glitch” in the software. Now it turns out that the disaffected customers don’t even have the right to sue.

From KMOV:

Rush Card customers told Eyewitness News they are angry after losing access to their money over the last few days.


Some are unable to pay bills while others said they’re racking up late fees. It’s because of a technology glitch.


Rush cards are essentially a pre-paid card used as a tool to rebuild credit history. People can have their paychecks sent right to the card and can also pay their bills online.

And from  Channel 2 Action News:

“I think they deserved to be sued, but apparently, we don’t have that right,” said J.L. Worrford, of Gainesville.


He told consumer investigator Jim Strickland his family had not eaten in two days because all their money was tied up in the RushCard debit system; the system crashed over the weekend during a computer upgrade.


The contract says in case of a dispute, neither party will have the right to a jury trial, and it forbids class action lawsuits.

“I want to personally reassure you that your funds are safe and that we are addressing every issue as quickly as possible,” Simmons said in a video on his Facebook page. “I deeply apologize for the hardship this is causing and give you my solemn commitment that we will fix these problems.”

He also tweeted that he was “praying” for the people who had been negatively impacted by the Rush Card. Those people would probably appreciate a check for whatever late fees and inconvenience they incurred.


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59 thoughts on “Victims of Russell “Rush Card” Simmons Barred From Filing Lawsuits Over Missing Money?

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    Russel Simmons is the lowest level DNC minion and I wish the most successful among us were not so sinister. Oprah, Obama, Floyd Mayweather and a majority or our powerful are complete tools for the globalist agenda.

  2. Watchful says:

    What’s really sad is that so many ppl actually fell for the ‘Rush Card’ scam. SMH

  3. Watchful says:

    Rick Manigault

    Don’t even waste ur time and energy wishing that these so-called ‘successful’ blk folks weren’t so sinister and willing to sellout to our oppressors. There’ll probably always be some among us just like them … what we need to do is focus more on those among us that r the exact opposite of them.

  4. alycia77060 says:

    Hit him where it hurts… Anyone that has a Rushcard should ditch it and find a replacement.

  5. jyzjnz says:

    Has he been greased down, slipping through the cracks with the ‘Harriet Tubman’ debacle; and now the ‘Rush Card’ glitch.  On his behalf though, my bankcard was down for 2-3 weeks with no compensation. So I’m not surprised at that.

  6. queenofmeanest says:

    When the RUSH card made its appearance I knew that it was a overpriced scam.  I still cannot believe that people fell for it.

  7. queenofmeanest says:

    What black people need to do is to put away a little bit of money every payday and start purchasing real estate at tax auctions.

  8. Watchful says:


    That makes 2 of us, queen.  How u and the family doin’?

  9. Watchful says:


    Excellent advice, queen.

  10. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    alycia77060 Be patient. Computer glitches are apart of the computer era problems. It happens. Hit America Where  it hurts. Reparations anyone?

  11. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful What makes “Rush Card” a scam? Because its owned by a Black Man?  Russell Simmons has a history of  integrity in his business dealings.

  12. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Rick Manigault You mean to tell me that these individuals that you just named didn’t get where they did by their hard work and effort? Why do they have to be globalist tools? Does every black person that reaches a level of success like them have to be sinister? I find your statement extremely bias to the successful black entrepreneur of America. Stop spreading those false germs of division. UNITY.

  13. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful Rick Manigault the exact opposite? What do you mean? Broke? Poor? Drunkards? Unsuccessful? Druggies? Non productive individuals waiting for handouts? Exactly what level of success have you achieved in your life?

  14. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    queenofmeanest Can you believe that people still fall for the scam called America?

  15. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    queenofmeanest Now that is an intelligent Idea.

  16. Rick Manigault says:

    ElJahsiemAllah You should understand that everyone on this board is educated and successful or we wouldn’t be reading or engaging in conversation. You should learn about these heroes you worship and not blame the messenger.

  17. Rick Manigault says:

    ElJahsiemAllah I never questioned “hard work” or “effort”. I hate Simmons because of his Nazi stance on gun control, look at the link.  

    Oprah is a Globalist tool because she supports population control and feels people in Africa stop reproducing so her and her rich friends can use the land for safaris. I also dislike her rabid hatred of hip hop and I’m not even a fan.

    Obama is the President of an evil Imperialist nation with an illegal post at the UN the very definition of a globalist tool.

    Floyd spends his millions on cars instead of real assets that appreciate.

  18. Watchful says:


    As far as I’m concerned all credit cards r scams, but in this instance, the fact that Simmons has duped some blk ppl, specifically, into believing that signing up for his card would somehow empower our community when in reality all it will do is enrich Russell and his business partners makes it the worse kinda scam IMO.

  19. Watchful says:


    That would depend on how u define ‘success’?  First of all, I would consider myself ‘successful’ in that I don’t fall for scams like ‘Rush Card’. Secondly, I consider myself a ‘success’ bcuz I don’t allow others to define what being successful means for me.

  20. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah It does empower our community. It empowers them by showing them that we can build business of our own and support them instead of  enriching our former slave masters children still. Time to WAKE UP!!!!

  21. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful Rick Manigault Since YOU consider yourself to be successful, would that make you apart of the sinister sellouts of our oppressors?

  22. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah Maybe that’s because you haven’t reached the level of success that these brilliant black entrepreneurs have. Maybe if you spent more time building for yourself you wouldn’t be so overly jealous of those who have.

  23. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Rick Manigault ElJahsiemAllah
    Post the link to your “Simmons..his Nasi stance on gun control” Didn’t see it. 

    Show me a Link in Oprah’s own words that she supports population control.

    Obama and all the other 43 presidents have supported a evil imperialist nation. America has been call the Head of the Serpent by Elijah and W.F. Muhammad in the 1930’s. So is that anything new?

    Floyd can spend his hard earned money on what every he chooses to spend it on. What do you spend you money on? Does it make you a puppet of the globalist as well?

  24. Watchful says:


    Well, seems I’m not the only one who sees ‘Rush Card’ as a scam.

  25. Watchful says:


    Jealous?  U’re funny.  BTW, do u work for Russell or somethin’?

  26. Watchful says:


    No, bcuz as I explained to u in a previous reply, I don’t subscribe to the same definition of success that u seem to.

  27. Watchful says:


    Now we’re in agreement, I’m all for reparations.

  28. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah   In this interview a Rush Card Holder states that she has been using the card for 7 years and has never had this problem before. Sounds more like a sabotage operation to me then a scam.

  29. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful Might I include the benefits of this card, that people have access to their pay 2 days before they are suppose to get paid. Is this a “scam”? Sounds like a sabotage operation to me.

  30. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful Here is the media slander for the sabotage operation of Russell Simmons.

  31. Rick Manigault says:

    ElJahsiemAllah Wrong tone. You don’t know much about Russell Simmons so why are you talking about him? 

    In her own words? Once again you know nothing about Oprah. Like debating whether Oprah is black. 

    You suffer from the same affliction many blacks do when it comes to Obama. The Commander and Chief of the armed forces is in charge of the killings and rapings of innocent people. Why bring up other Presidents? Why do Obama supporters think being a despicable warmonger is ok because he’s half black?

    Floyds money choices enforce a negative stereotype, I never cleared 500,000,000 in one night but I would buy real estate and invest in the community. You are a globalist puppet  but you luckily came to the right website. You will be schooled by the wise  BB contributors and made a better mind.

  32. Rick Manigault says:

    ElJahsiemAllah I rejoice in the destruction of this gun grabber!

  33. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Rick Manigault ElJahsiemAllah We Understand that you take delight in seeing the destruction of Our brother.  Remember one thing. As though has judge so shall you be judge.

  34. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah No I work for the defense of my brothers and sisters that came up from nothing in the hells of North America to become successful black entrepreneurs that support their own and are doing as our great black leaders of the past have taught us to “Do For Self”. America and your fellow european partners have robbed spoiled and destroyed the black man and women in America long enough. That Day is Up.  Our rise is is inevitable. Like it our not.

  35. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah Sounds like you don’t subscribe to anyone that achieves certain levels of financial or economical success. Especial when it comes to Black Americans. Like it or not the age of your “great white” leaders ruling the world is over. The Rise of the Original People of the Planet Earth is now. The more you try to sabotage our rise the faster will be your fall.

  36. Watchful says:


    This is the last time I’m gonna respond to ur nonsense … as I’ve already told u ur definition of ‘success’ differs greatly from mine. Those who u see as ‘successful’ have been given the majority their ‘success’ aka as money, by our oppressors and not just from their so-called hard work. And if Russell is so committed to ‘his’ ppl, how come I’ve only seen him with a non-blk wife or girlfriend? What’s wrong, r blk women not good enough for ur Mr.Successful?

  37. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Rick Manigault ElJahsiemAllah The links please. No need to be evasive with my asking you to present the links. I spoke about the President Obama because He came into a office that was the titanic sinking. Also the atrocities that have been inflicted on nations of the worlds by the former Presidents of the U.S. can never be blamed on Obama. Put the blame where it belongs. 
    As for Floyd, his success in the ring has earned him his pay. They all get around of Applause for coming up in this country. 
    As for Me. Im One of the Gods, the Sun’s of Allah raised up by Allah the Father here in America. We know well the deeds of the 10%. Allah taught us well.

  38. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah Oh no you didn’t just go there. As if his former Wife Kimora is not apart of the Original Family of the planet Earth. Lol. What is the total population of the Original people over the planet earth? I see it is you that must be schooled.

  39. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful ElJahsiemAllah Where do you work? What money do you use? do you pay bills? Are you seriously making these ridiculous statements? lol. Your right. You really should’t make anymore foolish comments. You are not speaking to uneducated brother. Im the God. If you don’t know, then you better ask somebody. 

    Proper Education Always Corrects Error. Get some.

  40. Watchful says:

    Obviously Uncle Russ has sent one of his paid trolls to this thread to defend him with all his/her might.  I refuse to feed this fool any longer and I would advise the rest of u to join me.

  41. ElJahsiemAllah says:

    Watchful I told you who I am. One thing I will say is I am indeed in agreement with having guns for self-defense. As for being a troll…..I know I know….that’s just your way of saying you have no other counter for my argument. Resorting to name calling is not a defense against arguments. Need I say anymore. Sabotage is what it is. After the Million man march Oct 10, 2015. I guess you don’t agree with that either.

  42. kbdorman1114 says:

    I still have not received my money n this is outrageous, someone needs be able to do something. Please

  43. queenofmeanest says:

    Allow me.

  44. queenofmeanest says:

    ElJahsiemAllah queenofmeanest 

  45. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful queenofmeanest 
    Fine.  I just got back from London from visiting the first set of twins.  I also purchased land from a stupid black woman who refused to pay the taxes.  I got 465 acres of land and found oil seeping through the soil.  She owed about $89,000+ in back taxes.  I paid off the taxes, gave her $5,000 and have her quit claim the land to me which included oil, surface, water and mineral rights.
    I have my rigs up and running and I am making some $$$$$$$$.
    How are you doing?

  46. queenofmeanest says:

    ElJahsiemAllah Watchful 
    When “Rush” started his “credit card” business and I will add Queen Latifah as well to this scam.  The interest rates were between double digit to triple digit interest rates.  In other words a subprime credit card.  Can we say major case of usury?

  47. Watchful says:


    LOL … have at it, queen. : )

  48. Watchful says:


    That’s great, queen!  Hope the twins r doin’ well over there.  That’s great news on that land acquisition, but how the hell did she accrue THAT much in owed taxes???  That’s just insane. Oh well, her loss is definitely ur gain. U’re gonna be swimming in money with that purchase from that oil reserve alone.

  49. Theresa65 says:

    While this was part of the agreement, Simmons threw that in KNOWING darn well that will NOT hold up in a court of law! He can and WILL be sued! MARK my words! This isn’t going to end well for him! Theft is a crime! He’s stealing our money!

  50. Theresa65 says:

    Watchful queenofmeanest  NO WAY in you know what…..the county, city, state or what have you….would have been in there thousand’s ago to collect! She certainly wouldn’t still be living there! Just sayin…..

  51. Theresa65 says:

    ElJahsiemAllah alycia77060  That’s fine and dandy; HOWEVER, numerous emails, countless hours on hold (only to be hung up on, most of the time) and being told week after WEEK, that it will be fixed within the next 24 hours is not a computer glitch! If you read their comments on Facebook, you’ll find that everything “I” said, is what everyone else is saying as well! Then Russell Simmons posts videos of himself saying that everything is fixed and SOOOO many people, as well as myself, do NOT have their money! Why lie? It’s getting ridiculous now! It’s been weeks!

  52. queenofmeanest says:

    What everyone need to do is to contact the following agencies:

    1) OCC – Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.  I have contacted this agency several times in the past and the banks did not like it.

    2) State banking commission in your state of residence.  Simmons must follow all banking laws, rules and regulations

    3) Your state attorney general office

    File the written complaint.  Send your complaint via certified letter with return receipt, via snail mail, fax and email.


    The person that helped me the most and his office was in NY and that was the former attorney general Elliot Spitzer.  I lived in another state and I sent the letter as a FYI for any outstanding class action suits within New York State.  Sad to say Spitzer is no longer in office to deal with this situation.

    I hope this helps.

  53. queenofmeanest says:

    The RUSH card and the card hawked by Queen Latifah had a extremely high interest rate.  I don’t feel sorry for people who fall for these schemes.

    File a complaint on

    Get an attorney.  Stop waiting for BUBBLES aka Jesus to do something.

  54. queenofmeanest says:

    I just posted the resources and now it is time for “YOU” to DO SOMETHING.  NOW DO IT.

  55. queenofmeanest says:

    Russ can kiss my black a$$.

  56. queenofmeanest says:

    ElJahsiemAllah Watchful 
    Here’s the problem here.  Instead of defending Russ’s illegal action.  Try doing some real research into some of his business practices.

  57. queenofmeanest says:

    Theresa65 Watchful queenofmeanest 
    Talk about what you know and what you do not know.  This happens all of the time.  Unlike you I have been doing this for years.  There are times when families, especially black people abandon property and no one is available to receive the letters, etc.  If you knew anything about the oil industry and real estate, then you would have something to say.
    So SWEETIE, I have been in the O&G business for 30 years and I know what I am doing and I am very good at my Career. Each state and county do things differently. There are some things I could teach you, but I won’t.  

    By the way, this young idiot was not living in the country.  Again, talk about what you know and not what you do not know.

  58. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful queenofmeanest 
    Family did not pay the taxes.  Family moved and left no forwarding address.  If there is a forwarding address, families can still refuse not to pay.

    In some cases it takes years before property end up in tax sales/auctions.

  59. Theresa65 says:

    This is a  LIE most likely brought on by Russell Simmons and the NUMEROUS lies he tells!!! I just hired a lawyer along with COUNTLESS others! Russell Simmons is going down! We WILL WIN!

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