Spring Valley Students Walk Out in Support of Ex-Resource Officer Ben Fields

by admin | October 30, 2015 12:36 pm

Former resource officer Ben Fields dumped a teenage girl from her chair and slid her across the floor. Fields arrested her as well as another student who was yelling at him over manhandling the girl. Both teens were charged with “disturbing school” and taken to jail. Still, some students at Spring Valley High School staged a walkout in support of Fields, who was fired over his use of excessive force.

From The State:[1]

A group of Spring Valley High School students staged a peaceful walkout Friday morning in support of former Richland County deputy Ben Fields who was fired after a video surfaced of Fields forcibly removing a student from a classroom.

Spring Valley Students Walk Out in Support of Ex-Resource Officer Ben Fields

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Spring Valley Principal Jeff Temoney said that the protest was “an orderly student-led activity.”


“Our students and our staff were safe and are on campus,” Temoney said.


“I addressed the students to let them know that we understood their need to make their voices heard,” Temoney said. “Then I reminded them that Spring Valley high is all about the business of teaching and learning, so it’s time to go back to class.”

In the minds of the students who walked out, what Fields did to their peer was OK. Firing him was not OK. In their minds, he’s the wronged party here.

Watch the video of these (mostly black) students standing up for the officer who flipped their orphan classmate’s desk and dragged her across the floor.


— Cassibry (@JCass_12) October 30, 2015[3]

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