Members of the Black Elite Wanted to Sterilize the Black Poor [Video]

by admin | October 5, 2015 9:03 am

During every abortion debate, someone inevitably points to Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger and her role in eugenics programs. In so far as the black community is concerned, Sanger’s past is viewed as evidence that she wanted to sterilize black women. Fair enough. What’s often omitted from the conversation, however, is how many members of the Black Elite shared her goal of using black eugenics to weed out genetically unfit black people.

Worse than Margaret Sanger? Members of the Black Elite Who Favored Sterilizing the Black Poor

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In an essay at Black Agenda Report, [1]Pascal Robert describes the support for eugenics by these “race managers”:

What many don’t know is that DuBois’ Talented Tenth, who made up the first Black Mis-leadership class, were often Black Eugenicists who believed in selective breeding and Black population control through birth control techniques including forced and voluntary sterilization of poor Black women. These techniques would be used to purify the race of its “dysgenic” types as a means of racial uplift.

In Search of Purity[2]: Popular Eugenics and Racial Uplift Among New Negroes 1915-1935,” by Dr. Shantella Y. Sherman illustrates the tragic history of how some of the early 20th Century Black Mis-leadership class fully supported eugenic theory using racial sterilization couched in language supporting birth control to limit the ability of poor Black women to have children. A veritable who’s who of early 20th century Black history from W.E.B. Dubois, Mary McCloud Bethune, Charles Drew and more were supporters of this widely supported Black Eugenics movement to basically rid America of the Black poor.

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